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[2020] MAC Power Rankings after Week 3

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A much better showing for the MAC this week, as everybody's favorite conference went 4-3 in out of conference play.  Did Best!Miami proving they are Better!Miami than Other!Miami(FL) sway the voters this time around?  What about Kent State and Bowling Green picking up their first wins of the season? To the chart!


MAC Power Rankings

After Week 3

Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes)                                                   Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week
1 (65)

:miao: Miami (OH) Redhawks (3)

2-0 (0-0) W2 +2
2 (63) :wmu: Western Michigan Broncos (2) 1-1 (1-0) L1 -
3 (61) :toledo: Toledo Rockets 1-1 (0-0) W1 -
4 (53) :buffalo: Buffalo Bulls (1) 2-1 (0-1) L1 -3
5 (51)

:ohio: Ohio Bobcats

1-1 (1-0) W1 +1
6 (49) :zips: Akron Zips 2-0 (2-0) W2 -1
7 (36)

:bgsu: Bowling Green Falcons

1-2 (0-1) W1 +1
8 (28) :kent: Kent State Golden Flashes 1-2 (0-0) W1 +2
9 (24)

:ball: Ball State Cardinals

0-2 (0-2) L2 -1
10 (19) :niu: Northern Illinois Huskies 0-2 (0-1) L2 -1
11 (13)

:cmu: Central Michigan Chippewas

0-2 (0-0) L2 -
12 (6)

:emu: Eastern Michigan Eagles

0-3 (0-0) L3 -


  • Number of voters: 6
  • 12 points for first, 11 for second, etc.


It turns out that indeed Best!Miami's performance in Florida did get them to the top of the polls, although there isn't much separation between them, Western Michigan, and Toledo. 

The biggest fall is Buffalo's who continues to have a Bobcat problem.  The Bulls will be kicking themselves if this Ohio loss costs them the MAC Championship game like it did last year.

You can start to see a divide between the top and bottom halves of the chart, but it's still early and conference play has yet to truly begin. Also, a pair of MAC teams have YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE visibility games against ranked opponents; Ohio hosts #11 SMU while Ball State travels to #19 Virginia.  Good luck, gentlemen!


Did You Know? This is the first poll in the history of this iteration of MAC Power Rankings that doesn't have a first-place Toledo vote.


"If it's not MAC, it's wack!"

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I feel like we won't hold 8th place for very long. Beat the single worst team by 8 so I'm feeling a bit sketchy.

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3 hours ago, beeznik said:

Yeah...that game against SMU is gonna hurt.  I do like sitting at #5(even though we just beat #4 :huh:), we like being overlooked here in Ohio.  

I voted you in at #2 and buffalo #5... I believe in you ohio.

beeznik likes this

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6 hours ago, deathcpo said:

yeah it doesnt make sense that 1-1 buffalo is ranked above 1-1 ohio when ohio beat buffalo thats what i ment by my comment


Buffalo is 2-1, maybe that's why?  

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1 hour ago, beeznik said:


Buffalo is 2-1, maybe that's why?  

I think one of the voters must've put buffalo in first and thats what gave them the edge...wish more people would vote so that didn't happen but....shit happens lol

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Please send in your rankings to me by Tuesday midnight EST.  For your convenience, how the :mac: fared this week:



MAC Results After Week 4

Rank Team, Result                                                   Record (Conf. Record) Streak Next Week

:miao: Miami (OH) Redhawks WON at :usm: Southern Miss (24-17)

3-0 (0-0) W3 vs. :emu: Eastern Michigan
2 :wmu: Western Michigan Broncos WON at :navy: Navy (24-13) 2-1 (1-0) W1 vs. :sdsu: San Diego St. 
3 :toledo: Toledo Rockets WON vs :odu:  Old Dominion 48-7 2-1 (0-0) W2 BYE
4 :buffalo: Buffalo Bulls BYE 2-1 (0-1) L1 at :marshall: Marshall

:ohio: Ohio LOST vs. #11 :smu: SMU 19-20

1-2 (1-0) L1 BYE
6 :zips: Akron WON vs. :utep: UTEP 33-17 3-0 (2-0) W3 BYE

:bgsu: Bowling Green Falcons BYE

1-2 (0-1) W1 at :kent: Kent State
8 :kent: Kent State BYE 1-2 (0-0) W1 vs. :bgsu: Bowling Green

:ball: Ball State LOST at #19 Virginia 3-44

0-3 (0-2) L3 at :miss: Ole Miss
10 :niu: Northern Illinois vs. :fiu: FIU 17-13 1-2 (0-1) W1 at :army: Army

:cmu: Central Michigan LOST at :utsa: UTSA 10-27

0-3 (0-0) L3 vs. :wisconsin: Wisconsin

:emu: Eastern Michigan BYE

0-3 (0-0) L3 at :miao: Miami (OH)

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