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[2020] Big XII Network Post Week 6 Power Rankings

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Week 6 in the nation's most exciting conference saw the first week of true conference play.  Baylor continued its offensive onslaught with a beat-down of Iowa State, West Virginia went to Austin and left with a message sending win, TCU's defense stole the show in the battle of freshman quarterbacks, and Oklahoma State narrowly defeated the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.  With all of our games being conference showdowns, what do our voters think after Week 6?  Let's get to the rankings.


1(57) - :okst: Oklahoma State Cowboys (3) - 4-0(1-0) - W4 - (+2)

2(56) - :wvu: West Virginia Mountaineers (3) - 2-2(1-0) - W2 - (+3)

3(45) - :ttu:Texas Tech Red Raiders - 4-1(1-1) - L1 - (-1)

4(43) - :tcu: TCU Horned Frogs - 3-2(2-0) - W3 - (+2)

5(39) -:texas: Texas Longhorns - 3-1(0-1) - L1 - (-4)

6(27) - :baylor: Baylor Bears - 2-2(1-0) - W1 - (+1)

7(26) - :kansas: Kansas Jayhawks  - 2-3(1-1) - L1 - (-3)

8(19) - :kstate: Kansas State Wildcats - 3-1(0-1) - L1 - (-)

9(10) - :ou: Oklahoma Sooners - 0-4(0-1) - L4 - (-)

10(8) - :isu: Iowa State Cyclones - 1-4(0-2) - L2 - (-)


One Point! - One point separates new #1 Oklahoma State from new #2 West Virginia.  Both teams were able to go on the road and take down the previously ranked #1 and #2 team in the conference.  Oklahoma State and West Virginia are both lead by fantastic quarterbacks in Chester Brenner and Mohammed Foster and will continue to utilize those guys as we go further into conference play.  Texas Tech slipped down to #3 but they played a nail-biter with Oklahoma State - the jury is still out on the Raiders as a whole, but for now they still remain up there in our rankings.  TCU and Baylor used strong games on opposite sides of the ball to get wins over conference foes Kansas and Iowa State respectfully.  These 2 teams are a fascinating case study on the merit of offense vs. defense.  Baylor has had a killer offense all season but really struggled on the defensive side of the ball.  TCU brings the conference's most talented defense, but with so many young guys playing on offense it's hard to predict how they will perform week-to-week.  It will be interesting to see which unit can carry their team farther as the season goes on.  


Growing pains?  Kansas really struggled on offense in their game against TCU.  Christian Graham is just a (Fr), but if they hope to continue their bowl streak they are going to need him to find some consistency in his game.  A silver lining that coach storm can take from the game is that Graham only turned the ball over once and that's the first step in the growth of a young quarterback.  If Graham can continue to limit his turnovers Kansas really has a chance to turn it around going into the second half of the season.


BONUS FEATURE - Here's where the Big XII teams rank for recruiting through 6 weeks of the season.  In parenthesis is their national ranking.   


1 - :tcu: TCU Horned Frogs (1)

2 - :ou: Oklahoma Sooners (8)

3 - :baylor: Baylor Bears (19)

4 - :wvu: West Virginia Mountaineers (42)

5 - :okst: Oklahoma State Cowboys (55)

6 - :kstate: Kansas State Wildcats (68)

7 - :ttu:Texas Tech Red Raiders (76)

8 - :texas: Texas Longhorns (91)

9 - :isu: Iowa State Cyclones (92)

10 - :kansas: Kansas Jayhawks (109)



Thanks to @HAFFnHAFF for the cover.  

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2 hours ago, smckenz3 said:

3 - :baylor: Baylor Bears (19)

4 - :wvu: West Virginia Mountaineers (42)



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