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Found 6 results

  1. King of the Hill examines some of the top position battles entering the 2020 NFLHC Draft. CORNERBACK (Zone) CB Cameron Marshall 6-1 170 R Penn State [Zone Coverage] 81 vs. CB Jordan Harris 5-10 185 R North Dakota State [Zone Coverage] 80 The Stats (2018-2019) Marshall 11 INT 2 TD 30 tackles FR Harris N/A The Combine Marshall 4.31 40 40" vert 10'4" broad jump 11 bench reps 4.06 shuttle 7.08 3-cone Harris 4.29 40 41.5" vert 10'5" broad jump 14 bench reps 3.90 shuttle 6.96 3-cone The Verdict Harris' Combine blew Cameron Marshall out of the water. He ran faster, jumped higher, lifted more, and had far better agility. That being said, give me Marshall all day long. He starred for the national champs and consistently shut down opposing receivers. I just don't trust Jordan Harris at the next level. Next episode: OLB
  2. King of the Hill examines some of the top position battles entering the 2020 NFLHC Draft. CORNERBACK (Man coverage) CB/WR Marquise Reed 6-1 173 R Clemson [Man Coverage] 82 vs. CB Blake Turner 6-3 176 R Ohio State [Man Coverage] 81 The Stats (2018-2019) Reed 9 INT 29 tackles 81 catches 1,274 yards 15.72 ypc 7 TD Turner 6 INT 48 tackles 4 TD The Combine Reed 4.38 40 42" vert 10'5" broad jump 11 bench reps 3.98 shuttle 7.03 3-cone Turner 4.41 40 41" vert 10'7" broad jump 8 bench reps 3.97 shuttle 7.20 3-cone The Verdict I think this is a lot closer than some, but I'm going with Reed as the top man corner in this draft. He made headlines as one of the best true athletes in site history and backed up his stellar Clemson career with a great Combine. Turner is just a nose behind Reed, with his ability to find the endzone as his X-factor. Reed might need some polish as a full-time corner, but his potential is sky-high. Next episode: CB (zone)
  3. King of the Hill examines some of the top position battles entering the 2020 NFLHC Draft. Because Raheem Robinson is the consensus top WR in the draft, we'll look at who takes the #2 spot behind him. WR Jeremy Cook 6-0 217 R Washington State [Target] 82 vs. WR Sam Hiller-Weeden 6-3 205 R Fresno State [Target] 82 The Stats (2018-2019 Cook 179 catches 2,694 yards 15.05 ypc 18 TD caught 18.5% of QB's overall attempts Hiller-Weeden 229 catches 2,907 yards 12.69 ypc 29 TD caught 19.1% of QB's overall attempts The Combine Cook 4.55 40 39.5" vert 10'5" broad jump 13 bench reps 4.27 shuttle 6.89 3-cone Hiller-Weeden 4.50 40 40.5" vert 10'3" broad jump 19 bench reps 4.27 shuttle 7.03 3-cone The Verdict SHW has elite measurables and strength, but Cook's quickness and overall polish make him my choice. While SHW was a man alone in the Fresno State receiving corps, it also allowed the Bulldogs to force feed him. Cook excelled as both the clear top wideout and in a more shared role, highlighting his versatility
  4. King of the Hill examines some of the top position battles entering the 2020 NFLHC Draft. FULLBACK FB Richard Holt 5-8 230 R Miami [Run Blocking] 80 vs. FB Kayden Dozier 5-10 228 R Georgia [Run Blocking] 80 The Stats (2018-2019) Holt 240 carries 1,034 yards 4.30 ypc 10 TD 8 catches 59 yards 3 TD Dozier No carries No catches RB stats in 2018-2019: 571 carries 2,639 yards 4.62 ypc 25 TD The Combine Holt 4.67 40 31.5" vert 27 bench reps 4.29 shuttle 7.16 3-cone Dozier 4.76 40 34.5" vert 26 bench reps 4.35 shuttle 7.30 3-cone Personal conduct flag The Verdict Because today's NFL isn't as focused on the ground and pound offense, I'm going with Holt. Fullbacks who can run, catch, and still take on a linebacker are in rare company and Holt's Miami career showed he can do just that. Add that to the superior combine and a potential character issue for Dozier, and this one goes to the Hurricane. Next episode: CB
  5. King of the Hill examines some of the top position battles entering the 2020 NFLHC Draft. ILB Akeel Morris 6-5 234 R Nevada [Mike] 83 vs. ILB C.J. Thomas 6-4 240 R Georgia [Mike] 82 The Stats (2018-2019) Morris 151 tackles 3 INT 6.5 sacks 1 FR Thomas 157 tackles 5 INT 1 sack 3 FR 1 safety The Combine Morris 4.62 40 28" vertical 22 bench reps 4.38" shuttle 6.90" 3-cone 18 Wonderlic Thomas 4.59 40 29.5" vertical 24 bench reps 4.31" shuttle 6.83" 3-cone 23 Wonderlic The Verdict Their Combine numbers are almost identical, with Thomas slightly outperforming Morris at each event. I do think Akeel is a more versatile linebacker, but Thomas is a downhill thumper who has Pro Bowl written all over him. His overall collegiate performance in a much tougher conference help give C.J. Thomas the nod. Next Episode: WR
  6. King of the Hill examines some of the top position battles entering the 2020 NFLHC Draft. TOP DEFENSIVE END DE Tyler Jones 6-1 257 R Mississippi State [Contain] 83 vs. DE Anthony Miller 6-3 253 R Tennessee [Blitz] 83 The Stats (2018-2019) Jones 26.5 sacks 70 tackles TD INT FF 2 FR Miller 24 sacks 73 tackles FR The Combine Jones 4.66 40 33.5" vertical 30 bench reps 4.23" shuttle 6.93" 3-cone Miller 4.68 40 31.5" vertical 29 bench reps 4.38" shuttle 7.09" 3-cone The Verdict Even before the NFLHC Combine, I preferred Jones to Miller - his production and versatility gave him the slight nod. After the Combine, Jones' lead has only grown. He's shown to be stronger, faster, and quicker than the taller Miller, and has emerged as a consensus top-two pick overall. Next Episode? ILB