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Hail to the Lion

Penn State celebrates an East Division championship and a Land Grant Trophy win with their crushing defeat of Michigan State.

All-American: UCF cruises by USF to 12-0

UCF easily handles USF to win the East division of the AAC.

Event #7: PFF Top Centers of 2019

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Pro Football Focus (PFF) has released their ranking of the top 32 centers from the 2019 NFL season. Scores over 90 are considered all-pro material. Scores between 85-90 are considered excellent.


1. LaMarcus Smith, LAR (94.7)
2. John Zatkoff, DEN (92.5)
3. Enoch Dickinson, CLE (91.4)
4. Matt Cole, WAS (91.1)

5. Ryan Poole, NO (89.8)
6. Kevin Siemon, CIN (89.2)
7. Sid Henson, DAL (89.0)
8. John Hadley, MIN (87.2)
9. Patrick Ena, JAX (85.1)

10. T.J. Brumm, NYJ (84.8)
11. Haskel Moore, MIA (82.5)
12. Don Teteak, LAC (81.6)
13. Joe Cherry, CAR (81.2)
14. Brendan Doherty, OAK (80.5)
15. Joseph Colbert, PHI (80.5)
16. Angelo Huddleston, KC (80.3)
17. John Hinton, GB (80.1)
18. Martin Terry, DET (79.8)
19. Arnold Smith, NYG (78.5)
20. Rob Johnston, TEN (78.4)
21. Lloyd Nieves, PIT (76.3)
22. Tim Thomas, IND (76.1)
23. Chris Lee, ATL (75.3)
24. Jack Podolak, NE (74.3)
25. Sam Holmes, TB (74.3)
26. George Doll, CHI (73.9)
27. Rodney Atkins, HOU (73.6)
28. Richard Kelly, SF (72.1)
29. Jonathan Jimenez, ARI (70.9)
30. Davern Lemmerman, SEA (69.6)
31. Bill Bullard, BUF (67.4)
32. Nicolas Slack, BAL (65.3)

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1 hour ago, ChicagoTed1 said:

T J. Brumm is with Arizona now.

Yes but these are numbers from last season. 


6 hours ago, Soluna said:


28. Richard Kelly, SF (72.1)

Nice to know he's as bad as we thought he was. Maybe I should be nice though. He does have more Super Bowl rings than the top six centers on this list. :cow:


Oh and John Hadley had a great rookie season. 

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