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    1. My personal vote is the Booker T trade. Ravens probably sold him at the right time, considering how much he's fallen since the trade. I remember at least hating it for the Ravens but really in total it was probably the right move to do.
    2. Or the converse, what trade that seemed fair now seems extremely lopsided?
    3. Very proud of Jermon, Julius, and Emmanuel. Mercer didn't have the best stats but just his presence on the line helped both a out of position Miles Slater and Jermon. All three of those guys are beasts and make me excited for the future.
    4. deandean1998

      New York Times

      Thank God It's Over The fired up Allan Taylor Celebrates next to Will Hall and Kenyatta Henderson.
    5. deandean1998

      Daily Discussion: Talk about Dynamic Duos

      Clearly because you both met me. I think neo and grv would be a very intriguing combo.
    6. If any team is looking for a scout noodlz2  is looking to learn NFLHC and be a part of a organization.  

    7. deandean1998

      [2021] Week #17 - 1 PM

      Our run defense is elite as always.
    8. deandean1998

      New York Times

      END OUR MISERY! Giants team lose by a score to the Cowboys, look for Eagles to take them out for the rest of the year.
    9. deandean1998

      [2021] New York Giants New Head Coach

      I'd also like to add
    10. Hello, we here at the New York Giants would like to introduce @TazerMan as our new Head Coach. The former Jets Scout and Tennessee Head Coach has been fantastic in both of those jobs. We here at the Giants would like to thank @Jumbo and @grv413 for allowing us to take another person from their organization out of the kindness of their own hearts. We all here are extremely excited he decided to take our offer, and I believe everyone from the Giants Organization are willing to take questions. Thank you for your time.
    11. I wanna see a return of VIVA LOS LOBOS.
    12. deandean1998

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Baltimore & Buffalo

      Woof at billingsley and Chambers. That's tough.
    13. Part of the Andre Brooks trade. Enjoy retirement Randy.
    14. deandean1998

      Who is the best UDFA you have signed?

      In my first season as Saints GM I drafted a punter and signed a punter in UDFA. Turns out the UDFA won the battle haha. Adonis Rosa is about a league average punter which is solid.
    15. deandean1998

      Who's the most important player on your team?

      FOR Washington Jake Davis for sure. If he has a mediocre to solid game we usually win. For the Giants I'm gonna say Ryan Robinson holding down the fort at LT is a huge reason we have at least 1 win.