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  1. I prefer Eastside Hockey. It's much better imo. Although OOTP is the best of the 3.
  2. I’m in. I’ll go with you but I have unfinished buisness there I need to attend to
  3. Giants: DC Richard Smith +4% ILB/OLB progression +5% ILB fitness -4% OLB aggressiveness $1,300,000 per year OC Bruce Arians +6% QB skill +11% QB progression -14% QB durability $4,250,000 per year
  4. New York Giants TheTacoOfDoom 1 year
  5. Trades do NOT open until progressions are all done, so don't excitedly post them way too early.

  6. Well I guess I was right about Durant being better than Barry. Congrats to the Packers and @inspiral
  7. Well. My name is Dean. My dad's name is Dean. Hence I am the 2nd dean. deandean. This might come as a shock but the 1998 is my birth year. deandean1998. I've had this as a username since I was a little kid on pogo with help from my family.
  8. This is the north east part zoomed in on.
  9. Tennessee is such a well run team with a fantastic front office. Congrats to them.
  10. Miami looks unstoppable right now. Congrats on their win.
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