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Denver Broncos Draft Press Conference + New Player Introduction

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DENVER--The Broncos staff will take any questions following a short opening statement to introduce our new additions from this weekend. Director of College Scouting Jieret was a winning addition to the front office during this off-season, and his invaluable scouting research allowed GM extraodinaire DescretoBurrito to do what he does better than anyone in the League--assemble a knockout draft class that addressed need and value--positioning the Broncos for continued success. Both Front Office members are available for questions. One interesting note about our draftees, they all come to Denver having lived and played in cities with great BBQ reputations, a very special love affair for their new owner and coach. From Columbia Gold to Birmingham Sour, even to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in LA, these guys know how to eat. And the City of Denver is gonna really enjoy them as young men citizens as well as football players. But first...


1st Round, #20 overall

OG Russell Benson-Gifford, :scar:



We expect Big Russ to be an immediate contributor on the offensive line, and his versatility allows him to play just about anywhere. Obviously he'll start at Guard between veterans John Zatkoff and Gary Tomlinson. While we weren't exactly surprised to see Russ available at #20, the way the draft broke before hand certainly made his selection an easy one. Russ' favorite rib joint in Columbia is Midwood Smokehouse. 



2nd Round, #52 overall

RB J.B. Blacknall, :uab:



We feel very fortunate that a runner with J.B.'s skill set was available at #52. He was an absolute monster running for UAB this season, and we feel that running behind an actual offensive line will be an eye-opening experience for J.B. He will have a chance to learn from Jerry Rambo and will co-starter on Day One. We're thrilled to see him in short yardage situations and we feel completely confident putting him out there since he blocks on passing downs so well. J.B. loved to eat at Charlie's Barbecue in Birmingham. 



3rd Round, #84 overall

QB Eric Jennings, :kansas:



Frankly, we were a little surprised to see Eric still there at #84, after his record-setting season and career at KU. My favorite stat measuring growth for Eric was an improvement in TD/INT ratio and Completion Percentage from Junior year to Senior year that really demonstrates how Eric became a complete quarterback--24/17, 61% as a Jr.; 33/6, 67% as a Sr. Eric will battle with Todd Jennings (no relation, we think) for the starting quarterback duties for the Denver Broncos. If he wins the job, we're certain he will come in and play well right away. Eric spent a lot of time in Kansas City during college, and he loves Joe's, Arthur Bryant's, and Gates' all equally. Smart kid.



4th Round, #115 overall

WR William Doherty, :usc:



William really flew under the radar at SC, and didn't really stand out to many folks in this draft class of highly-rated receivers. But he caught 60+ balls twice in his career and average 955 yards each of the last two seasons. He's huge and will be an immediate Red Zone threat, but he also can get up the field and stretch defenses--two seasons of 14.3 YPC at SC. For now, he's joining a loaded receiver group, but his natural skills will shine through quickly. William loves Bludso's Bar and Que in LA, particularly the brisket. 



5th Round, #149 overall

DE Thomas Goss, :ou:


Thomas is a high-motor guy that we feel was a bit overshadowed at OU. He's got great size, good quickness, and works really hard in the film room and on the practice field. He's an ideal backup to Charles Johnson, and we expect Charles to teach Thomas everything he knows. Thomas grew up eating at Bayless' outside Tulsa. 



6th Round, #185 overall

CB Donald Garcia, :asu:



Donald is one of the best tacklers at the CB position in this draft. He finished 2019 with 32 tackles, 4 INTS, and 1 TD return. He knows how to high-point the ball and is a physical presence in coverage. We see him as a long-term solution to our Nickel coverage and can even slide over an play some Free Safety if necessary. Donald craves Andrew's BBQ in Tempe, but his coach prefers Lucille's Smokehouse Barbecue just outside of Glendale.



7th Round, #217 overall

SS Jayden Salter, :memphis:



Jayden is a hell of hitter at the strong safety spot. He's got a decent nose for the ball, with a couple picks here and there in college, but his big strength is stopping the run. He'll push veteran Jonathan Parker for the starting job at SS, and he'll be an immediate contributor on Special Teams. We're really excited about Jayden's potential. Being from Memphis, Jayden has a soft spot in his heart for Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous, as he should. 


Also joining the Broncos...

OLB Lamar Tennell (77) from the Detroit Lions


Offensive Coordinator Tom Cable



Tom brings a wealth of experience working with Offensive Lines to the position of OC. We were fortunate that his hiring coincides with our selection of OG Russell Benson-Gifford in the 1st round. 



Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier



Les is really adept at working with Defensive Backs in particular. We felt we needed to address the backend of our Defense first with coaching, then with personnel. Les will bring that fire to the entire defense and his enthusiasm is contagious.



The floor is now open for questions. Thanks for your attendance this morning. Go Broncos!!

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1 minute ago, Franz Kafka said:

Bingo -


How much of a chance will Blacknall get at the starter's spot this season?  Can you compare and contrast he and Rambo's styles?


We see Blacknall as the Thunder to Rambo's Lightning. Yes, I understand that hyperbole with Rambo is a useless game, but we think we have crafted the right game plan and OLine to really help our struggling run game from 2019. And Blacknall will get every chance to be the guy right away. We'd like to see him with 8-12 carries per game through the first four weeks of the season. If that's the case, them Rambo can get back to 4.3+ YPC, we feel. Rambo is a little bit shiftier than J.B., but both can turn it on past the tackles when a crease emerges. And Blacknall will likely be our goal line and short yardage guy right away. Thanks!

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21 minutes ago, joedchi said:

OG Russell Benson-Gifford


No s at the end. Just looking out for my boy.


Thank you. His new coach is, understandably, too happy with the player to really pay attention to his name...

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