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Penn State goes back to back and defends their National Championship in an explosive 44-23 match up against UCF


As the college season comes to a close, NFLHC front offices prepare themselves for the draft. Who's going to make their mark?


Where it stops? No one knows. CFBHC offseason can only mean one thing. It's time for the coaching carousel! Will inspiral stay at Purdue? Who will take USC? Which coach will leave, then come back to a different team, but then switch back to their original team? It could be you!

[2020] Chicago Tribune National Preseason Projections

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Wow, thanks for putting this together! And special thanks to Caesar and bmlig95 crunching moar data.


A little surprised by Buffalo being as low as it is, I'll have to take much closer looks at the MAC rosters again.  Maybe his small recruiting classes have to do with it?


I'll take 34th for my Broncos, and I'm glad to see the MAC in the upper echelons of this list!

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Love it, but I won a bowl game last year and am expected to be one of the top 10 on the rise?  I think my team this year is weaker than last.  Schedule should keep me at 8-9 wins, but I think 10 is my absolute ceiling, and that's only with a favorable bowl matchup.

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42 yay! Knew Oregon and Washington State would be above me, but I'm glad Stanford and Washington didn't pass me. Idk about WSU being THAT high, but maybe. As for USC, the talent is there if dream wants to make a run this time

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4 hours ago, stormstopper said:

14. Baylor (Big XII)


This is not where I saw myself at the beginning of this season, but I'll take it. I'll take it with a giant grain of salt. And maybe some pepper on the side.


The amount of hype within me is getting bigger as we get closer to opening weekend

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