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    1. Anyone use Kindle Unlimited?

    2. SGT Wonderbread 68WF2, BS, FP-C im full of myself right now, leemee alone.

    3. If you want to schedule UAB football @ or Home, throw it down I'll accept. 


    5. Faeria is the shit


    6. #Blazernation on full party mode as UAB has it's first potential first round draft pick in JB2!

    7. undefeated season, go bearkats

    8. Bearkats going all the way this year, NDSU be damned

    9. moving into new apartment today, yay -_-

    10. t minus 5 days until I return to the land of the free from Germany after 3.5 years here. OMG SPORTS

    11. Eat em up Kats #SHSU #SouthlandChamps16

      1. Wonderbread


        My alma mater waits until I graduate to become an FCS powerhouse,

        2015 11-4 L FCS Semis

        2014 11-5 L FCS Semis

        2013 9-5 L FCS 2nd Round

        2012 11-4 L FCS NCG NDSU

        2011 14-1 L FCS NCG NDSU


    13. My Prediction 41-38 UAB over Alabama

    14. Marty Keisel #CUSAPOTY

    15. Marty Keisel #CUSAPOTY

    16. Am I the only one who listens to Pitch Perfect soundtrack whilst slaying demons in Diablo 3??

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      2. TuscanSota


        I listen to 50's music while playing fallout...

      3. Vxmonarkxv


        I listen to Taylor Swift way more.

      4. Wonderbread


        The good ol T-Swizzle...

    17. If you wanna play @UAB in '18 hit me up!