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    [2021] Ball State Introduces New Head Coach

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    Today we are proud to announce our new Head Coach. He was formally the coach of the University of Virginia for 8 Seasons. He compiled a 50-44 Overall Record which included 4 Bowl Games, an ACC Championship, and a Playoff Appearance. 

    He is also an Alumnus of Ball State.

    Please help me in introducing our newest Head Coach, npklemm.





    Thank you. I am so proud to be here. Leaving the University of Virginia was not easy. Charlottesville has become a second home to me. But, it's just that, my second home. My first home is right here in Muncie. I love this University and am incredibly honored to get this opportunity. Ball State Head Coach is my dream job and I am incredibly lucky to have the chance to be here and help lead the Program to success. We have a tough road ahead of us, but I believe in these kids here now and the staff and I know we'll be on top of the MAC in no time. 

    I want to thank the University of Virginia for their support the past 8 years and to all the players who came through the program for all their hard work. 

    I also want to thank Ball State University for giving me this opportunity. I'm excited to get started. And once I'm started, I don't stop.

    Buckle Up Cards, I'm here to win.

    Chirp Chirp.


    I will now take questions.

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    1 hour ago, TazerMan said:

    This team has gone 3-33 the last 3 seasons, that's a lot of 3's, what are your expectations for this season? 3 wins?

    I think we can get to a Bowl Game. We have enough talent on this team to get to 6 wins. Anything less than  that is a failure in my book. 

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    1 hour ago, Weeze56m said:

    What have you learned at UVA that you think you can apply here to see the same success?

    A couple of things. First is patience. You're not going to rule the world on Day One. Second is recruiting rankings aren't everything. We made the Playoffs last season with our highest ranking being in the 40s. We can win while not having the best classes. 

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    10 hours ago, TheTodd15 said:

    What game plan do you think you'll be running in, hmmmm let's pick a random week, say week 3?

    Always a pleasure to have a fellow coach in these things.


    I never give away Gameplan information. And I think you know this. Just for that, I'm coming for them Maryland Croots.

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