Dacder's Ayy Mockerena, 2020 Draft Edition 2

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James Dale won't give in the first round of the Mockarena

Brooksheer or J. Jones, who is taken Mockarena?

Blake Shell over Brown, are you crazy Mockarena?

Heyyyy Mockarena


Wide Reciever 2nd are you serious Mockerena?

Injury Risk is important to the Mockarena

This is not a fact of life, it's just the Mockarena

Heyyyy Mockarena


1. Tennessee

DE Anthony Miller 6-3 253 R Tennessee [Blitz] 83

Not much has changed with Tennessee's pick in the past couple months. It still looks to almost certainly be a DE in order to shore up their terrible defense, and Anthony Miller is still the popular pick as best DE.


2. Jacksonville

DE Tyler Jones 6-1 257 R Mississippi State [Contain] 83

I could see Jacksonville going a couple directions with this pick, most notably Okwonko or Hurd, but defensive end still seems like the easiest pick for them. They'll pick up whoever Tennessee leaves behind, and Jones sure as hell isn't a bad 2nd place prize.


3. San Diego

DT Christian Okonkwo 6-5 297 R Oregon [2-Gap] 82

Okwonko is the highest rated defensive tackle in draft history, and it's easy to see why when you look at his stats at Oregon. He is likely the best defensive tackle prospect ever, and he's very likely to go top 3. The biggest thing is that Los Angeles is almost certainly trading down from this pick, meaning that while it's likely Okwonko goes here, it is won't be to the Chargers. Whoever trades up will be very happy with the Oregon superstar.


4. Tampa Bay

ILB Akeel Morris 6-5 234 R Nevada [Mike] 83

Tampa Bay is in a rather weird spot as a team. They have a talented roster but just couldn't convert that to victories last season. I have them drafting Akeel here, which will make an already scary defense on paper look even scarier. The hype around Akeel has died down a bit but he's still a very solid prospect, and will provide some much needed fire to a seemingly complacent Bucs defense.


5. Cleveland

CB/WR Marquise Reed 6-1 173 R Clemson [Man Coverage] 82

Cleveland pretty desperately needs a cornerback, and Reed is by far the highest potential in this draft. He might need a bit of an adjustment period to playing pure corner but he should have plenty of time on a Browns roster that looks to be rebuilding.


6. Cleveland

WR Raheem Robinson 6-3 192 R Oklahoma State [Speed] 83

This is a pretty strange spot for Cleveland. There's a few really good players here, but none at a glaring hole in their roster. So they decide to take arguably the best one in Raheem. The Browns already have an acceptable receiving corps but having Raheem could open up their offense and take Ryan Clark to the next level.


7. Dallas

FS Aaron Blakely 6-1 182 R Wisconsin [Man Coverage] 82

Dallas is a pretty well built roster but one place they could use an upgrade in Free Safety, and Blakely is without a doubt the best FS in this class. His ball hawking skills could result in a renaissance for the Dallas secondary that dominated the playoffs two years ago and led the Cowboys to a super bowl.


8. Green Bay

C Lucas Hurd 6-4 276 R Alabama [Pass Blocking] 83

Green Bay pretty desperately needs help on the interior line and they get fortunate that possibly the best player in the entire draft falls to them at eight. Hurd was dominant at Alabama, a major player in their national championship in 2018. He'll be a welcome sight for runningback Jaz Durant and the Packers' offense.


9. Kansas City

RB Terrence Rodgers 6-0 173 R Mississippi State [Speed] 82

The Chiefs managed to reach the playoffs last year despite having a pretty one dimensional offense led by Thomas Wheeler. The Chiefs' running backs are mediocre and Rodgers is the best runningback in this draft class.


10. Green Bay

ILB C.J. Thomas 6-4 240 R Georgia [Mike] 82

The Green Bay defense needs some upgrades, and Thomas is probably the best option at this point in the draft. He's not a corner, but there are no corners as good as him here.


11. Seattle

RB J.B. Blacknall 5-8 207 R UAB [Power] 82

Assuming Seattle resigns Xander, their biggest need will be running back. Blacknall isn't quite as hyped as Rodgers but has still displayed flashes of brilliance in his career and could be quite excellent.


12. Houston

WR Jeremy Cook 6-0 217 R Washington State [Target] 82

Another year, another draft where Houston could take offensive skill players. Leshoure could use the help easing into the position, and Jeremy Cook was amazing at Washington State, arguably the best receiver in the country through parts of his career.


13. Chicago

OT Taylor Randolph 6-4 278 R Iowa [Pass Blocking] 83

Chicago's tackles are old and bad. Randolph is amazing value at 13, so they snatch him up and hopefully give Brooksheer a needed boost.


14. Arizona

DE Dexter Flowers 6-1 265 R Southern Miss [Blitz] 82

Flowers falling this far may surprise some looking at his stats, but a defensive end in a terrible conference always has risk associated with them. Arizona is a nice fit for him however, and he'll immediately improve a mediocre dline.


15. Atlanta

DT Michael McBride 6-4 313 R Pittsburgh [2-Gap] 81

I mock Atlanta defensive tackle every time I do a mock and this is no different. McBride would be a very solid addition to the Falcons defense, and would do a great deal to unlock Early Davis' potential as a pass rusher.


16. Washington

CB Cameron Marshall 6-1 170 R Penn State [Zone Coverage] 81

Washington has a lot of needs on their awful defense but corner sticks out. Marshall is the second best prospect this draft and has a pretty high upside, so he gets taken.


17. Minnesota

CB Blake Turner 6-3 176 R Ohio State [Man Coverage] 81

Turner isn't amazing but the Vikes are absolutely desperate for an upgrade at cornerback. I don't think Turner's as bad as some people are making him out to be, but he is a risk, just a risk that Minnesota will have to be willing to take if they want to contend soon.


18. Buffalo

QB Brett Fisher 6-2 211 R Miami [Scrambling] 82

Letting Younger go signals the Bills' intentions. Fisher has an extraordinarily high upside and could very well take Buffalo to the next level given some time. The other good options here would be Hiller-Weeden and Burnett, but with his pro day I'll give the nod to Fisher here. Could change before draft time however.


19. Miami

WR Sam Hiller-Weeden 6-3 205 R Fresno State [Target] 82

After their latest offseason moves Miami needs some targets for Brian Brown. They get an excellent one in Sam Hiller-Weeden, whose drop to 19 may be controversial here, but I don't think wide receivers are in as high of demand as other positions with talent.


20. Denver

DE Eric Jennings 6-3 259 R Oregon [Blitz] 81

Jennings was consistently excellent alongside Okwonko at Oregon, and Denver will take him to improve upon an okay but not great pass rush.


21. Los Angeles

DE Shah Vereen 6-1 259 R South Carolina [Blitz] 81

The Rams have a very well built team but they could use another pass rusher alongside rookie sensation Michael Bruce. Shah Vereen isn't getting the hype but he did get the numbers and he'll be the 5th defensive end to go in the 1st.


22. New England

SS Corey Davis 6-2 195 R Pittsburgh [Zone Coverage] 81

New England really doesn't have a lot of obvious needs but their pass defense wasn't totally amazing last year and Corey Davis could improve on that end. He's not the biggest need but he is good value, so the Patriots pick him up.


23. Baltimore

QB Graham Burnett 6-3 211 R Oklahoma [Pocket] 82

Shoutbox chose this. I can see it too, Watkins is aging and regressed last season. Burnett gives the team a chance to reach the next level.


24. Carolina

OLB Martin Whiting 6-3 235 R North Carolina [Coverage] 81

The first OLB to be taken isn't an insane prospect but he's solid and fills one of Carolina's few holes. Not a ton else to say.


25. New Orleans

TE Curtis Henry 6-6 202 R Utah State [Receiving] 82

New Orleans' trading of Spec Davidson opens up a need that Henry, the first pro day warrior, will happily fill. Henry has little production but Utah State is so terrible that it doesn't really mean much, and rumor has it that Henry has the makings of a future star.


26. Detroit

WR Benjamin Franklin 5-9 160 R Rutgers [Speed] 81

Detroit has a few places they could go here, but wide receiver is by far their most obvious need and Benjamin Franklin is a great prospect.


27. New Orleans

CB Tom Wyman 5-10 180 R TCU [Man Coverage] 80

New Orleans really, really, really needs cornerbacks if they want to contend this year. Wyman isn't good value but he's decent enough and if they don't take a corner early the Saints are essentially writing off 2020.


28. Indianapolis

OG Lucas Hopkins 6-6 261 R Missouri [Run Blocking] 81

Indy has a well built roster but will need some help in the running game with Peaks' injury and regression. Hopkins is great value and will provide just that.


29. Philadelphia

FS T.J. Lawrence 6-0 217 R Notre Dame [Zone Coverage] 81

Philly's defense was very good but their secondary leaves a lot to be desired. TJ Lawrence is pretty solid value at the end of the 1st and will immediately improve the team, making him a nice pick here.


30. Oakland

OT Donald Reed 6-5 293 R Virginia Tech [Pass Blocking] 82

Oakland has a good looking Oline at first glance but gave up too many sacks in 2019. Reed is an amazing value here and would be an immediate upgrade for protecting Nick Hall.


31. New York Jets

WR Tom Oldham 6-0 155 R Iowa State [Speed] 81

Jets really don't need anything, but they could use an upgrade at wide receiver and Oldham is acceptable value at a pretty dry point in the draft.


32. San Fransisco

OG Russell Benson-Gifford 6-7 260 R South Carolina [Pass Blocking] 81

San Fran's oline rating is good but their OG2 is a 75...say what you will about chemistry but I like the idea of an upgrade, so they take Benson-Gifford who is, as Oline always is, solid value.



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42 minutes ago, Dean_Craig_Pelton said:

I love Raheem but I think we would be crucified if we took another high pick on a WR. Especially with the addition of Mitchell this offseason. Also I dont see Raheem falling past the Chargers, but maybe I am wrong

If SD took a DT over Raheem that would be dumb. I can't see Raheem falling to six

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30 minutes ago, Jumbo said:

Tom Oldham would be our WR4 lol 

Fuck you for having such a complete team. makes it damn near impossible to mock you guys anyone

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Bold move picking a WR over a CB, cotton. We upgraded WR already this offseason, so logically wouldn't Cameron Marshall have been our pick? Or are you saying I'm such a defensive wizard that you trust me without a #1 CB?


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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2 hours ago, sleuthofbears said:

Why do people think we need an SS? The only strong safeties with more interceptions than Norris Nolan last year were R.C. Rone, Dane Wilson, and Adam Newman.

I'm not completely certain how important INTs are when it comes to strong Safeties

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18 minutes ago, Darman said:

I'm not completely certain how important INTs are when it comes to strong Safeties


I agree that INTs aren't super important for an SS, but given that Dacder's reasoning for taking him was to improve our pass defense, I think it's a relevant stat.

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Lots of controversy in this mock.  


2 RBs before pick 12.

Raheem falling

Okonkwo #3

DE quietly undervalued in the higher sections of the draft

SHW falling to 19

Burnett and Fisher falling to mid-late 1st


Quite the mock.  The draft has always been a crazy thing.   

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With the hype surrounding Burnett the past couple days, I was thinking him getting to that point was surprising

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