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[2020] Kent State Golden Flashes Week 5 Press Conference

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Final Score

Bowling Green - 28

Kent State - 41

Player of the game - John Garland, KNT, 17 of 29 for 203 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 6 for 68 yards, 1 TD


("Fight on For KSU" is just audible from the locker rooms)

"Well that was a good one, wasn't it? Very happy with that performance, +2 turnover differential for the game and 41 points is definitely a great performance from the boys. Not so happy with giving up 28 points in a half, but the defense did well, and Quinn showed up big with that pick-six."

(Music gradually growing louder and much shouting heard)

"Starting with the D, fantastic first half! Even though the Falcons haven't played that well offensively this season they have some potential. Nehemiah terrorised that line all day, and got a payoff with his sack, and his pressure lead to 2 picks, so a great day for him after being really quiet in the first 3 games. Aaron had another good game, very thankful that he transferred. Second half we let them off the hook, and we can't do that, most games we aren't going to have a 28 point lead, so that'll be addressed at training definitely, focus and stamina"

("Fight on" is beginning to drown out Coach, and a large group of people walking down the hall can be heard)

"Offensively, really happy with how Harrison has played, twice getting close to 100 on the ground now, and showing up in the air. Upfront we held well against a strong front seven, probably the best game from the O-line. And John with a 3 TD, no turnover day, that is what we like from our leader, that's a great example to all the guys. He had some struggles with missed passes and a couple of miscommunications, but can't be mad at the final product"

(John Garland walks around the corner leading the marching band, jumping up and down)

"Let's fucking gooooo! Woooooooooooo! That's how we play, isn't it coach!"

(Coach has his head in his hands)

"Come on man, we just fucking won! 2 in a row baby!"

"John, calm down. Just let me finish the damn press conference"

(Garland runs and jumps, tackling coach out of his seat, then begins trying him to shake him into excitement)


"John! Get off me for Christ's sake!"

(Garland eventually gets off, flashes the camera a smile then jogs back to the band and they continue marching along playing "Fight on", coach climbs back onto the chair)

"Sorry about that. The floor is open for questions"


Coach TazerMan after being tackled by Garland

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