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As the CFBHC season rolls near, it's the Michigan Wolverines led by Head Coach jmjacobs who grab the top spot in the preseason AP poll. Will they remain at the top? Or fall to an unlikely upset?


Patriots QB Darren Werner gave us a little blast from the past when he threw for 475 yards and 5 touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in preseason week 2.


Along with the CFBHC season comes CROOTIN! Time to think, and think and think, and maybe overthink your strategies and then get beat out by Penn State on all of your favorite croots.


Detroit Lions rookie CB Kevin McQueen has made some noise early in the preseason, recording an interception in both games so far. Have the Lions finally found Keyshawn Thompson a running mate?


NHLHC fans take to the stands during the NFLHC preseason to beg for an end on the NHLHC Lockout and a return to the ice.
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    Carolina Panthers Week One Press Conference

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    Monte Jackson chills in the end zone after catching his second of Skaggs' six touchdown passes



    Charlotte, NC -- The Carolina Panthers came out in Week One of the 2020 NFLHC Season with a bang. Head Coach CadeRich5 was very excited to see Skaggs back under center after a disappointing playoff run last season. The Panthers looked to the draft to pick up the remaining weapons needed for Skaggs to make a run deep in the playoffs. The Panthers’ most exciting draft pick in the 2020 NFLHC Draft was Curtis Henry, the TE out of Utah State. The massive TE was only on the stat sheet 5 times during his senior season, recording 28 catches, 415 yards and 3 TD’s. His 6’6 frame and impressive catching skills made him a perfect target for Skaggs. His outstanding performance in the combine, where he posted the best scores in most categories for TE, continued in Week 1 against the Saints at home. CBS reporter Jenny Dell caught up with the rookie after the dominant performance by Carolina’s offense on Sunday. Dell asked how he felt about the hype around being the Panthers first round pick. “Honestly, when I first got that call from GM CadeRich5, I was just stoked that I’d be catching TDs from the legend Christian Skaggs. Today I actually got to do that for the first, and second, time.” Henry also addressed the media's concerns about the schedule he faced in college compared to the NFL. “Well, I think today proves it’s a non-issue. Honestly nobody out there today seemed any better than what I was facing on Saturdays.”  Skaggs then came over to congratulate the rookie, and the two celebrated all the way off the field, stopping to sign autographs in the stands before making their way back to the locker room. Also, the highly anticipated return of fan favorite running back Mike Latta was a success. “I was just happy to get back out there and run around with my boys,” said Latta, who’s entering his 3rd season in the league. “The ankle feels good, it’s just a mental thing at this point, trusting that it won’t roll up on me again. I’ll be back to midseason form in no time.” Latta ran for 58 yards on 9 carries, as well as catching 4 passes for 55 yards and a touchdown.

    Owner/GM/HC CadeRich5 and Head Scout Hagan will be available for questions.

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    14 minutes ago, ImposterCauster said:

    D.C. Ver, Charlotte Observer


    Coach Cade, how would you rate rookie tight end Curtis Henry's performance, and what changes if any will be made for the upcoming game against the Eagles' much stouter defense?



    I don't discuss future gameplan decisions. 

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