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Matt Jones and his #4 Purdue Boilermakers continue the chug along to a B1G West division championship and possibly more following their 38-21 win over Nebraska on the road.


Things continue to click in Miami and the Dolphins were able to remain undefeated Sunday Night with a 35-19 win over the New York Jets. The acquisition of rookie WR J.C. Weldon seems to be just what the doctor ordered.


#12 Arizona bounced back in a big way following their surprising loss to the Utah Utes last weekend. Smacking the Colorado Buffaloes 45-10 behind an offensive explosion from QB Sam Parish and his weapons


Misfortune strikes again in Minnesota as the Vikings get beat down 45-11 by the Baltimore Ravens in their own house. On top of that, their already injury plagued team picked up four more injuries. Was that headline a stretch? Why yes...yes it was.
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    [2020] Bowl Challenge Cup

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    You know the deal.  Time for every conference to talk trash and whip out their... measuring sticks, it's the Bowl Challenge Cup!  Does the winning conference get anything?  Probably not except for bragging rights (and sweet croot points).  But isn't that enough?



    2021 Bowl Challenge Cup, Final

    (* = Playoff participant)

    Conference Record Winners Losers Yet to Play
    American Athletic Conference



    :ecu: East Carolina

    :temple: Temple

    :ucf: UCF* (x2)

    :houston: Houston

    :smu: SMU

    :ucf: UCF*

    :usf: USF


    Atlantic Coast Conference




    :clemson: Clemson

    :fsu: Florida St.

    :pitt: Pitt*

    :duke: Duke

    :louisville: Louisville

    :unc: N. Carolina

    :pitt: Pitt*

    :uva: Virginia*



    Big Twelve 



    :ou: Oklahoma

    :texas: Texas

    :kansas: Kansas

    :okst: Oklahoma St.

    :tcu: TCU

    :ttu: Texas Tech

    :wvu: West Virginia*


    Big Ten




    :illinois: Illinois

    :iowa: Iowa

    :msu: Michigan State

    :minnesota: Minnesota

    :PSU: Penn State* (x3)

    :purdue: Purdue

    :michigan: Michigan

    :maryland: Maryland

    :wisconsin: Wisconsin


    Conference USA




    :nt: N. Texas

    :odu: Old Dominion

    :usm: Southern Miss

    :rice: Rice

    :wku: Western Kentucky



    Mid-American Conference



    :buffalo: Buffalo

    :miao: Miami (OH)

    :ohio: Ohio

    :zips: Akron

    :kent: Kent St.

    :toledo: Toledo

    :wmu: Western Michigan*


    Mountain West Conference

    (2nd place)



    :airforce: Air Force

    :fresno: Fresno St.

    :hawaii: Hawaii

    :nevada: Nevada

    :usu: Utah State

    :boise: Boise St.

    :sjsu: San Jose St.


    Pacific-12 Conference



    :asu: Arizona St.

    :cal: California

    :stanford: Stanford

    :usc: USC

    :zona: Arizona

    :colorado: Colorado

    :oregon: Oregon

    :wsu: Washington St.


    Southeastern Conference



    :bama: Alabama

    :florida: Florida

    :uga: Georgia


    :mizzou: Missouri

    :miss: Ole Miss

    :scar: S. Carolina

    :vandy: Vanderbilt

    :auburn: Auburn*


    :msst:Mississippi St.

    :vols: Tennessee





    :army: Army 

    :byu: BYU

    :nd: Notre Dame



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    On 10/14/2017 at 6:23 PM, rocksaucesundae said:

    San Jose State is going to ruin the MWC's perfect bowl record! 

    Not if Boise gets to it first! (Owen. Freaking. WALTON. That is all)


    *Ahem*  Anyway, Day 6 results incorporated.  The SEC is currently in the lead.

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    Updated with Day 8 results.


    With the Independent "Conference" currently at 2-0 with one game to play, the following conferences cannot win the Bowl Challenge Cup. Better luck next year!

    • :american: American Athletic Conference (1-3, 2 games to play)
    • :bigtwelve:Big XII Conference (1-3, 3 games to play)
    • :cusa: Conference USA (0-4, 1 game to play)
    • :mac: Mid-American Conference (3-3, 1 game to play)

    The following conference still has a shot but requires its playoff representative to win the NCG: (no pressure, @Jumbo !)

    • :acc: Atlantic Coast Conference (1-3, 4+ games to play)

    The following conferences are still alive for the BCC:

    • :bigten: Big Tweleven B1G (3-1, 5 games to play)
    • :mwc: Mountain West Conference (3-1, 3 games to play)
    • :pac: Pacific-12 Conference (1-1, 6 games to play)
    • :sec: Southeastern Conference (6-2, 3 games to play)
    • :CFBHC: Independents (2-0, 1 game to play)

    Guess y'all non-Independents are rooting for Clemson.

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    Updated through Day 12.




    1. :CFBHC: Independents (2-0, 1 game to play).  If :nd: defeats :clemson: they clinch the Bowl Challenge Cup. 

      -If Notre Dame loses, the conferences below are still in play for the BCC:
    2. :mwc:  Mountain West Conference (5-2, .714 win%, Bowl season over)
    3. :bigten: Big Ten (6-3, .667, 2 games to play). If :PSU: and :purdue: win their games they will overtake the :mwc:.

      -The following conference can do no better than second.
    4. :sec: Southeastern Conference (7-4, .636, 1 game to play).  To take second, the following must happen: :uga: wins, :nd: loses, at least one of :PSU: or :purdue: loses.

      -To the following conferences, Thanks for playing!
    5. :pac: Pacific-12 Conference (4-3, .571, 1 game to play)
    6. :american: American Athletic Conference (4-3, .571, Bowl season over)
    7. :mac: Mid-American Conference (3-4, 429, Bowl season over)
    8. :bigtwelve:Big Twelve (2-4, .333, 1 game to play)
    9. :acc: Atlantic Coast Conference (2-5, .286, 1 game to play)
    10. :cusa: Conference USA (0-5, .000, Bowl season over)

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    Final 2021 Standings:

    1. :bigten: Big Ten (8-3, .727 win%)
    2. :mwc:  Mountain West Conference (5-2, .714)
    3. :sec: Southeastern Conference (8-4, .667)
    4. :CFBHC: Independents (2-1, .667)
    5. :american: American Athletic Conference (4-4, .500)
    6. :pac: Pacific-12 Conference (4-4, .500)
    7. :mac: Mid-American Conference (3-4, 429)
    8. :acc: Atlantic Coast Conference (3-5, .375)
    9. :bigtwelve:Big Twelve (2-5, .286)
    10. :cusa: Conference USA (0-5, .000)

    The B1G receives 3 additional weekly recruiting points.

    The MWC receives 1 additional weekly recruiting point.

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