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Hail to the Lion

Penn State celebrates an East Division championship and a Land Grant Trophy win with their crushing defeat of Michigan State.

All-American: UCF cruises by USF to 12-0

UCF easily handles USF to win the East division of the AAC.
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[2019] All Pro Team

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QB: Brian Brown, MIA
RB: Akili Wallace, ATL

FB: Donnie Hubbert, CAR

WR1: Gary Faneca, SEA

WR2: Mosi Bartos, IND

TE: Scott Howard, SD

FLEX (WR/TE/RB/FB): Sean Jenkins, NO

LT: Tron Moses, CAR
LG: David Wilson, OAK
C: LaMarcus Smith, LA
RG: Joe Farmer, NYJ

RT: Ryan Robinson, NYG

EDGE (3-4 OLB / 4-3 DE): Alvis Brumm, NYJ

EDGE: Ryan Frey, PHI

INT DL (4-3 DT, 3-4 DE, NT): Quentin Smith, IND

INT DL: Fred Romanowski, WAS

LB1: Rodrick Milligan, PHI

LB2: Daleroy Smart, SF
LB3: Andre Brooks, DET

CB1: Justin Davis, MIA

CB2: David Wilburn, ATL
FS: Darius Jones, ATL

SS: Dane Wilson, PIT
DB (Slot defender): Laurent Christensen, MIA

K: Jarret Veals, TB
P: Forest Garrett, TB
KR: Christopher Johnson, PHI
PR: Ben Offerdahl, KC

ST: Mike Robinson, SF

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LB2: Daleroy Smart, SF

This dude didn't make the Pro Bowl, but he's such a beast for us. He only put up tackle stats during the regular season, but finished with 31 tackles, an INT, sack, and forced fumble in the playoffs. <3


ST: Mike Robinson, SF

So this one is interesting. Backup SS is apparently a killer special teams guy. Good to know.

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