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Found 2 results

  1. Foxborough, MA - After an exhausting but victorious cross-country trip, the Seahawks are proud to announce that BYU coach @NDIrish21 has accepted Seattle's head coaching position. "BYU has visited the collegiate post-season during every season of NDIrish's time there, and we believe he has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the Pacific Northwest." stated Owner/GM Jieret. "We are confident he can help us the Seahawks to meet and exceed their potential, and we're excited to see how he guides the team." Both Jieret and NDIrish21 are available for questions. #GoHawks
  2. Seattle, WA - After a search of several days following the sudden departure of previous owner LamboThrone, the Seattle Seahawks have announced that former Denver Broncos head coach Jieret is their new majority owner. Jieret has announced that while he will be involved in the daily activities not only as an owner but as a General Manager, the Seahawks are currently looking for a talented individual to help guide the franchise through the rough times it is currently seeing. Interested parties should PM Jieret. Finally, Jieret had this to say: "Although I don't like the circumstances to led to this, I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a dream come true for me. To go from growing up a couple of hours away as a lifelong fan to running this proud franchise? Unbelievable. But I do have to thank @bingo415, @DescretoBurrito, and @Franz Kafka, these fine gentlemen took a chance on me and helped me grow and learn the world of NFLHC. You have my thanks, always. But there's a lot of work to do, so I have to cut this short here. Members, family, and fans of the Seahawks, you'll get my best every day. I promise you that. You deserve nothing less." #GoHawks