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#3 TCU took on #5 LSU this weekend and let everyone know that the Horned Frogs are legit. It was a defensive struggle but TCU was able to come out on top 13-10.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't give Christian Skaggs any break Sunday, sacking the QB 6 times. The offense did their part behind QB Taylor Heiden and rookie RB DeNorris Jackson and came away with a 28-21 win.


A top 15 matchup between the #11 Toledo Rockets and #15 Florida Gators ended in heartbreak for the Rockets. Florida managed to pull out the 25-22 win on the road. Anyone doubting either team was put on notice.


The Green Bay Packers have raced to a 5-0 start after beating the 2-2 Seattle Seahawks. This game was very banner worthy which is why it is on here. I wonder if anyone can "catch" the Green Bay Packers, or maybe "intercept" them? No no, definitely catch.
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    [2020] MWC Previews Part 3: New Mexico Lobos

    New Mexico  

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    1. 1. New Mexico

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    The Lobos didn't do as good as they did in 2018, as they went from a 11-2 record in 2018 to a 5-7 record in 2019 and didn't even make a bowl game last season, this year might be the same old tale for New Mexico, Especially how they lost key players but they did gain some helpful role players, they could either stay somewhat competitive or just flame out completely and have a SJSU or a Wyoming type season and win only 2-3 games the entire season. The question is, can they somehow improve or just simply has their fall from grace been completed?







    Top 3 Offensive Players:

    FB Leonardo Kennedy 6-1 201 So Robert E. Lee (Baytown, TX) 4.0 of 4.0 [Run Blocking]

    WR Austin Medley 6-1 223 (Jr) Duncan (Duncan, AZ) 3.5 of 3.5 [Speed]
    WR Marcus Hightower 6-0 192 Jr Socorro (Socorro, NM) 3.5 of 3.5 [Target]


    Top 3 Defensive Players:

    FS Dwayne Reid 6-0 223 (So) Yuma Catholic (Yuma, AZ) 3.0 of 4.0 [Man Coverage]

    DT Kahau Posala 6-5 293 Jr Belen (Belen, NM) 4.0 of 4.0 [2-Gap]

    CB Abdoulaye Reaves 6-1 188 (Jr) Blue Ridge (Lakeside, AZ) 4.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage]


    Top Special Team Player:

    PR Manny Wesley 6-0 208 (Jr) Yavapai College (Prescott AZ) 3.5 of 4.0 [Specialist]

    Notable Offseason Additions:

    PR Manny Wesley 6-0 208 (Jr) Yavapai College (Prescott AZ) 3.5 of 4.0 [Specialist]

    Notable Offseason Subractions:

    WR Vincent Ortiz 6-1 174 (Sr) Kofa (Yuma, AZ) 4.5 of 4.5 [speed]

    FB Ethan Guthrie 5-10 259 (Sr) Mesa CC (Mesa, AZ) 4.5 of 4.5 [Run Blocking]

    SS Jeremiah Joseph 5-11 204 (Sr) East Mississippi CC (Scooba, MS) 4.5 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage]

    QB Tom Stacy 5-11 216 Sr New Mexico Military Institute (Roswell, NM) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pocket]


    Quick Thoughts:

    Stacy, Ortiz, and Guthrie were vital, if not crucial, parts to that offense, Ortiz had over 1,000 receiving yards and 10 TDs, Stacy had 27 TDs with 3,662 YDs and Guthrie had 600+ YDs with 10 TDs as a FB turned RB and also had 102 receiving YDs with 3 receiving TDs. Joseph on the other hand was a non-factor for New Mexico as he only appeared once on the stat sheet, posting 6 tackles and 1 INT. These are 4 very good players and will be hard to find replacements.



    Three Key Storylines


    Vincent Ortiz after his 3rd TD in his breakout game vs San Jose State


    1. Can their offense be able to not fall into obscurity?


    Ortiz was probably the best player for New Mexico, but without their star player, will they falter?


    Ortiz has had an amazing career, but he never had WR help so New Mexico could never go far as they should've, now, since they added no help whatsoever at the WR position, what can they do in order to improve at the WR position and the answer is nothing, they don't have have good WRs now or even good WRs that you can expect to see in the next season or two so this team has put themselves in a hole for years to come, but then again, good recruiting this year might put them back on the map.


    2. Can 4th year coach dml1 make the Lobos win again?


    dml1 just brought them to the conference championship just 2 seasons prior and this is a team that has some talent, but it's up to dml1 to provide a gameplan that works and if they do, will it help them or is the talent on their team not up to par that the gameplan will make no difference at all.


    dml1 has been the only coach in it's history and has gone 22-28 in his career with New Mexico, 4-8, 2-10, 11-3, and 5-7, something you wouldn't expect out of a talented team like New Mexico. dml1 has been changing pieces all the time and he's done a good job with the Lobos but the problem is that they haven't been consistent, a consistent team wins bowls and conference championships, something the Lobos hasn't done, but who knows, dml1 has gotten some good recuits to fill some holes, hopefully that trend continues. 


    3. Is this New Mexico's final step to achieve the fall from grace?


    The Lobos have been going down in talent and wins, will this be the year that they collapse completely?


    The Lobos has had success, but they didn't live up to their full potential and now they are going to suffer this season because of that. Some people think that they will be in the stuck in the cellar of the MWC for seasons to come, and some this a one year fling, that question is still in the air, they've lost Ortiz, Guthrie, and Stacy but they will (unless they transfer) be adding next season RB Colbert (2.5 of 4.5), CB Beasley (2.5 of 4.0), OLB Fagan (1.0 of 5.0), and C Dubois (1.0 of 5.0) so they do have some set pieces.





    Best-Case Scenario

    The Lobos are able to cope without their stars and end up with a decent season again, going 6-6 and going to a bowl which they get demolished and prepare for they're future freshman.


    Worst-Case Scenario

    The Lobos can't do anything on offense and go 3-9, struggling to make a new identity for themselves.


    Will New Mexico progress or regress?


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