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10th Round Title Bout

#1 Auburn and #6 TCU rematch the first game of the season - an Auburn victory - to determine the site's 10th national champion.

AFC CCG: Titans @ Dolphins

The Titans knocked out the defending Super Bowl Champion Raiders, while Miami destroyed Pittsburgh 38-10 in last week's slate. Two aerial attack based teams will try to make it to Super Bowl IX in this exciting matchup.

NFC CCG: Eagles @ Packers

The Eagles won a crazy 41-38 game over the Falcons while the Packers won a slugfest in the snow against the Lions in the last round; another snow game might favor an Eagles victory if they can keep up the run game from the prior week, but it will be tough against the well-rounded Packers.
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    NFLHC Top 50 Players of 2020: Episode 8 - Players 15-11

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    Thanks for tuning in! As you'll remember last time, we revealed players 30-26 on the list. Here are the voting results from the fans as to whether these players were overrated or underrated on our list:


    Ranking     Player                               Rating      Description
     20         DT Frank Williams (Buccaneers)        2.67       Somewhat Underrated
     19         FS Darius Jones (Falcons)             3.25       Somewhat Overrated
     18         OT Tron Moses (Panthers)              2.58       Pretty Underrated 
     17         OT Justin Campbell (Cowboys)          2.00       Incredibly Underrated
     16         QB Darrell Murphy (Rams)              2.50       Very Overrated


    Player #15


    ILB Andre Brooks 6-1 256 6 Wisconsin [Mike] 96 (Lions)



    Picked #9 overall by the Patriots in the inaugural NFLHC Draft, Brooks was traded by New England to the Lions for Mark Craig, Randy Lehr, and a 4th round pick that became Jeremy Owen. You'd be forgiven for not knowing any of those 3 names, but despite Detroit's farm team being New England Brooks becoming part of the team's Big 3 defensively has helped the team to sustained success in the past two seasons since trading for him.


    He crushes anyone who gets into his line of vision:



    And he can make stops when the rest of the team is out of position:



    "Him being there up the middle makes me look better, just because teams know he's a threat if I screw up." -DT Earl Jackson, Detroit Lions




    And he's no slouch in coverage: 



    "He's been the best mike in the league for years, and I don't see him slowing down any time soon." -QB Brian Brown, Miami Dolphins





    When you're the highest-ranked player of a trio of players colloquially known as a 3-headed defensive monster, you know you're good.


    Player #14


    DE Ryan Frey 6-6 277 2 Miami [Blitz] 90 (Eagles)



    Frey is the youngest player to reach this high on the list - no one picked in 2017, 2018, or 2019 is listed above him, and he was picked in 2018. And it is well-deserved, as Frey burst onto NFLHC's radar in 2019 as the league's sack leader as the Eagles flew to the #1 seed in the NFC. Frey's massive improvement from his rookie season (8 sacks) to his sophomore season (13.5 sacks) sees him as one of the league's brighest up-and-coming stars.


    He consistently destroys opposing tackles:



    "His improvement from last year was remarkable... he was a much harder assignment this time around." -OT Justin Campbell, Dallas Cowboys


    His speed is impressive:



    And just his presence scares opposing QBs into making throws like this:



    "Not sure what I was thinking on that one... probably just didn't want to get destroyed by him." -QB Javier Fields, Washington Redskins


    And he's no slouch against the run:








    Frey has already developed into one of the best DEs in the game today, and with a world of potential in front of him we'll see if he can break NFLHC's all-time sack record (14.5) in 2020.




    Player #13


    OG David Wilson 6-1 299 6 Oklahoma [Run Blocking] 97 (Raiders)



    The #12 overall pick of the inaugural NFLHC draft, Wilson has been an imposing presence on the Raiders offensive line for his entire tenure in Oakland. Now going into his 7th season, Wilson remains on his perch as the top guard in the entire NFL (per PFF) and seems poised to stay up there for a while.


    His strength is perhaps the most impressive part of his game:



    "I don't look forward to going against the Raiders, because I get destroyed by him every time." -DE Charles Johnson, Denver Broncos




    He even takes on multiple defenders on a single play occasionally:




    And he holds his blocks for a long time:



    "He makes my job a helluva lot easier." -C Brendan Doherty, Oakland Raiders




    Even if guards get no love, Wilson consistently remains as one of the league's best as he has made 5 of 6 possible Pro Bowls.


    Player #12


    SS Dane Wilson 6-1 178 5 LSU [Zone Coverage] 95 (Steelers)



    The highest rated safety on this list, the #22 overall pick in the 2015 draft was traded by Miami last offseason for a swap of first round pick and scraps. Wilson immediately made an impact on the Pittsburgh secondary, being named an All-Pro as the team caught fire in the second half of the season (though it wasn't enough to make the playoffs). Still, Wilson makes a giant impact on a team just through the threat of him being back there.


    He makes plays like this:



    While also having the capability to do ridiculous things like this:



    "He makes what you do 10 times easier because QBs won't throw in his direction." -CB Laurent Christensen, Miami Dolphins


    But he can also hit hard when need be:



    "He's a madman out there. You see him mumbling to himself every so often and even that's scary." -QB Reggie Watkins, Baltimore Ravens







    Wilson is certainly the best safety in the game today and his sheer playmaking ability puts him up there with the most fearsome players in NFLHC.





    Player #11


    OG Jace Brown 6-6 270 4 Florida [Pass Blocking] 98 (Cowboys)



    The only guard ever picked in the top 10 of an NFLHC Draft (#10 in 2016), Brown was ranked as the #3 guard in the league in 2019 by PFF, just behind #13 on this list David Wilson and #33 Joe Farmer. Nonetheless, Brown's reputation is fearsome due to his play next to OT Justin Campbell (#17 on this list) and his ability to make plays from his position is heralded leaguewide.


    You can see it when he destroys two defenders in a single play:



    And his effort is incredible:



    "If there's only player in the league who can make flashy plays from the guard position, it's him." -DT Frank Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers




    "He gets to the second level like no other player in the league." -DE Ryan Frey, Philadelphia Eagles









    Jace Brown is the highest ranked guard on this list, and whether you agree with his placement or not he and Justin Campbell form the most formidable part of any team in NFLHC's offensive line.


    Think these players were underrated or overrated? Vote here! https://goo.gl/forms/hTkaXyn5XcQfoXie2



    There are just 10 players left on the list. I've revealed who they are below in positional/alphabetical order. Where do you think they'll be ranked? Speculate in the comments below!


    • QB Brian Brown 6-4 228 5 Boise State [Pocket] 98 (Dolphins)
    • QB Nick Hall 6-2 221 5 Syracuse [Pocket] 97 (Raiders)
    • QB Christian Skaggs 6-1 214 6 Florida State [Pocket] 99 (Panthers)
    • RB Akili Wallace 5-10 180 4 Florida State [Speed] 96 (Falcons)
    • WR Gary Faneca 6-5 189 6 Oregon [Speed] 96 (Seahawks)
    • OT Marcellus Peterson 6-2 328 6 Alabama [Run Blocking] 98 (Dolphins)
    • DE Alvis Brumm 6-6 268 6 Penn State [Blitz] 99 (Jets)
    • OLB Tyrone Jones 5-11 233 5 LSU [Blitz] 98 (Ravens)
    • CB Justin Davis 5-11 173 4 Florida [Zone Coverage] 96 (Dolphins)
    • CB David Wilburn 5-10 195 6 Stanford [Man Coverage] 95 (Falcons)



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    Wilson > Brown

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    Using Big Fletcher Cox as Ryan Frey :wub: Though, I thought of him more as looking like Connor Barwin. I didn't realize Frey was a sack short of the single season sack record. That's wild!

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