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#3 TCU took on #5 LSU this weekend and let everyone know that the Horned Frogs are legit. It was a defensive struggle but TCU was able to come out on top 13-10.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't give Christian Skaggs any break Sunday, sacking the QB 6 times. The offense did their part behind QB Taylor Heiden and rookie RB DeNorris Jackson and came away with a 28-21 win.


A top 15 matchup between the #11 Toledo Rockets and #15 Florida Gators ended in heartbreak for the Rockets. Florida managed to pull out the 25-22 win on the road. Anyone doubting either team was put on notice.


The Green Bay Packers have raced to a 5-0 start after beating the 2-2 Seattle Seahawks. This game was very banner worthy which is why it is on here. I wonder if anyone can "catch" the Green Bay Packers, or maybe "intercept" them? No no, definitely catch.
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    [2020] MAC Recap Week 6

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    Game Recap: Week 6

    Welcome to our first ever addition to Mac Recap I'm your host Todd Greenfield.

    Make sure you turn in those power rankings to Jieret!

    And Remember IF IT'S NOT MAC ITS WACK.


    FUN FACT: The most hyped game this week Western Michigan vs Buffalo was the only game that wasn't decided by one possession.









    :wku: Western Kentucky (1-3) at  :ohio: Ohio (1-2, 1-0): non-conference

    Athens, OH - 57 F :sunny:


    Jieret's Prediction: 34-24 :ohio: 

    Actual score: 23-20 :ohio:  


    Game summary: Ohio started the game off strong with 2 touchdowns which would happen to be the only 2 they scored this game. One on a pass play from Peters(QB) to Simpson(WR) and the other was a rush play by the one and only Owen Walton. The Hilltoppers replied with a touchdown pass of their own from West(QB) to Tate(WR). They were about to score once more in the first but the 4 star recruit Robert Mahoney wasn't having any of it and intercepted West's pass. The next to quarters were the battles of the kickers with 5! different field goals and 6! attempts. 9 for the bobcats and 6 for the Hilltoppers who would later score in the 4th with a pass to Patterson but it wasn't enough. This was a very close game that could have easily turned into an overtime if it weren't for the missed 45 yard field goal by Rodrigo Estrada. The 3-13 3rd down efficiency didn't help their case either. Both teams had a decent O-line rating but the rushing power of Owen Walton getting them into field goal position proved to be too much for the Hilltoppers. Ohio improves to 2-2 on the season whereas Western Kentucky goes down in missed field goal fashion to 1-4 on the season.



    :cmu: Central Michigan (0-4, 0-0) at :ball: Ball State (0-4, 0-2)

    Muncie, IN - 56 F :sunny:


    Jieret's Prediction: 17-13 :ball:

    Actual score: 20-14 :ball:


    Game summary: The 2 winless teams fight to be welll... the non-winless team. Central michigan still 0-0 in their conference record came in with spirits high knowing its not too late for hopes of a conference championship game in the future. The defense for ball state this game was stellar with 2 interceptions that more than likely cost Central Michigan the game. After a scoreless first quarter it was looking like it could be a very close game until Ball State scored 2 touchdowns in the second thanks to the split power of the Rb/Qb on Ball state this game. The WR Chan Pease, BST, also had a good game with his 5 for 83 yards, 1TD. In the 3rd The offense on Michigan started to wake up again with a Touchdown pass to Jaeden Lemons for the 7 points. But Ball state answered with a field goal 17-7( :ball:). Again Michigan made a pass to Witherspoon(WR) for another 7 points and were down by a field goal but again ball state replied with another field goal 20-14(:ball:). The ball state defense would then make their mark in this game with a last drive interception to give ball state the win. Ball state improves to 1-4 on the season and 1-2 conference. Central Michigan will have to find another game to win as they drop to 0-5 and 0-1 conference. 




    :zips: Akron (3-0, 2-0) at :indiana:Indiana (2-1): non-conference

    Bloomington, IN - 58 F :cloudy:


    Jieret's Prediction: 24-21 :zips: 

    Actual score: 20-17 :zips:


    Game summary: This game was the upset of the week with a Akron squad looking to stay undefeated against a BIG 10 opponent that is not to be underestimated. Both teams started off well with a passing TD from Zamora(QB) to Burkett(WR) and the passing TD of Rupp(QB) to James(WR). Then Akron's defense held Indiana in the second and Indiana wouldn't get another chance to score until the 4th. meanwhile the 2 headed offense of Zamora and Ruff scored another touchdown in the 3rd and Josh Booth kicked a 29 yard field goal in the 2nd. 17- 7(:zips:). Indiana started to come back with a touchdown pass to Rollins(WR) and a long 42 yard field goal in the 4th. 17-17(Tied) Akron got down the field and Booth kicked a game winning field goal(34) to give Akron the 3 point lead that would not be contested. Akron improves to (4-0, 2-0) and  is looking to win at Indiana next week so they can face the best Miami in a 5-0 showdown. Indiana drops to 2-2 on the season and is looking to comeback next week strong with a BYE. 


    :toledo: Toledo (2-1, 0-0) at :bgsu: Bowling Green (2-2, 0-2)

    Bowling Green, OH - 56 F :cloudy:


    Jieret's Prediction: 28-10 :toledo: 

    Actual score: 31-24 :toledo: 


    Game summary: This game was expected to be a blowout but almost ended in upset. The player of this game would go to Toledo's one and only QB Benjamin Hanson. He had a staggering 287 yards and a completion rate of 73% and 3 touchdowns... a great performance not to be diminished by his 1 interception. The game looked pretty close through the first two quarters of play with Toledo leading by a field goal 17-14( :toledo:). At the end of the second quarter Nathaniel Layne of :bgsu: had a chance to tie the game with a long 45 yarder that he missed after it hit the left side of the post. Bowling green took the lead against toledo in the 3rd quarter 21-17( :bgsu:). Near the start of the 4th bowling Layne redemmed himself with a 28 yard field goal. Things were looking bad for Toledo who was down 24-17( :bgsu:) but Hanson led his team down the field and tied the game 24-24 with his pass to Justin Evans for his 3rd TD of the game. Bowling Green had a chance to take the ball down the field for the last time but tragedy for Bowling Green struck when Levern White intercepted Connelly's pass and returned it for the game winning pick-6. Toledo improves to (3-1,1-0) on the season and Bowling Green drops to (2-3,0-3) and it looks like bowling greens mac chances are over...for now they will have to focus on getting to a bowl game.  


    :buffalo: Buffalo (3-1, 0-1) at :wmu: Western Michigan (3-1, 1-0)

    Buffalo, NY - 53 F :rainy:


    Jieret's Prediction: 24-17 :wmu: 

    Actual score: 24-13 :wmu: 


    Game summary: This was the most hyped game for the mac this week showcasing two powerhouses of the mac going head to head. Western Michigan jumped ahead early and really would never catch back up. With two rushing touchdowns from DeSean Madison and buffalo only managing a 40 yard field goal in the the first they were down 14-3:wmu:. Buffalo ended up getting a passing touchdown at the start of the second by Blair Holcomb but Western Michigan struck right back with a passing td of their own 21-10(:wmu:). After the 1st half we would not see another touchdown only 1 field goal from each team... oh and a missed 42 yarder by Mohamed Saylor that didn't matter in the end. I don't think we have seen MAMADOU SMASH! shut down like this in a long time and we halve to ask ourselves... is this Western Michigan defense ever going to give...We saw them fight tooth and nail in a game against a powerful Duke team to lose by 3 points. Western Michigan improve to (4-1,2-0) as Buffalo fall further behind in the Mac race at (3-2, 0-2).



    BYES::kent: Kent State (2-2), :miao: Miami (OH) (4-0), :emu: E. Michigan (0-4), :niu: N. Illinois (1-3)



    On behalf of the mac and our beloved mac coaches, I'm your host Todd Greenfield wishing you all good luck and a good day...and remember IF ITS NOT MAC ITS WACK!

    P.S. All of you!  Yes you, even you, the non-MAC coach with the face!  We want your MAC Power Rankings! 

    Please send in your rankings to JIERET by Tuesday midnight EST.




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