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Christian Skaggs, QB, CAR - Clutch
Nick Hall, QB, OAK - Clutch
Brian Brown, QB, MIA - Coach
Darrell Murphy, QB, STL - Coach
Brian Vardell, QB, MIN - Coach
Chester Henson, RB, MIN - Tough

Chad Dess, RB, BUF - Tough
Walt Peck, WR, STL - Clutch
Dan Nomellini, WR, GB - Showtime

David Gaines, WR, CHI - Showtime

Brian Gary, TE, OAK - Clutch
Scott Howard, TE, SD - Matchup Nightmare
Alvis Brumm, DE, NYJ - Matchup Nightmare
Quentin Smith, DT, IND - Matchup Nightmare
Tyrone Jones, OLB, BAL - Clutch
Andre Brooks, ILB, DET - Coach

Rodrick Milligan, ILB, PHI - Hard Hitter
David Wilburn, CB, ATL - Matchup Nightmare

Justin Davis, CB, MIA - Matchup Nightmare

Keyshawn Thompson, CB, DET - Clutch

R.C. Rone, SS, ATL - Hard Hitter
Ben Morrison, K, MIA - Clutch
Jarret Veals, K, TB - Clutch

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