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    1. Im going to a week vacation in NYC next week. After that, it's pretty lowkey.
    2. #32 WR Freddie Jackson 6-3 218 3 Indiana [Target] [0] 87 - Accepted $8 million
    3. Forgot to post, my apologies. Packers ready.
    4. This guy might be the worst player in the draft.
    5. I mean fuck I’ve seen so much worse but his rating is so bad
    6. This does mean the Packers are now looking to hire a Head Coach. If you have a scout you think would be a good fit let me know. I am also looking to possibly hire a GM. I know there aren’t as many people, but if someone wants a shot, let me know.
    7. Hello there! As the Owner of the Packers, the one person I was explicitly happy to bring in along side me was @Time, who is genuinely a great coach, damn better than anything I’ve ever done. He lead a team that had Will Thompson and Marquise Simpkins for half the season to the playoffs. We almost pulled off a miracle. It was a fantastic season, but unfortunately Time will be taking a bit of a step back, and going to be the Scout of the Packers. I am more than happy to keep him on the team. The old scout, monark, is no longer in the league. I’d like to genuinely thank the both of them.
    8. I would like to become the AD of my old school.
    9. Unfortunate pick 6. We came so fucking close with god damn Simpkins. Thank you @Time you're a hell of a coach for bringing us this far.
    10. For the record, I am significantly more attached and always was more attached to NFLHC. Jake Davis proved a lot of people wrong and is the one time I can singularly point and go and say "I was right" about someone. He's special for other reasons. I get what you're saying. If we could do both, that would be a fucking dream but if I had a preference, it would be the NFLHC league. I think the people involved would have a blast with it.
    11. Oh no, I'm talking about a majority of players I like end up being either so bad they're out of the league or really low rated.
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