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  1. I genuinely think that McReady might still be able to be a bottom 15 but passable QB. He's got accuracy even though he's got a noodle arm. Idk I've always liked him. I felt with the right team around him he has a chance. Mike Thomas definitely deserves a chance, he's done well as Devy's backup and honestly he'd be a fine starter. I really liked Sean Hamilton coming out of the draft and him being behind Skaggs will probably only help him, so I think he'll be a fantastic starter sometime honestly. I think the Patriots and Bills and even tennessee should both trade for a QB with Tanner Bowman being the only QB in the draft with real true big upside. Get a guy like the Texans did with Blake Shell to start for a year so their QB can develop and learn on the bench. Don't throw them in the fire ala Joel King and Matty Swift. I'd probably guess the most likely to be dealt and sought after from the three i listed is Thomas just because Hamilton was recently drafted, and McReady as a starter for the Bills was...less than inspiring. I don't know a way to put together a deal from all this though at the moment.
  2. awwwww good game franz!
  3. Worst Overall CB: George Brady, NO
  4. (NO) CB Bob Brewer 6-1 179 7 Oklahoma State [Man Coverage] 71
  5. Hey whoever needs a GM/HC/Owner for NHLHC I'm your guy!!!  Hit me up!  Don't be shy!

  6. My first win ever was the most satisfying. Honestly I have had COUNTLESS struggles as a coach and to finally taste victory at NCSU (one win there!) was awesome. Winning at Washington and going on my first ever win streak (2!) was awesome too. Worst loss was vs New Mexico this year, it felt winnable and I just felt like I blew it.
  7. Shoemaker legit might make it on a team or a PS if he keeps kicking ass like this.
  8. Ain't That A Kick In The Head? Kicker Willie Gaffney being scolded by head coach ImposterCauster on the sidelines after missing his second field goal of the game, in the 6 point loss to the Panthers.
  9. I'll take the win. correct.
  10. Love it Jumbo, well written as always.
  11. You're a good coach. Also holy shit 3 TD catches from 2 different 7th round picks by me. That's pretty awesome.
  12. Is there a tier below should be fired? May I suggest "Taken Behind the Barn and mercy killed"
  13. I played the pass
  15. Washington has to stay in the Saints Organization tbh.
  16. Mind you I'm perfectly happy at Washington but BC will always be where my heart is. But smoking is doing a good job and I am happy that if anyone has it, it's him.
  17. Jake Davis had a good game, I just need to work on my defense a bit. Im excited for the team though.
  18. Every time Ball Hawkins gets an INT an angel dies.
  19. #30 I'll take it.
  20. Same here haha
  21. AYYYYY VIVA LOS LOBOS!!!! Wait shit.
  22. Oh dear this is gonna be a long one for me. @ImposterCauster You're my buddy, you know I am here for you whenever you need me, and you're a damn good person on top of that. Also a smart as hell coach, without you and @TuscanSota Julius McIntosh would have been way worse. WAY worse. @Rome Special shout out to bringing me on the site, so direct all of your blame to him and not me @neovenator250 For being a wonderful owner, and a good friend of mine on the site. Hell without you I wouldn't have learned so much about LSU football @caesari The witty one, I know you're out at a camp right now but I adore you too. @Jumbo You helped me a ton when I joined the site, and honestly you have my back during things you probably shouldn't have my back in. I really really owe you so much thanks, and for being a good friend. @grv413 Another thank you, pretty much read what I wrote for Jumbo and it's literally the same. Why am I good friends with the Jets of all teams :/ @Jumanji Back when you were in Boston College, you were extremely helpful to me and a good person, and I think you deserve a ton of thanks. Same to you @npklemm @smokingcricket You also have my back during things most people wouldn't, and I sincerely thank you a ton for everything. You're really helpful and a good friend on the site. @Soluna for not banning me, that probably has came a bit too close from time to time. @paperllamasunited I know you get afraid of getting banned and stuff but I promise just keep your head up. @cmcgill You've been really helpful for me recently, especially in NFLHC, and I sincerely appreciate it. There are even more I've forgotten but seriously y'all are all amazing. Thank you all this site has been a positive thing on my life and I love the community here.
  23. Jumbo helped me out a ton. Turned out I knew him from another site before hand, and he was a huge helping hand, even when my stubborn ass didn't listen. Kudos to you buddy. Thank you to all the coaches who have helped me out a ton, Jumanji, Tuscan, Jumbo, Imposter, neo, Sleuth, Dacder, cricket, Sage, and everyone else.
  24. The New Orleans Saints move: OT Wesley Dawkins 6-2 282 3 Michigan [Pass Blocking] 87 to Injured Reserve.
  25. (oops i entirely missed this) Well when it came down to it, they were neck and neck in practice, it's just that Davis showed more flashes of potential throughout. I thought of redshirting him, but I figured he'd work well getting game time with little to no expectations on the team.