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The Game lives up to the hype this year as (10-1) Michigan traveled to Columbus to take on (10-1) Ohio State for the right to take on Purdue in the B1G Championship. After a grueling battle that took 2 overtimes to decide, it was the Wolverines who stood victorious 36-33 in what was possibly the best game of the season.


The Las Vegas Raiders and the Denver Broncos both won their games Sunday, setting up a week 17 showdown to decide the AFC West. The Raiders toppled the Chiefs 24-14 and the Broncos survived the Jaguars 27-23.


As the final week of the regular season wraps up, teams turn their attention to the conference championships and bowl season. There are some solid match ups to look forward to with big implications.


The Detroit Lions and the Indianapolis Colts won this week, while the New England Patriots and the Minnesota Vikings took losses, all becoming 6-9 on the season.
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    [2020] Pro Bowl Voting

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    Philadelphia Eagles Players for your Voting Consideration (Through 12 games - Please note the Eagle's SOS in weighing these stats, the NFCE played the NFCW and AFCE this season)


    QB - Allan Taylor

    263/430 - 3,223 Passing Yards - 21 Passing TD's - 6 INT

    50 Carries - 244 Rushing Yards - 5 Rushing TD's

    After a slow and injury-riddled start, AT has regained MVP form of late and is absolutely carrying this Eagle offense that ranks 6th in points scored and 1st in 3rd down percentage (with relatively few game-breaking play makers around him) . AT accounts for over 72% of the offense's touchdowns and 81% of the total yards.


    DE - Ryan Frey

    30 Tackles - 1 INT - 9 Sacks 

    Ryan Frey is a quarterback's worst nightmare. Unfortunately he hasn't made stat sheets with as much frequency this season due to a plethora of play-makers of the defensive side of the ball for Philadelphia.My assumption is that opposing coaches have begun to game plan for quick releases to avoid Frey allowing our DBs to feast on forced/early/arrant throws.


    CB - DeAndre Hawkins

    12 Tackles - 5 INT 

    Ball Hawkins is certainly living up to his billing this season as he leads the NFC in interceptions (tied for league lead). He's also held some of the league's best receivers under 100 yards this season, including Kevin Branch, Walt Peck, Gary Faneca and Paul Howell.


    SS - Joe Johnson

    17 Tackles - 3 INT - 2 FF - 1 FR - 1 TD

    The first draft pick in the Eagles' franchise is having a breakout year. Not only with a career high in interceptions 3/4 of the way through the year, but also in stepping up to support the run defense and causing havoc over the middle for receivers.


    FS - Kevin Hartley

    19 Tackles - 4 INT - 1 FR - 1 TD

    Kevin Hartley has joined stablemate Joe Johnson in his 2020 coming out party as a defensive play-maker. Hartley is tied for the NFC lead in interceptions among Free Safeties and has returned one for a score.


    And last, but certainly not least:



    Defensive Coordinator - Jeff Fisher


    Okay, once you stop laughing: seriously consider these stats:

    2019 Eagles Defense:

    Pass YGPA: 250

    INT/Game: 0.875

    FF/Game: 0.125

    FR/Game: 0.125

    Sacks/Game: 1.4

    TDs/Game Allowed: 2.63

    Pass YPAA: 7.61


    2020 Eagles Defense:

    Pass YPGA: 206 (-44)

    INT/Game: 1.583 (+0.71)

    FF/Game: 0.67 (+0.54)

    FR/Game: 0.5 (+0.38)

    Sacks/Game: 2.2 (+1.2)

    TDs/Game Allowed: 2.33 (-0.3)

    Pass YPAA: 7.09 (-0.52)


    Those are insane one-year improvements, especially the DB/passing stats considering the personnel didn't change, the scheme didn't change and we've faced arguably stiffer competition. The only defensive starter that is different from 2019 is 1st round rookie OLB Martin Whiting; though. he's only made 5 stat sheets in 2020. 





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    Scott Howard deserves the 2nd AFC TE vote over Spec Davidson.  Why?  Davidson has fumbled the ball three times.  That's why.  And of course, the QB situation has not exactly helped Howard excel either, yet he still has great numbers.  Howard is the only Charger worthy of Pro Bowl consideration - he's head and shoulders the best player on the team this year and still one of the top 2 AFC TEs.

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    Titans to consider:


    WR Kevin Williams: 86 Rec, 1209 yards, 8 TD

    3rd in the AFC in receiving yards despite being on a team that is 28th in the league in passing yards. His TDs are lower than some but we have only thrown for 20 TDs this year. He has the highest percentage of receiving yards of a team's total in the league.


    DE Tyler Jones: 35 tackles, 8.5 sacks

    Tied 4th in AFC in sacks and leads AFC DEs in tackles


    DE Charles Woods: 33 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 1 FF

    3rd in AFC for sacks and tied 3rd in AFC for tackles by a DE.


    OLB David Doherty: 55 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3 FF, 1 FR

    Tied 3rd in AFC OLBs for tackles. May not rack up the sacks but that isn't the type of OLB he is.


    CB Jack Ramsey: 28 tackles, 7 INT, 1 FF, 3 TDs

    Leads league with 7 INTs. Leads league with 3 TDs. Tied for league lead for causing 8 turnovers. 2nd among CBs in tackles.

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    2 hours ago, Bubada said:

    Titans to consider:


    WR Kevin Williams: 70 Rec, 982 yards, 5 TD

    4th in the league in receiving yards despite being on a team that is 27th in the league in passing yards. His TDs are low but we have only thrown for 12 TDs this year. He has the highest percentage of receiving yards of a team's total in the league.


    DE Tyler Jones: 27 tackles, 8.5 sacks

    Leads the AFC in sacks as a rookie


    DE Charles Woods: 22 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 1 FF

    Tied 4th in AFC for sacks and tied 4th in AFC for tackles by a DE.


    OLB David Doherty: 55 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3 FF, 1 FR

    Leads OLBs in tackles. May not rack up the sacks but that isn't the type of OLB he is.


    CB Jack Ramsey: 16 tackles, 5 INT, 1 FF, 3 TDs

    League leader with 3 defensive TDs. Most turnovers forced by a CB with 6. In my CB coverage stats thru week 11, he has the 2nd best QB Rating allowed when targeted in the league (62.5)

    And a testament to the impact these star players have had on the team defense.


    2019 Titans Defense:


    -30 PPG allowed (32nd)

    -275 Pass YPG allowed (30th)

    -3 INTs (32nd)

    -0 FF (T-32nd)

    -0 FR (T-32nd)

    -21 sacks (T-14th)


    2020 Titans Defense:

    -22 PPG allowed (15th) -8

    -229 Pass YPG allowed (8th) -46

    -13 INTs (T-7th) +10

    -7 FF (T-20th) +7

    -4 FR (T-18th) +4

    -25 Sacks (T-14th) +5

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    Vote Early, Vote Often for your Chicago Bears:


    :bears: WR David Gaines

    • The league's highest-paid wide receiver is justifying his contract, putting up by far the most productive season by any wide receiver in 2020--and tracking with multiple NFLHC single-season records.
    • Leads the league with 1178 receiving yards, a full 169 yards ahead of second place. On pace for more than 1570 yards; the current record is Mike Triplett's 1565 in 2017.
    • Also leads the league with 89 receptions, whereas no non-Bear has more than 75. His pace of 118.7 receptions would challenge the current record of 122 (Triplett 2017, Nomellini 2018).
    • Gaines represented the AFC in the 2014 Pro Bowl and the NFC in the 2019 Pro Bowl, and he has undoubtedly earned a spot in this year's Pro Bowl as well.

    :bears: WR Brandon Snead

    • The former undrafted free agent who was left unprotected by the Dolphins in the 2017 expansion draft has been nothing short of a star receiver for the Bears, having been the most productive #2 wide receiver in the NFC this season and putting up Pro Bowl numbers despite seeing a lower share of his team's targets than most other Pro Bowl-candidate receivers.
    • His 82 receptions are 2nd in the NFL only to teammate David Gaines. Again, no non-Bear has more than 75 receptions this season.
    • 960 receiving yards ranks 2nd among all NFC WRs (to David Gaines) and 7th among all NFL players. Snead has more yardage than a litany of high-profile NFC receivers such as Sean Jenkins, Gary Faneca, and Dan Nomellini.
    • Snead has not yet been to a Pro Bowl, but this breakout season has earned him a bid.

    :bears: TE Donnie Allen

    • The 2019 Pro Bowler hasn't lost a step heading into 2020, once again putting up huge numbers in the Bears offense
    • His 716 receiving yards trails only Curtis Henry among NFC TEs. He leads third-place Jerry Cipa by nearly a full game's worth of yards.
    • He's already caught 58 passes this season, which ties him with Scott Howard for 5th among NFL TEs--and, more importantly, puts him alone in 2nd among NFC TEs. The next-best NFC TE is Jerry Cipa with 46 receptions. 
    • His 7 touchdowns--tied for a team high--place him 3rd among NFC TEs behind Henry and Bernard Taylor. Of course, he's been a more reliable everydown target than Taylor, with 23 extra receptions and 167 extra yards.
    • Curtis Henry will get one of the NFC spots, no doubt about that one. But no NFC tight end has done more to earn that second spot than Donnie Allen.

    :bears: DT David Medley

    • The second-year Monster out of Colorado made a name for himself with a Pro Bowl rookie campaign. After being wrongfully denied Defensive Rookie of the Year, he's come back with a vengeance as a sophomore.
    • Medley's 6.5 sacks this season leads all NFL DTs--in fact, only three NFL DTs have as many as 5.0 sacks.
    • In addition to his sack count, Medley forced and recovered a crucial fumble against he Minnesota Vikings that proved influential in a 3-point win.
    • In 2018, the Bears were 22nd in sacks. After drafting Medley, they jumped to 2nd. And in Medley's second season, the Bears have led the league outright with 36 sacks through 12 games.
    • Medley has been one of the most valuable DTs in the game--but more importantly, he's been the best DT in the NFC and deserves your vote.

    :bears: OLB Morris Millen

    • Two-time Pro Bowler (2017, 2019) Morris Millen has put up one of the most diverse and complete stat profiles of any defensive player this season.
    • Millen has recorded 33 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 2 fumbles forced, and 1 fumble recovery this season. 
    • Only one player in the NFC has recorded 4.5+ sacks and 2+ INT: Morris Millen.
    • Only one player in the NFC has recorded 2.0+ sacks, 2+ INT, and 2+ FF: Morris Millen.
    • All NFC players with 2+ INT have combined for 10.0 sacks. Millen alone has 4.5 of them.
    • In a week 7 win against the Packers, Millen recorded this statline: 1 INT, 1.5 Sacks, 1 FF, 6 Tackles
    • Morris Millen has continued to be a Monster of the Midway, and his contributions in all facets of the game deserve recognition.


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    On 7/12/2017 at 8:38 AM, alienufo said:

    p.s. - I did AFC, Rome did NFC. So direct your bitching at the proper person if someone is left out or theres an error.

    I don't know how I missed this the first time when i went through and voted, but Darren Manning isn't listed at SS for AFC eligibility 

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    some colts:


    QB Aaron Shea: 4,538 yards passing (2nd), 39 TDs (5th), 10 INTs, 110.75 rating (4th), 8.73 YPA (3rd), 66.35 Comp% (6th), 302.53 YPG (3rd), 7.5 TD% (4th), 1.92 INT % (6th lowest), 520 passing attempts (6th)


    WR Mosi Bartos: 1,335 receiving yards (1st), 94 catches (2nd), 11 TDs (3rd), 0/0 F/FL, 14.2 YPC, 89 YPG (3rd) 


    WR Rashad Simon: 1,036 receiving yards, 75 catches, 10 TDs, 0/0 F/FL, 13.81 YPC, 79.69 YPG


    Colts OL: T-2nd fewest sacks allowed, 4th in line average with an OT in at Center due to injury 


    CB Aaron Samuelsson: 6 INTs T-2nd, member of the defense with the most interceptions


    FS Sean Burton: 45 tackles, 5 INTs (T-3rd), 1 FR, member of the defense with the most interceptions

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    Aaron Devereaux4,559 passing yards (1st in NFL), 41 TDs (t-2nd NFL), 303.93 YPG (2nd in NFL)


    Sean Jenkins1,233 yards receiving (3rd in NFL, 2nd in NFC), 11 TDs (t-1st in NFL among WRs), 88 YPG (4th in NFL among WRs, 3rd in NFC), 0 Fumbles


    Jeremy Miller: 50 tackles (2nd in NFL among DTs), 6 sacks (4th in NFL among DTs), 2 FF (t-2nd in NFL among DTs), 2 FR (t-1st in NFL among DTs)

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    16 minutes ago, neovenator250 said:

    Vote for Aaron Devereaux, Jeremy Miller, and Sean Jenkins 

    Can't do it like that bb. Gotta have some numbers!


    Going into this final week, Aaron Devereaux is:

    • 1st in NFLHC in passing yards
    • T-2nd in NFLHC in passing TDs
    • 3rd in NFLHC in completions and attempts
    • 7th among NFLHC QBs in passer rating
    • Doing all this behind a patchwork O-Line (two injuries to starters)

    Sean Jenkins is:

    • T-9th in NFLHC in receptions 
    • 2nd in the NFC in receiving yards (3rd NFLHC)
    • leading the NFC in receiving TDs (T-3rd NFLHC)
    • 5th in NFLHC in receiving yards per game


    Sterling Brown is:

    • 1st among NFC running backs in rushing TDs
    • 6th among NFC running backs in rushing yards
    • only 8th among NFC running backs in attempts

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