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Penn State goes back to back and defends their National Championship in an explosive 44-23 match up against UCF


Rookie QB Tanner Bowman kicked off the NFLHC preseason with a very solid showing against the Rams on Thursday Night. Though it was against backups, the Redskin faithful have something to be hopeful about.


Former Pittsburgh Head Coach Jumbo was officially named the new Head Coach of the University of Southern California Trojans following iliveinadreamatorium's departure from the university.


The preseason game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals was cancelled after Cincinnati failed to report their depth chart to league officials. Sources within the organization revealed the team may not have had a gameplan ready as well.
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    [2019] Week #12 - MNF

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    Atlanta Falcons (6-4) at New York Giants (7-3)


    Atlanta Falcons (6-4) at New York Giants (7-3)

    East Rutherford, NJ - 48 F and Rainy


    [/table][table]First Quarter
    Gino Chiaverini, 45 yd FG - 9:25 (3-0) (ATL)

    O.J. Carano, 4 yd TD run - 5:21 (3-7) (NYG)

    Walter Dorow, INT return for 2 yards - 2:34 (NYG)

    [/table][table]Second Quarter

    Stanley Brewster, 31 yd FG - 13:30 (3-10) (NYG)

    Stanley Brewster, missed 46 yd FG - 0:00 (NYG)

    Third Quarter
    Gino Chiaverini, 34 yd FG - 12:04 (6-10) (ATL)

    David Wilburn, INT return for 7 yards - 9:25 (ATL)

    Gino Chiaverini, 23 yd FG - 5:48 (9-10) (ATL)

    Fourth Quarter
    Stanley Brewster, 27 yd FG - 12:00 (9-13) (NYG)

    Gino Chiaverini, 45 yd FG - 6:58 (12-13) (ATL)

    Robert Lacy, fumble recovery - 4:09 (ATL)

    Gino Chiaverini, 43 yd FG - 3:01 (15-13) (ATL)

    R.J. Stanford to Mark Harrington, 6 yd TD pass - 0:54 (15-19) (NYG) - TWO POINT CONVERSION IS NO GOOD


    FINAL SCORE: Atlanta 15-19 New York

    [/table][table] [/td]

    Leaders [td] Passing

    Greg Shipp, ATL, 6 of 11 for 56 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT

    R.J. Stanford, NYG, 14 of 29 for 119 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT


    Akili Wallace, ATL, 26 for 110 yards, 0 TD

    O.J. Carano, NYG, 21 for 86 yards, 1 TD, 1 FUM

    R.J. Stanford, NYG, 3 for -2 yards, 0 TD


    Preston Gold, ATL, 2 for 26 yards, 0 TD

    Riddick Smith, ATL, 2 for 21 yards, 0 TD

    Joe Wallace, ATL, 1 for 9 yards, 0 TD

    Mark Harrington, NYG, 4 for 34 yards, 1 TD

    Chris Gano, NYG, 2 for 27 yards, 0 TD

    Cotton Lewis, NYG, 2 for 23 yards, 0 TD

    Aric Greene, NYG, 3 for 21 yards, 0 TD

    David Wilburn, ATL, 1 INT, 1 Tackle

    Robert Lacy, ATL, 1 Sack, 1 FF, 1 FR, 5 Tackles

    Cris LeBaron, ATL, 1 Sack, 3 Tackles

    Marcus Grant, ATL, 6 Tackles

    Walter Dorow, NYG, 1 INT, 5 Tackles

    Aaron Hammond, NYG, 1 Sack, 8 Tackles

    Brad Mungron, NYG, 1.5 Sacks, 3 Tackles

    Curtis Lewis, NYG, 0.5 Sacks, 3 Tackles

    No major injuries.

    No major injuries.
    Offensive Line


    Fumbles (lost)
    3 (0)
    1 (1)

    3rd Down Efficiency

    4th Down Efficiency


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    166 yards of total offense Vs. 203 yards of total offense.  No surprise really that the team with the better Punter won.


    53 plays for NYG compared to 37 plays for ATL. Weirdly low number of snaps shown for ATL.

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    Damn good game with Atlanta. It scares me that this would have been a completely different game with AJJ and Riddick 100%. I'm praying we don't meet y'all in the playoffs.

    Yeah if we even had our actual punter we would've had a good chance of winning. Ah well, shit happens. Great game anyway, was close throughout. Chiaverini was channeling Vinatieri throughout the whole game.

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