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#3 TCU took on #5 LSU this weekend and let everyone know that the Horned Frogs are legit. It was a defensive struggle but TCU was able to come out on top 13-10.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't give Christian Skaggs any break Sunday, sacking the QB 6 times. The offense did their part behind QB Taylor Heiden and rookie RB DeNorris Jackson and came away with a 28-21 win.


A top 15 matchup between the #11 Toledo Rockets and #15 Florida Gators ended in heartbreak for the Rockets. Florida managed to pull out the 25-22 win on the road. Anyone doubting either team was put on notice.


The Green Bay Packers have raced to a 5-0 start after beating the 2-2 Seattle Seahawks. This game was very banner worthy which is why it is on here. I wonder if anyone can "catch" the Green Bay Packers, or maybe "intercept" them? No no, definitely catch.
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    [2020] Week 7 POTW voting


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    1. 1. Offensive POTW

      • QB Nico Kaufman, AF, 21 of 25 for 305 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 9 carries for 95 yards, 2 TD vs Notre Dame (NG)
      • QB Marcus Black, AUB, 22 of 30 for 288 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT, 3 carries for 1 yard, 1 TD vs Ole Miss (NG)
      • QB Mohammed Foster, WVU, 25 of 33 for 385 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT, 6 carries for 64 yards, 2 TD vs Oklahoma
      • QB Steven Gore, UCLA, 44 of 65 for 438 yards, 6 TD, 2 INT vs Arizona State
      • QB David Oates, WSU, 30 of 50 for 318 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT vs California (NG)
      • QB Tanner Bowman, PSU, 25 of 38 for 310 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT vs Indiana
      • RB DeSean Dockery, LVL, 25 carries for 129 yards, 2 TD vs #10 Clemson
      • RB Jayden Huff, LSU, 25 for 180 yards, 2 TD, 3 receptions for 52 yards, 1 TD vs Louisiana Tech
      • WR James Hall, AF, 9 receptions for 150 yards, 2 TD vs Notre Dame (NG)
    2. 2. Defensive POTW

      • DE Oghale Adelangwe, PSU, 1.5 Sacks, 1 INT, 6 Tackles vs Indiana
      • DE Timothy Key, UF, 2 Sacks, 6 Tackles vs Missouri
      • OLB Raymond Smith, AKR, 2 Sacks, 7 Tackles vs Utah
      • ATH/CB Dominique Dawkins, UGA, 2 INT, 2 Tackles vs #7 Vanderbilt (NG)
      • CB Nigel Strong, ASU, 2 INT, 4 Tackles vs UCLA (L)
      • CB M.K. Sharpe, BYU, 2 INT, 3 Tackles vs Wyoming
      • CB William Lanier, MSST, 1 INT, 3 Tackles, 1 TD vs Florida State (NG)
      • FS Jeremy Whitehead, LSU, 1 INT, 3 Tackles, 1 TD vs Louisiana Tech

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    Of Note:

    • Nico Kaufman continues his strong run with an effective demolition of Notre Dame
    • Marcus Black is doing a lot for his Heisman chances as well, excellent game against Ole Miss
    • MoFo does the same with a big game against Oklahoma
    • And you can't forget Tanner Bowman and his 4 TD performance against Indiana
    • DeSean Dockery continues a strong start to his season with a big performance against Clemson for the upset
    • FRESHMAN ALERT: say hello to true freshman edge defender Oghale Adelangwe and his monster game for Penn State
    • Dominique Dawkins and his two interceptions was a big piece in Georgia's win against Vanderbilt Saturday Evening
    • Jeremy Whitehead remains one of the best safeties in the nation and is growing into a leadership role for the LSU defense

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