Imposter's Bowl Projections (through Week 14)

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3 minutes ago, ImposterCauster said:

USM can handle Louisiana Tech to finsih 9-3 on the year, which is seriously impressive for the folks in Hattiesburg

Two things, 


1. You spell finish wrong

2. So USM can handle LA Tech, okay


Besides that, like the projections for each bowl, pretty fantastic job Causter

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22 minutes ago, vtgorilla said:

"a win over Mizzou"


This is how you identify low quality media pieces.

Did you catch the Baylor-Texas Tech game this week? I couldn't quite place it, but a late field goal by the road team to win it 24-23 seems oddly familiar for some reason. 

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Projected bowl lines, for entertainment purposes only:


Clemson vs. Washington State (+4.5)
Oklahoma vs. Penn State (-2)

Nevada vs. Alabama (-7)

Wisconsin vs. LSU (+10.5)



Clemson vs. Wisconsin (-0.5)

Penn State vs. Alabama (+4.5)


National Championship Game

Penn State vs. Wisconsin (+1.5)


Illinois vs. Tennessee (+0.5)

Mississippi State vs. Purdue (+1)

Baylor vs. USC (-1)

Kansas vs. Oregon (-4)

Vanderbilt vs. Oklahoma State (+3)

Missouri vs. Nebraska (-6)

Minnesota vs. Arizona State (-2)

Pittsburgh vs. Arkansas (+4)

Georgia vs. Virginia (-3.5)

Auburn vs. Temple (+2)

SMU vs. Texas (+6)

Air Force vs. Georgia State (+7.5)

West Virginia vs. Boston College (-2.5)

Colorado vs. Hawaii (+3)

Rutgers vs. Toledo (+1.5)

East Carolina vs. Florida State (-14)

California vs. Michigan (-10)

Syracuse vs. UCF (+10.5)

Virginia Tech vs. Ohio State (-0.5)

Arizona vs. Rice (+2)

Louisville vs. Utah (+2)

San Diego State vs. USF (-6.5)

Western Michigan vs. Southern Miss (+5)

Maryland vs. Iowa State (+1.5)

New Mexico vs. Buffalo (-5.5)

Ohio vs. Navy (-0.5)

Central Michigan vs. Fresno State (-6)

Marshall vs. BYU (-8.5)

NC State vs. Michigan State (-20.5)

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9 minutes ago, ImposterCauster said:

I just now saw this. +20.5 for us against Sparty? That's how you know this team still has a long ways to go

You made a lot of progress this year. You'll get there eventually. I believe. 

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:cmu: Central Michigan Chippewas (Proj. 7-5) vs. Fresno State Bulldogs (Proj. 6-6) :fresno:

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. I think I could actually beat Fresno (I mean, I thought I could beat NIU and lost, and thought Id lose to Toledo and Iowa and won, so I'd probably end up losing to Fresno).


Hey Jieret buddy, wanna please lose to me in Week 16? :ph34r:

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