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Free Agency: Finding a New Home

Thomas Wheeler, Eddie McFadden, and Ron Rice are just some of the names looking for a new house to defend when NFL free agency begins next week.

Purple & Gold

LSU claims the #1 spot after a machine-like victory of Auburn.
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[2019] All AAC + Awards

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Offensive Player of The Year

QB, Andre Webb, SMU

Defensive Player of The Year

CB, Adam Young, SMU

Freshman of The Year

CB, Adam Young, SMU

Coach of The Year

Time, SMU


1st Team All Conference


QB: Andre Webb, SMU

RB: Denorris Jackson, UCF

FB:  Eli Tuitiama, ECU

TE:  Joshua Darby, Navy

WR: Dean Burkhart, SMU

WR:  Lamont Crawford, Temple


DE:  Guillermo Murphy, USF

DE: Rodney Randolph, Temple

DT:  James Blue, USF

DT:  Darius Greene, Uconn

OLB:  Salvatore McKinney, Temple

ILB: Sebastian Chaney, ECU

ILB: Levi Hankins, Temple

OLB:  Gregory Jenkins, Temple

CB: Adam Young, SMU

CB: Jasiah Francis, ECU

FS: Andre Buckner, Tulane

SS: Cameron Whitney, Uconn

P: Cooper Waller, ECU

K:  Dylan Stone, Temple

KR Mario Ruff, Cincinnati

PR:  Adam Young, SMU


2nd Team All Conference

QB:  Daniel Lentz, USF

RB:  Marshawn Miller, Uconn

FB: Ricky Lewis, Temple

TE: William Bouchard, ECU

WR:  Ramon Stewart, USF

WR:  Claudio Howard, USF


DE: Jayden Love, Memphis

DE: Jaden Westbrook, SMU

DT: Arthur Ireland, SMU

DT:  Zachary Blake, Temple

OLB: Zaire Finney, UCF

ILB: Luca Carrol, UCF

ILB: Lowell Vaughn, USF

OLB: Logan Ware, Houston

CB: Willie Berry, UCF

CB: Shawn Burden, Uconn

FS:  Sergio Munoz, SMU

SS:  Blake Goodwin, SMU

P: Sean Bagnard, UCF

K: Joel Cordero, SMU

KR Lamont Crawford, Temple

PR: Gavin Otto, Tulane

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