Georgia Tech Press Conference on Coaching Situation

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I'm not sure you ever got a fair shake out of this community, given that your only "crimes" were a political ideology that is in the minority in this community, a few bad decisions in coaching your team, and eventually inactivity.   It seems to me that the CFBHC family has been eager to forgive far greater offenses in its history.

I am sorry to see you leave GT, but I also am glad to see that it will be put in the hands of an active coach.    I hope that you will remain active on the site, and if for any reason you don't consider me a friend, I hope you will reconsider.

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Trey leaves GT merely weeks after a devastating loss to emperor, coincidence? I THINK NOT!



Seriously though, I'll miss you in the ACC man and good luck with all your endeavors, I know you'll do well. 

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