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      1. Doesn’t matter, I’ve made the playoffs on the site once. I’m glad I can finally say that after 6 IRL years on the site. Hopefully next year we come back stronger.
      2. 100% a scout role fits this perfectly. Easy way to slowly learn the ropes/get back into the swing of things. Would fully reccomend hitting someone like Soluna up, who i know is looking for a scout. Other teams are looking for a scout as well.
      3. The Green Bay Packers place: RB Qua'sean Bell 5-8 215 R Western Kentucky [Power] [0] 78 on injured reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture week 12 and is out for the remainder of the season.
      4. Sorry @Jamzz for the lateness of this. Packet 1 Personal Wealth - 2 Stadium Upgrade - 0 Influence - 2 Practice - 1 Medical - 1 Media - 2 Packet 2 Personal Wealth - 1 Stadium Upgrade - 0 Influence - 2 Practice - 2 Medical - 1 Media - 1
      5. My apologies for spending some time away from the website.  My health has been fluctuating due to my anxiety causing heart issues.  I spent about a week away from a lot of things causing stress, but I should be good for now.  My sincere apologies about all of that, and my love for you all.

        1. Jamzz


          Late reply but dont worry about it, take care of yourself first

      6. Packers Place: OT Quinn Bouman 6-4 310 8 Ohio State [Run Blocking] [+1] 91 on IR He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Week 10 and is out for the year.
      7. Packers are in, apologies for being an hour late, just got discharged from the hospital.
      8. The Green Bay Packers abstain. I agree with the idea, and I'd love, and I mean LOVE to bring back former players, but I don't know a better way to do it. I just am going to abstain for now. @Bubada
      9. Reason I went for Lewis is because even last year he brought in a lot of TDs. Figured worst thing he'd be would be an average red zone target. He ended up being a really good mesh with McLean.
      10. For Head Coach the Green Bay Packers select: HC Matt LaFleur (Age 45) Descended from Sean McVay WR/TE Skill Level 2; Passing Game Aggressiveness Level 2 For Offensive Coordinator, The Green Bay Packers select: OC Hue Jackson (Age 59) Descended from Steve Spurrier RB/FB Progression Level 2; RB/FB Skill Level 2 For Defensive Coordinator, The Green Bay Packers select: DC Keith Butler (Age 68) Descended from Mike Tomlin Linebacker Chemistry Level 3; Linebacker Progression Level 2 For Special Teams Coordinator, The G
      11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NH_cycMWUqQ9lPTCNNhEGkQt6DlWwnlQM1jg3UrPScA/edit?usp=sharing @jmjacobs
      12. Dean

        Green Bay Packers

        Active Roster: 55/55 Practice Squad: 12/12 Injured Reserve: 6
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