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  2. About 10 tabs open just scouting and clicking through. Probably still going to be this way but like way faster
  3. The Giants send: QB Eric McLean 6-2 206 R Rice [Pocket] [+2/C] 83 RB Raekwon Thomas 5-10 164 R Northern Iowa [Speed] [-1] 78 FB Ethan Gray 5-8 215 R Washington [Run Blocking] [+2] 76 WR Nicholas Spence Jr. 6-3 181 R Massachusetts [Target] [0] 75 WR Antonio Caldwell 6-0 189 R Ole Miss [Speed] [-1] 72 WR Jason Ivy 6-5 214 R Washington [Target] [0] 68 WR Franklin Pineda 6-3 162 R Pittsburgh [Speed] [+1] 67 DE Nathaniel Woodson 5-11 243 R Army [Blitz] [0/C] 76 DE Jermon McKnight 6-4 269 R Washington [Blitz] [+1] 70 DT Timmy Campbell 6-6 315 R Minnesota [1-Gap] [0] 75 ILB Alexander Hutton 6-2 240 R Michigan [Mike] [+1] 81 ILB Steven Vereen 6-2 226 R Boston College [Mike] [0] 73 K Teddy Lentz 5-10 191 R Old Dominion [Power] [0] 76
  4. Eric McLean, QB Rice Pick: 1 overall. Why: McLean is one of the best QBs of all time in college. He has the most TDs thrown in college history. The man, no matter who was his WR or his OL, he's performed. Granted Deontrae Clay is one of the best WRs in college today, which always helps out someone like McLean, but almost every sign points to him being a can't miss QB prospect. He has some of the highest pro day grades of all time when it comes to QB. His wonderlic was a decent 28. Genuinely just a total stud. I cannot wait to personally see him and Tevin Lattimore grow as players together. I think that this was needed. Alexander Hutton, ILB Michigan Pick: 37th overall Why: Our former starting ILB went -3 and has been so bad I've been trying to replace him since I got to the team. Hutton had a really solid pro day, really solid combine, and was the top Mike ILB on my personal board. I didn't expect him to fall to me at all, mostly because I didn't expect to have a 2nd rounder in this draft. Hutton going to us in the end started a quick rush for ILBs, and honestly Hutton if he develops into a solid starter would be massive for this defense. He's expected to be the QB of the defense from the get go, which shows the amount of absolute trust I have in Hutton (and lack of trust i have in the rest). The McLean deal doesn't happen without us getting this 2nd rounder, so it's huge to get it here. Raekwon Thomas, RB Northern Iowa Pick: 82nd Overall Why: Well, to be blunt with you I was struggling to find really good value at 82nd overall, and Thomas's combine, him going +1 pre draft, and his ability to immediately slot in and be a 3rd down running back with the possibility of him taking a larger role in the future makes me excited. He ran for somewhere between an assload and a fuck ton of yards at UNI, and the man carried the hell out of that offense. Thomas will not be running more than 300 carries a year here, I'd be surprised if he ran for 100 his first year. I'm hoping he's able to adapt and be quite a stellar pick up for the squad. Nathaniel Woodson, DE Army Pick: 132nd Overall Why: Woodson had 12 TFL and 8 sacks his senior year at Army. I hope he doesn't have to take any sort of leave of absence for the team, but not only were his stats great, but Woodson also looks to have great leadership capabilities. He gets to sit and learn behind Curtis Lewis and Khairi Bryant, which is probably one of the best duos to be sitting behind. I'd be envious of this kid. Woodson has some fantastic upside here, and could end up being quite a steal in the long run. If you're selecting to start in the 4th or later rounds, then you're drafting wrong IMO. At this point you need to be drafting for upside and depth. Woodson provides quality depth and fantastic upside, with his high motor. This genuinely might be one of my favorite picks in this draft. Nicholas Spence Jr, WR UMass Pick: 178 overall Why: UMass has always been a total shit show. Their QB last year, Pita Ponifasio, had 11 TDs to 21 INTs. The fact that anyways he was able to catch 71 passes for 731 yards, 3 TDs even with 7 drops is a shock. The year before he had 93 catches for 1097 yards, 11 TDs and 6 drops. The drops are of course a worry, but it is the 6th round. Spence had a mediocre to ok combine, and honestly I could see this man doing quite well for us. We needed WR depth a bit, or at least I always try to find WR depth late in the draft. Spence has upside, and I'm excited to see if I am right that he's worth a spot on the roster. I trust him a lot. Timmy Campbell, DT Minnesota Pick: 179 overall Why: We needed depth at DT. He seemed like solid depth there, and had a bit of upside. Not a lot of stats, but Minnesota has always had solid run defense. Worth a shot to figure out if Campbell has something to prove or not. There's a non 0 chance if he knocks his rookie minicamp and preseason out of the park he starts. That's not good. Lol. Antonio Caldwell, WR Ole Miss Pick: 210 overall Why: Caldwell put up stellar stats last year at Ole Miss. The year before as a 3/4 he had 38 catches for 543 yards with 3 TDs and 1 drop. Solid YPC, but this year is the year he blew up. The 4/4 put up 79 catches for 1057 yards, 12 TDs and only 1 drop. Steady hands is the name of Caldwell's game. He may not be the highest rated, but he's always delivered. He might be a stash on the PS in the end, it matters how his rookie minicamp and preseason go. He's going to be battling with fellow 6th rounder Nicholas Spence Jr and Curtis Jeffreys for a spot in our WR corps. If he knocks it out of the park, expect me to be hyping this kid up like the next coming of jesus when he goes +1 and eventually forgotten about. Steven Vereen, ILB Boston College Pick: 241 overall Why: Because I'm a fucking homer. Also because Vereen had a solid senior year after consistently being benched behind Darius Butler. I in my infinite wisdom sat Butler for half the year so Vereen could start, and honestly Vereen showed why. Dude was a solid presence in the middle of my defense. We ended up having a solid run defense, and Vereen was a low rated 4.5/4.5. Maybe he's got some upside he's never been able to flash before hand. Maybe his growth was stunted due to lack of playing time. Honestly I'm just excited to see him grow as a player. Vereen deserved to be drafted, and I drafted him because of his upside, not just because of the fucking croot bonus. I'm not that bad. Teddy Lentz, K Old Dominion Pick: 251 overall Why: Honestly because Lentz was solid in college, and I wanted a camp body to compete against Sarahi. Lentz has a pretty uphill battle, but if he fucking kills it out there, then yeah, there's always a chance he wins it. Good luck Lentz. UDFA Jermon McKnight, DE Washington Why: Other than being a fucking homer, he leads all Huskies in sacks in a career, is a true Jr early declaration, and honestly his youth and upside intrigues me. I don't see him as a huge steal, but instead a low risk medium reward pick. I don't see him being a starter, I could see him being solid depth in the long run. He's got time to develop. Prove me right McKnight, that you were a solid player all along. Ethan Gray, FB Washington Why: If we need a FB, he can fit the bill. If he's used or not, remains to be seen. Jason Ivy, WR Washington Why: Camp depth at WR. Limited upside I think, but might have been carried to a solid year by JD. Nothing special. Franklin Pineda, WR Pittsburgh Why: This is genuine WR depth, but the man had insane stats last year at Pitt. As a 4/4 he had 84 catches for 1185 yards, with 11 TDs and not a single drop. The dude has serious upside, even if he is a project. I'm excited to see his strengths, and how I can possibly make him a solid player. All in all this is a draft and UDFA I am genuinely proud of. I don't think I have ever been as excited for a season as I am right now with this team. There's genuinely a chance this team will build into something. A lot of intriguing pieces all over for once. A lot of youth. Now it's a matter of bringing it all together and letting them grow together.
  5. QB Eric McLean 6-2 206 R Rice [Pocket] [+2/C] 83 4 years // 30.0 million // 90.00% Guaranteed G//7.5//7.5//7.5//4.5//Total:27.0 $//0.0//0.0//0.0//3.0//Total:3.0 Total//7.5//7.5//7.5//7.5//Total:30.0
  6. I’m more than happy to do both days.
  7. Dean

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 1 @ Tennessee Week 2 vs South Carolina Week 3 @ Old Dominion All confirmed
  8. I know some of you here are wrestling fans. If you are, check out OSW Review on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/OSWreviewHD/featured Well worth the time it takes to watch. Amazing stuff.
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