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Hail to the Lion

Penn State celebrates an East Division championship and a Land Grant Trophy win with their crushing defeat of Michigan State.

All-American: UCF cruises by USF to 12-0

UCF easily handles USF to win the East division of the AAC.

[2021] CFBHC Schedule

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Each team must have a bye in each group of 4 weeks (so one bye from 1-4, one bye from 5-8, etc) so those are pretty much locked in the way they're listed. You guys are allowed to schedule your own opponents from now until 10/7/17 at 11:59 PM ET at which point the schedule will lock and I will fill in remainders. Once you've decided upon a matchup please post the week of the game and who is the home team in the OOC in this thread.


Coachless teams cannot be asked unless you are trying to preserve a rivalry (in which case PM me to ask). Coachless teams will fill in missing schedules at the end.


EDIT: Rome you're the document owner and I think I've locked myself out of edit permissions so please fix when you can.


EDIT #2: There will be signup threads for the coachless teams after everything else is claimed so just leave a spot open if you want to try for Liberty or whatever, but you aren't guaranteed to get them.

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