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Tennessee Tumbles in Tuscaloosa

The Vols nearly take down #1 Alabama, but the defense can't keep up for long enough as Abdoul Pearson rushes it in to clinch it 26-23 in 2OT.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe

The pipe stepped up this week, taking out Malcolm Davis, Norris Brooksheer, Kenji Sagatomo, and LaMichael Jones among others.

Rumblin' Raekwon

Northern Iowa RB Raekwon Thomas is looking to prove himself to NFLHC scouts, putting up 125 yards and 3 TD in a convincing win over Montana.

Fib Uring It Out

The Lions clinched at least a .500 record as they knocked off the Packers, 17-12, to jump to a surprising NFC North lead.

McLean on Me

Rice QB Eric McLean becomes the presumptive #1 QB prospect after receiving an 83 overall grade from scouts.
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    Wiki Tutorial #1: Templates

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    Templates are a series of pre-defined tables that will show up via a reference linked to a common source.


    Why do you want this for stats? If you recreate a table for, let's say standings, on every page that needs them it will be an absolute disaster to make sure everything is kept up to date.


    The way you prevent this is with templates. A template is a page like this: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:2020_AFC_East_Standings


    To reference the table in any page you create you would simply put {{NAME_OF_TEMPLATE}}. In this case {{2020 AFC East Standings}}.


    Frequently templates can also be used as an easy way to reciprocate data you want to display with a common layout but different inputs. For example, maybe you want all CFBHC players to have the same player profile box. Obviously each player has his own info so you wouldn't just copy one template over and over. Wiki markup language makes that simple!


    You simply invoke a template that's created for this express purpose (maybe leave creating this to the experts for now) and then a series of inputs go with the template reference.


    Invoking a template, as you learned before: {{NAME_OF_TEMPLATE}}


    These secondary types of templates will generally be called infoboxes for our purposes. Take a look at the one for player profiles: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Infobox_college_football_player


    So the way you invoke it is the same as before:


    {{Infobox college football player}}


    The difference this time is that there are several parameters that can be changed from the default template, the full list is here:


    {{Infobox college football player
    | name            = 
    | image           = 
    | image_size      = 
    | alt             = 
    | caption         = 
    | school          = 
    | currentnumber   = 
    | currentposition = 
    | class           = 
    | major           = 
    | birth_date      = 
    | birth_place     = 
    | height_ft       = 
    | height_in       = 
    | weight_lb       = 
    | highlights      = 
    | highschool      = 
    | pastschools     = 
    | bowlgames       = 
    | cbs             = 
    | espn            = 
    | si              = 
    | yahoo           = 
    | rivals          = 


    If you don't care about any part of it you can just remove that line and it'll still work! For example, the below code still works:


    {{Infobox college football player
    | name            = 
    | currentnumber   = 
    | currentposition = 


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    I hope a small series of tutorials like this is helpful for people.

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    2 hours ago, Soluna said:

    I hope a small series of tutorials like this is helpful for people.


    That will help a lot. I learned a lot of things on the fly doing stuff for the spring game last offseason. But this will be immensely helpful. I think a lot of the reason people don't do wiki stuff is not knowing how. 

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    There's also http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Infobox_college_football_player/sandbox if you want the exact infoboxes you'd find on college football player articles on Wikipedia.

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