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#1 Auburn vs #4 USC: Marc'ed for Battle

Auburn and QB Marcus Black take to USC and QB Marc Lockwood in a battle for the first spot in the natty.

#2 Oklahoma vs #6 TCU: Third Time Tiebreaker

Oklahoma and TCU meet for the third time this season to claim the Big 12's spot in the natty. TCU won the first, but OU won the second to win the Big 12 title. OU RB Maurice White and TCU QB Felix Luck are keys in the matchup.

AFC CCG: Titans @ Dolphins

The Titans knocked out the defending Super Bowl Champion Raiders, while Miami destroyed Pittsburgh 38-10 in last week's slate. Two aerial attack based teams will try to make it to Super Bowl IX in this exciting matchup.

NFC CCG: Eagles @ Packers

The Eagles won a crazy 41-38 game over the Falcons while the Packers won a slugfest in the snow against the Lions in the last round; another snow game might favor an Eagles victory if they can keep up the run game from the prior week, but it will be tough against the well-rounded Packers.
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    College Players Infobox: Suggested changes

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    This was suggested back in February, but I wanted to bring it back up for more thorough discussion on this new forum section. I made a sandbox back then, which is a carbon copy of the version on Wikipedia, which is three years ahead of the current version on our wiki. 


    New on the left, old on the right.



    The new version also allows for more readable text for some color schemes.



    Not that changes are guaranteed, I just wanted some thoughts from other users on the different versions of the infobox.

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    I feel like the colors are nicer but I'm not sure about the layout. I suppose we can try it and see what happens.


    Change it.

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