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  1. JBBeating dat ass
  2. SGT Wonderbread 68WF2, BS, FP-C im full of myself right now, leemee alone.

  3. If you want to schedule UAB football @ or Home, throw it down I'll accept. 

  4. Updated for Week 9, Recruiting for C-USA is almost complete. Looking good!
  5. New recruits now in bold.
  6. When I get home, sure Also if anyone has suggestions lemme know I can fix for this season and start next season
  7. Week 8 in the books.
  8. On the bright side, C-USA has good recruits coming in.
  9. My recruiting is getting better. #108, #75, #45(So Far)
  10. I feel the pain.
  11. Thank you who partook in the C-USA records.
  12. Updated for Week 7, North Texas with the most signings this week. Looking Good C-USA
  14. Updated Week 6, C-USA looking good for the future.
  15. Updated for Week 5, let me know if I fucked some shit up.