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  1. Sunk cost fallacy is a bitch
  2. deandean1998


    Oh my god yes welcome back Sage!
  3. I think everyone has their eyes on Matty Swiftus Maximus.
  4. deandean1998

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

  5. deandean1998

    [2022] NFLHC Positional Conversions

    QB Brett Sutherland 6-6 192 1 Marist [Scrambling] [0] 74 to WR
  6. deandean1998

    [2022] 1st Round Rookie Salary Negotiations

    DE Khairi Bryant 5-10 263 R Ohio State [Blitz] [0] 84 4 years // 24.0 million // 70.83% Guaranteed G//6.0//5.0//3.0//3.0//Total:17.0 $//0.0//1.0//3.0//3.0//Total:7.0 Total//6.0//6.0//6.0//6.0//Total:24.0 Value//12.3922589176 WR Tevin Lattimore 6-2 225 R Missouri [Target] [0] 81 4 years // 18.0 million // 69.44% Guaranteed G//4.5//4.0//2.0//2.0//Total:12.5 $//0.0//0.5//2.5//2.5//Total:5.5 Total//4.5//4.5//4.5//4.5//Total:18.0 Value//9.17947141581
  7. deandean1998

    [Adam Schefter] 2022 NFL Draft Grades: 1-5

    Khairi Bryant makes me such a happy man.
  8. This is gonna be the next Devy car salesman thing.
  9. deandean1998

    New Orleans Saints 2022 Offseason Round Up

    Loved the write up and the shout out.
  10. deandean1998

    [2022] Eagles Welcome Draft Class

    Let's hope he can push some big dudes around.
  11. deandean1998


    But does it fit in a breadbox?
  12. deandean1998

    Jieret's Mock 2.0 (Two full rounds)

    You're a god damn legend for doing 2 rounds. If the first round pans out like this mock for the giants, I will be dancing in the streets. Also I signed Elvis Williams, slight error there.
  13. deandean1998

    Khairi Bryant Draft Interview

    I don't doubt it either, you sweet sweet sexy defensive end.
  14. deandean1998

    [2022] Draft interface passwords

    Could use a new password for the New York Giants.
  15. deandean1998

    Who will be overdrafted?

    If Miles Slater is drafted then It's too high at this point lol.