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  1. The CFBHC Recruiting System "Where Everything's Made Up and the Points Don't Matter" UPDATED AS OF 10/07/2018 (v1.5f) OVERVIEW Recruiting is constantly being upgraded and it can be hard to keep up. The idea behind this is to keep it constantly updated as changes are made so everything can be located in a central place. This is just an outline of the rules, if you are looking for tips on strategy then check out ToucanSoda's Awesome Guides! Recruiting is done weekly where coaches use their allotted weekly points to put points on any recruits they want to try to get for their team. Recruiting is due each week at Saturday night on the interface and is then processed on Sunday. Recruiting will begin two weeks before the regular season and will go until Week 14 of the CFBHC regular season. JUCO recruiting will take place the final 2 weeks of recruiting as well. THE INTERFACE All recruiting is handled on the Recruiting tab of the Interface. Points, visits, and scholarships are all handled on this page. Additional players can be added at any time by going to the page for each position you are interested in and clicking Add. Each week when recruiting is updated, school logos will appear next to a recruit. These are the teams that have put points on that recruit. Teams with red borders mean they are within 5 points of one another. If a team’s logo is there but does not have a red border, it means they are within 5 to 30 points of the leader. If there is a plus sign, it means there are other teams that have put points on that recruit but are not within 30 points of the lead. On the Interface you'll also find national recruiting rankings, highly contested recruits, and hot singles in your area. POINTS The number of weekly points a coach has to spend is based on a number of factors: 1. Base weekly points: Determined by the coaches performance in the previous season: Additionally, winning or losing a bowl grants you additional weekly points depending on the prestige of the bowl. This is presented in the following format: (+2/+1), where the first value is the number of points earned for winning and the second is for losing. 2. Team Prestige: Determined by the overall performance of the school throughout their entire history on the site. This is converted to additional weekly points by School Prestige times 1.5 (Rounded Down), so a 5 star school adds 7 points, a 1 star school adds 1 point. (Found here) 3. Coach Prestige: Determined by the individual coach’s performance throughout their entire history on the site. This is converted to additional weekly points by the Coaching Prestige value rounded down, so a 2.5 star coach adds 2 points, etc. (Found here) 4. Conference Prestige: Each conference is given a prestige based on performance, media, and commissioner work. The values for the 2021 season are as follows: 5. Out of Conference Opponents: Based on the previous season, additional weekly points are given (or removed) based on the average wins of the OOC teams you played: 6. Draft Bonus: The team with the most players drafted into NFLHC with gain +2 weekly points, and the teams with the most players drafted of their conference will gain +1 weekly point. 7. Bowl Challenge Cup: Every team in the conference with the highest win percentage at the end of bowl season will gain +3 weekly points. Teams in the conference with the second highest will gain +1. If there's a tie for winner all tied conferences will receive +2 instead of +3. If there's a tie for second all those conferences will receive +1. 8. Coaching Talents: These will be covered later, but certain talents can add additional weekly points. IN-STATE / BORDER STATE RECRUITS Schools get bonuses for all recruits in the same state as the school. Once a coach puts at least 10 points onto an in-state recruit, they gain a free bonus of 15 points on that recruit. Additionally, the initial points put on an in-state recruit are doubled for free up to 15 points added. For example, putting an initial 15 points on an in-state recruit will net you 45 points total (15 of your points, another 15 for the doubled value, and 15 for the in-state bonus). However if you put 30 points on the same recruit instead of 15, you would get 60 points total (30 of your points, another 15 for the maximum doubled value, and 15 for in-state bonus). School also get bonuses for recruits in border states. The border states for each team are outlined below. Once a school puts at least 10 points onto a border state recruit, they gain a free bonus of 9 points on that recruit. SCHOLARSHIPS AND VISITS Each coach will also be given 21 scholarships, 10 school visits, and 5 coaches visits which provides a one-time boost of points on that player. Scholarships give an immediate boost of 20 points. The specific point value that each visit gives will be a number within a range of points which is determined by your team’s performance in the previous season. These values can be seen above in the same table with base weekly point values. Both kinds of visits can only be used after the start of Week 5 of recruiting, but scholarships can be given at the start of recruiting. If a player that you gave a scholarship to commits to another school, you are given a half-scholarship worth half the amount of a normal scholarship in return (10 points). Coach visit values are increased to 30 points if the team had the Heisman winner in the previous season or if the coach won coach of the year. TEAM NEEDS Each coach can select two positions as their "Team Needs". Any points spent on a recruit of one of the chosen position will receive an additional 10% of the points spent for free. For example, if a coach picks OLB as a Team Need and puts 10 points on an OLB recruit, that recruit will actually get 11 points. PIPELINE STATES Coaches can select either their home state or one of their border states to be a Pipeline State. If the coach chooses their home state as their Pipeline, they will receive a 20% point bonus on any points they put on recruits in their home state. If the coach chooses a border state to be their Pipeline, they also receive a 20% point bonus for any points spent on recruits in that state. States chosen as Pipeline states will be visible to all other coaches on the interface. HOST CAMPS Coaches can also select a state to place a Host Camp in. Coaches can only choose states that are home to schools in their conference. Coaches also are not allowed to choose their own home state for their Host Camp location. Independents are counted as their own conference for this. States with a Host Camp give a 12% points bonus on all points spent on recruits in that state. Host Camp locations are also visible to all other coaches on the interface. RECRUITING TALENTS Coaches can select coaching talents based on the following win tiers they fall in from the previous season’s results: 1-3 wins, 4-6 wins, 7-9 wins, 10-12 wins. Coaches can select one talent from each tier that applies to them. For example, a coach who won 12 games in the previous season can select one talent each from the tiers, giving them 4 new talents that help with recruiting. Additionally, many of the talents in each tier scale with the number of wins earned, making talents more powerful with more victories. Finally, each tier also has a Mastery Talent that can only be chosen if you have the maximum number of wins in each tier. So a coach can only select the Master Talent in the 4-6 win tier if they have 6 or more wins. The talents are as follows: Tier 1 Choices (1/2/3 wins): Strong Recruiter: +1/+2/+2 weekly recruiting points. School Spirit: +1/+2/+3 school visits. Well Traveled: +1/+2/+2 coaches visits. Mastery Talent - Diversified Recruiting: Gain +1 weekly recruiting points, +1 school visit, and +1 coaches visit. Tier 2 Choices (4/5/6 wins): Quality over Quantity: Your "Host Camp" state will allow a 19%/21%/23% bonus on recruits instead of 12%. (Host Camp states are in states where a team from the same conference is from and it cannot be the home state of the school.) Supreme Need: You receive 2/3/3 additional "team needs" slots. Expansive Camps: Add a border state of your choice from the table below for this season only. All recruits for that additional state will receive 12/14/16 points for free if at least 5 points are put on them. Choice for border states are as follows: Mastery Talent - International Recruiting: Allows access to a completely independent recruiting list of international recruits, competing only against other schools that took this talent. Points are shared between this list and normal recruiting but visits cannot be used. Tier 3 Choices (7/8/9 wins): Home State Fortress: Recruits now start automatically with 29/31/33 points for all in-state players (instead of 15). Must have at least 15 points on them before it triggers. Regional Power: Recruits now start automatically with 19/21/23 points for players in bordering states (instead of 12). Must have at least 10 points on them before it triggers as before. National Exposure: Ensure 1/2/2(+1 with a secondary preference) JuCo recruit prefers your program. Mastery Talent - Over the Top: Improves JuCo scholarships from +18 to +30 and JuCo visits from +16 to +30 and also receive an additional JuCo Scholarship. However, this comes at the cost of reducing your regular weekly recruiting points by -5. Tier 4 Choices (10/11/12 wins): Rising Star: Select two Star Players to receive 8/10/12 weekly points for free. Strong Academics: Scholarships provide an immediate boost of 27/29/31 (instead of 20). Legacy Locks: Claim two 1.0/4.0 players (or lower) from your state instantly/Claim a 1.0/4.5 and a 1.0/4.0 (or lower) from your state instantly/Claim a 2.0/4.5 and a 1.5/4.0 (or lower) from your state instantly. Mastery Tier - Undiscovered Talent: Create a recruit (there will be a thread - subject to name and school approval by Soluna) and receive him as part of your recruiting class instantly. Max skill/potential for each position: QB (2.5/4.5), RB (2.5/4.5), FB (1.0/5.0) WR (1.0/5.0), TE (1.0/5.0), OT (2.5/4.5), OG (1.0/5.0), C (1.0/5.0), DE (2.5/4.5), DT (1.0/5.0), ILB (1.0/5.0), OLB (1.0/5.0), CB (1.0/5.0), FS (1.0/5.0), SS (1.0/5.0), K (2.5/4.5), P (1.5/5.0), LS (1.5/5.0), KR (1.0/5.0), PR (1.0/5.0) G5 RECRUITING LIST In additional to recruiting from the overall national list of recruits, schools in G5 conferences (AAC, MWC, MAC, CUSA, Sun Belt, and Independents minus Notre Dame) will have access to a separate list of recruits that schools in P5 conferences will not have access to. Schools from the before listed schools will be able to put points into either the regular master list or the G5 master list as they please. The G5 Recruits list will work entirely the same as the other one. With the exception of the restriction for which school have access to this list it will function exactly the same as the other. Points/Visits/etc are shared between the two. COMMITTING So when do recruits actually commit to a school? In order for a player to commit there are three conditions. Only one needs to be met for a recruit to pick your team, but recruits only commit starting after the 4th week of recruiting: Coaches who are the only team listed on a recruit within 30 points for 3 consecutive weeks. They are the only logo shown for 3 weeks in a row. The team has a 50 point lead at any time, starting after week 4 of recruiting. This threshold decreases by 5 points after week 4 to a minimum of 20 points. The team with the lead cannot be caught up to by any other team with the amount of weeks left. Additionally, keep in mind that CFBHC teams are limited to 85 players on their roster. As a result, teams are currently allowed to recruit up to a maximum of 21 players per year. JUCO RECRUITS JUCO recruits are recruits that come in typically as juniors or seniors and have much higher skill ratings than average recruits out of high school. JUCO recruiting works much differently due to the higher skill and lower numbers of total JUCOs available to be recruited. JuCo recruiting will be a two week process and will begin towards the end of regular of recruiting. Regular recruiting scholarships, half scholarships, school and coaches visits will NOT be used. Instead coaches will be assigned the following based on the calculation described below. The formula only counts regular season games. JuCo Scholarships are worth +18 and JuCo visits are worth +16. All players may have a preferred school or family legacy towards a particular school. Recruits can have both a preferred school and a family legacy school and they don't have to be the same, however recruits with a preference from National Exposure will not have any other kind of preference on them. Additionally, there are multiple "tiers" of preference that automatically add the following points: Family Legacy: +35 points National Exposure Recruiting Talent: +25 points Primary: +25 points Secondary: +15 points Commit threshold in week 1 of JUCO recruiting is 10 or more between 1st and 2nd place. After week 2 it's just the highest, and ties will be broken using a weighted system. FIN Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions, comments, or things that I need to fix then comment away. Special thanks to Jieret for proof-reading this too! Good luck crootin!
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