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  1. nah sadly that was back in boston, I don't live around there anymore.
  2. hahaha fuck so my coaching office right now looks a bit like a serial killer's room. It's in the unfinished room in the basement, and hopefully when I start making actual money, I can fix it up myself. Im going to get a fake grass rug and paint white lines into it, maybe put up a bar, finish the walls......a lot to do.
  3. GG, I’m very happy with the way my offense looked. Maybe with DQwell things change. See you in the playoffs obviously!
  4. Dean

    CFBHCVision XX

    Princess Chelsea- Monkey Eats Bananas
  5. Hey nice try boys, we gave it our best try and we didn’t get blown out!
  6. Dean

    CFBHCVision XIX

    Franz Ferdinand- Erdbeer Mund
  7. TE Lance Hope 6-3 192 Sr Everett (Everett MA) 3.0 of 3.0 [Receiving]
  8. Reminds me of the laziest halloween costume I ever had. I took my dad's scrubs that he stole from his work at the hospital, a stethiscope, and wore a ben coates jersey and decided it was fucking hilarious to be Dr Ben Coates.
  9. You underestimate my abilities to underperform.
  10. New York Giants put OT Ari Kern 6-2 327 2 Kansas State [Pass Blocking] [0] 76 on IR he had a severe ACL Rupture in week 3 of the preseason and will be out for the year.
  11. This isn't the best player who ever lived, but when I was at UW I had this ILB i fucking adored named Emmanuel Dunbar who was just this fucking thrasher in the middle of the defense. He had a lot of help with the DL being as good as it was, but i'll be fucking damned if he didn't almost always showed up. His final game was also pretty fucking memorable too. Won the MVP too. I know I was the only person on this site who will remember this guy, and I am the only one who tends to notice these types of things or enjoys players like this, but he's the one reason I really really wanted XFLHC/AAFHC so he could maybe somehow someway make it to the NFLHC on a practice squad or something. He was so much fun, and easily my favorite unknown never made the NFL player.
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