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Week 2 in the Nation's Most Exciting conference saw the conference produce a 3-4 record with a lack of defense being played by everyone not named Texas Tech.  We saw last week that there was a lot of uncertainty in the rankings, how does the effects of week 2 change that?  Let's get to the rankings!


1(56) - :ttu: Texas Tech Red Raiders (4) - 2-0(0-0) - W2 - (+3)

2(51) - :kansas: Kansas Jayhawks (2) - 1-0(0-0) - W1 - (+1)

3(50) - :texas: Texas Longhorns - 1-0(0-0) - W1 - (+2)

4(37) - :wvu: West Virginia Mountaineers - 0-1(0-0) - L1 - (-2) *

5(37) - :baylor: Baylor Bears - 1-1(0-0) - L1 - (-4)*

6(32) - :okst: Oklahoma State Cowboys - 1-0(0-0) - W1 - (+1)

7(28) - :tcu: TCU Horned Frogs - 0-2(0-0) - L2 - (-1)

8(16) - :kstate: Kansas State Wildcats - 1-0(0-0) - W1 - (+2)

9(12) - :ou: Oklahoma Sooners - 0-1(0-0) - L1 - (-1)

10(11) - :isu: Iowa State Cyclones - 0-1(0-0) - L1 - (-1)


  • WVU Highest Ranking - 2, Baylor Highest Ranking - 4
  • Number of voters: 6
  • 10 points for first, 9 for second, etc.


This week sees a little more separation with the top 3 teams building a larger voting gap from the rest of the conference.  Texas Tech is the only team in the conference who is playing any resemblance of defense.  In fact their defense is playing so well they have held both of their opponents without a touchdown through those games.  Kansas maintains 2 of their first place votes even after a less than inspiring home victory in overtime against C-USA foe Rice.  Texas capitalizes on the Baylor and WVU losses to move up 2 spots during their bye week.  


West Virginia provided the most controversy this week with a 2nd place vote (No it wasn't me) and several 4th, 5th and 6th place votes.  They held strong with Pitt until the end so I guess it goes into how you value the Pitt Panther Squad.  Also - let's welcome Kansas State to join the rest of the conference from the basement they were banished to.  Kansas State used the Big XII model of scoring a ton of points and playing 0 defense in their victory over FAU.  It will be interesting to see how they fare when they get into conference play, but excitement has to be high in Manhattan now that Kansas State finally looks to resemble a football team.  


Credit to @HAFFnHAFFfor creating the magazine cover.  Rahim requested to be on the cover this week stating to the network "I'm the greatest, why shouldn't I be on the cover every week?"  Hard to argue with that logic Rahim..


From all of us here at the Big XII Network we leave you with this.. Who have you told you're the greatest to today?  

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