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#3 TCU took on #5 LSU this weekend and let everyone know that the Horned Frogs are legit. It was a defensive struggle but TCU was able to come out on top 13-10.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't give Christian Skaggs any break Sunday, sacking the QB 6 times. The offense did their part behind QB Taylor Heiden and rookie RB DeNorris Jackson and came away with a 28-21 win.


A top 15 matchup between the #11 Toledo Rockets and #15 Florida Gators ended in heartbreak for the Rockets. Florida managed to pull out the 25-22 win on the road. Anyone doubting either team was put on notice.


The Green Bay Packers have raced to a 5-0 start after beating the 2-2 Seattle Seahawks. This game was very banner worthy which is why it is on here. I wonder if anyone can "catch" the Green Bay Packers, or maybe "intercept" them? No no, definitely catch.
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    [2020] Week 10 Power Rankings

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    Aaron Shea has plenty of reasons to celebrate after their 6th straight victory


    Welcome to the latest edition of the @bingo415 NFLHC Power Rankings!  Don't worry folks bingo still ranked the teams, however; he asked me to provide the commentary for each team.  This week you get a nice combination of where bingo thinks everyone belongs and what I think about it.  Could you really ask for anything better than that?


    Remember, if you don't like where you are in the rankings...play better!



    1.     Los Angeles Rams - The Rams hold the league’s highest winning streak at 8 games.  Even better they are a perfect 7-0 since superstar Darrell Murphy’s return to the starting lineup.  We could talk about their insane balance catching the ball, but did you know they also sport the league’s stingiest defense?  The Rams lead the league in Fumbles recovered, are near the top in sacks and interceptions, and are the least penalized team in the league.  All of this is a recipe for being at the top of the rankings.   
    2.     Carolina Panthers - Carolina followed up their shootout loss to Green Bay a few weeks ago with a 2 game winning streak.  This week the Panthers were able to feast on the weak secondary of the Minnesota Vikings.  Skaggs and Latta both had efficient games and the defense held a somewhat potent Vikings offense to under 10 points.  Curtis Henry continues to grow and the Panthers continue to be a force.      


    3.     Green Bay Packers - At this point in the season inspiral should be on everyone’s short list for Coach of the Year, GM of the Year, and Owner of the Year.  Green Bay was set to be much improved this year, but I don’t think anyone had them pegged at 9-1 after 10 games.  This week the defense was able to frustrate Christian Barkley into multiple turnovers and Justin McCain had another solid game to continue his sensational rookie campaign.  It’s easy to say that the Pack had high draft picks so they of course should draft well.  However, McCain was the 10th WR taken in the draft and is arguably having the biggest impact of any wide-out taken.    


    4.     Indianapolis Colts - The Colts hold the AFC’s best winning streak at 6 games.  Aaron Shea is having an MVP worthy season with a staggering 122.49 QB rating through 9 games.  Indy went toe-to-toe with one of the NFC’s best teams in Detriot and came out on top.  They are getting a little more from their running game this year and should be one of the AFC favorites as the playoffs approach.  


    5.    Seattle Seahawks - The Seahawks are another team on a massive roll after a Monday Night slug-fest against the Dallas Cowboys.  The Seattle defense held the vaunted Cowboy rushing attack to right at 4 YPC and made life difficult for QB Taylor Rodriguez.  Booker-T is starting to come alive and Jarius Jones finding rhythm with the rest of the offense.  The race for the NFC West is going to be stellar!


    6.     Detroit Lions - Detroit went to Indy and fought hard against one of the league’s hottest teams on the road.  The Lions are smooth, effective, and balanced and it’s hard to fault them for losing on the road to one of the league’s best quarterbacks.  They sport one of the league’s best defenses and their offense typically doesn’t make a ton of mistakes.  The NFC playoff race is crowded, but look for Detroit to emerge as one of the favorites.    


    7.     New York Jets - The Jets had enjoyed a nice winning streak until the ran into Eagles.  The Jets were surprisingly unable to get a lot of pressure on Allan Taylor as he was able to get big play after big play.  The Jets were able to keep Taylor inefficient so that’s a plus.  Wegert had one of his worst outings of the year with 2 interceptions to the Philly line-backing core.  One positive for the Jets is that they finally seem to have found that missing running game.  With a strong grip on the AFC East look for the Jets to bounce back from this loss.  
    8.     San Francisco 49ers - The defending champs used a big game from backup RB Greg Hadnot to efficiently take down the slumping Redskins.  The defense delivered in a big way getting the shutout of the Skins.  Rookie Michael McBride is starting to make an impact on the line and they are still the defending champs so look for them to keep rolling.  
    9.    Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys dropped a tough road contest to the surging Seattle Seahawks.  The Cowboy defense showed up to play holding the ‘hawks to 16 points, but were unable to consistently move the chains on offense.  The Cowboys should find relief that they’ve been able to run all-over everyone up to this point.  Look for the ‘boys to rebound with heavy doses of Abraham and Robinson.  


    10.   Jacksonville Jaguars - Raise your hand if you predicted that Jacksonville would be leading the AFC after 9 games?  The Jaguars rarely turn the ball over and sport one of the league’s best running backs.  Combine that with great coaching and a creative offense and you have a recipe for a team that’s exceeding everyone’s expectations.  The Jags only had 3 total turnovers going into the Green Bay game which was second only to Indy.     


    11.   Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons enjoyed a highly efficient game from QB A.J. Jefferson in their victory over the Steelers.  Atlanta leads the league in forced fumbles and are close to the tops in forced turnovers and sacks.  The defense and rushing attack are consistently there, they need Jefferson to continue to have games like this.  The NFC wild card race is tight so regardless of Atlanta’s improvement over the last year they need to continue to play better to get in.
    12.   Philadelphia Eagles - Philly got a huge road victory over the AFC leading Jets.  Their offensive line was able to keep Allan Taylor upright and it gave him time to find his wide-outs for big plays.  The line-backing group came up huge with 2 picks of Wegert which helped to seal the deal.  The Eagles are currently on the outside looking in for a NFC Wildcard spot, and will have to use this game as a springboard if they want to make a run at getting in.  


    13.   Denver Broncos - As sad as it is did anyone get better news this weekend than the Denver Broncos?  Personally - I don’t like to see anyone injured, but with Nick Hall going down for an unknown amount of time, Denver takes the driver’s seat in the AFC West.  J.B. Blacknail is getting better every game which only stands to help young QB Todd Jennings.      


    14.   Oakland Raiders - The Raiders got the victory but continue to be devastated by injuries this year.  Losing one of the league’s best quarterbacks for a potentially significant amount of time isn’t going to make life easy for any coach.  Combine that with the other injuries that Oakland has dealt with and you have a team looking for ways to rebound.  Alien is one of the best coaches in the league so if anyone can weather this storm it’s him.   


    15.  Cleveland Browns - Cleveland used a solid all-around game to beat the Texans in overtime.  The AFC North has been pretty hard to predict at this point, but Cleveland seems to be the most consistent of the bunch.  Shout-out to former Aggie Jason McClairen for his big game against the Texans. 


    16.   Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals have all the pieces around QB Joel King to be successful.  They were able to do just enough in the “wet-field” game to take down the visiting Dolphins.  King had his most efficient game of the season, but with the field conditions it’s hard to tell how that affected the defenses of both teams.  Adrian Jankowski has morphed into one of the best wideouts in the league and could be on pace to take that title soon. 


    17.  Kansas City Chiefs - The Chiefs are on a roll winning 4 games in a row after their latest victory over Buffalo.  There was a lot of change that went on in Kansas City over the offseason so it’s plausible that they are now getting everything worked out.  Terrence Rodgers is having a nice rookie campaign averaging 4.57 YPC.  With the bad news in Oakland the Chiefs are another team looking to step in and take the AFC West crown.  They did beat the Broncos earlier this season


    18.  Miami Dolphins - It’s no secret that Miami has one of the worst set of wide-outs in the league.  Combine that with an injury to Marcus Barry and that’s a recipe for losses.  Washington is up next - so we’ll see how the Dolphins respond. 


    19.  Houston Texans - Houston lost an OT game in Cleveland this weekend.  The good news is that Pacheco had a nice rebound after his disaster against Minnesota.  The bad news is they still let Alex Leshoure get hit way too often and opposing tight ends continue to gash them.  Houston gives up the 4th most sacks in the league which isn’t how you want to treat your developing quarterback.  History shows that young quarterbacks who get hit frequently have less than stellar careers.    


    20.  New England Patriots - The Brad Davis era begins with a victory over the New York Giants!  Brad was able to lean on Elvis Williams and a opportunistic defense to pull out the victory.  It appears that New England is going to use the remainder of the season to evaluate Brad Davis’s role in their future.  


    21.  Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore fits in the AFC North cluster that’s hard to predict.  They had the week off to savor their 4th quarter comeback over Tennessee.  They still have Tyrone Jones who is one of the best in the game.  It’s clear that Baltimore needs some help on offense, but they still have a realistic shot of making the playoffs..  


    22. Tennessee Titans - Tennessee lead the Ravens by 11 with 4 minutes to go, but couldn’t hold on in the end.  The team has made significant strides this year, but have been undermined a lot by the inconsistency of Alexander Williams.  Williams played pretty efficiently against Baltimore but Chris Bell had fumbling issues.  It’s clear that Tennessee is going to need better play at QB to take the next step.  


    23.  Pittsburgh Steelers - The Pittsburgh defense has really struggled allowing A.J. Jefferson to have one of his better games this season.  The offense has been there even with the absence of Paul Davenport.  They still have an outside shot at winning the AFC North, but defense should be the main priority in the offseason.  


    24.  New York Giants - The Giants were victims to the beginning of the Brad Davis era.  The defense which was so good last year has largely been ineffective this year.  Part of the blame can be cast on the inefficient offense.  The Giants need to return to their defensive ways if they want to start winning again.  


    25. New Orleans Saints - Well that was a fun shootout win over the Bears!  The Saints have nice pieces on offense they just have a long way to go on defense.  I don’t need to rehash widely known issues, but instead let’s give props to Sterling Brown for a pretty stellar performance behind a beat-up offensive line.  


    26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa got a nice victory on the road!  Any victory is a good victory for the Bucs, but they had a really nice game overall.  Solid performance from Heiden and a good performance from Egloff to round out the victory.  Interesting to see if the offensive success sticks in the next game.    


    27. Arizona Cardinals - Losing to Tampa isn’t an ideal scenario for the Cards.  However they have to be excited about the way Eli Austin played in the loss.  They were expecting to lose games this year and they are, I don’t think there’s any surprise here.  


    28. Chicago Bears - The Bears put up a lot of points against the Saints, which is expected, but their defense really struggled outside of getting sacks.  Boy did they get a lot of sacks though, they lead the league in sacks, but really struggle if they don’t bring the QB down.   


    29. Minnesota Vikings - This is the point in the article where I start getting tired lol…  The Vikings has the misfortune of playing against Skaggs and as expected they got beat up pretty good.  They are finally running a more balanced offense which has helped their defense, but this is a team that obviously has a lot to address in the offseason.  


    30. Los Angeles Chargers - Matty Swift!!!!  I’m happy that Matty Swift is finally getting a chance to start.  The Chargers expected another year of rebuilding and that’s what they are getting.  Losing your best defensive players will hurt anyone, especially a team at such a talent disadvantage.  Let’s sit back and watch the Matty Swift show.  


    31. Washington Redskins - Reed and Hiller-Weeden are nice pieces on a team that needs a lot of stuff.  Luckily they’ll have a nice draft pick to help the cause.  


    32. Buffalo Bills - Welcome to the David Kaplan era?  Buffalo took the ball out of Chad Dess’ hands and gave it to the youngster.  I guess they are playing for a draft pick at this point?  



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    Three of our four losses came at the hands of the Rams (#1), Panthers (#2), and the 9'ers (#8). The fourth was as arly-season head scratcher to the Cards (#31). We've also beat the Jets (#7) on the road, Cowboys (#9) on the road and lost to the Rams on a game winning FG on the road. I don't think we're necessarily contenders but I'm very happy with the way we've been playing the last few weeks. #12 feels about right for this team at this time, though I think we may be able to crack the top 10 should things continue this way.


     I thought our defense would take the next step this year; which it has, but not as large a step as I would have hoped. Any struggles we had/have on offense point directly to the offensive line IMO. The NFC just got a lot better this year.


    If our remaining schedule wasn't also crazy hard and if the AFC could actually beat some NFC teams I'd say we have a shot at the wildcard. Unfortunately, neither of those are looking likely to happen so unless we rip off a win streak, I'll start scouting for the next draft.


    As always, good read!

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    16 minutes ago, alienufo said:

    nah, you're pretty appropriately ranked. You would be favored against any team below you, and 1 or 2 above you too.

     We did beat two of the three directly ahead of us both on the road.


    Edit: Also just me being overly harsh on myself and my team. I think we climb back up to 12 or so by the time we play GB.

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