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As the CFBHC season rolls near, it's the Michigan Wolverines led by Head Coach jmjacobs who grab the top spot in the preseason AP poll. Will they remain at the top? Or fall to an unlikely upset?


Patriots QB Darren Werner gave us a little blast from the past when he threw for 475 yards and 5 touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in preseason week 2.


Along with the CFBHC season comes CROOTIN! Time to think, and think and think, and maybe overthink your strategies and then get beat out by Penn State on all of your favorite croots.


Detroit Lions rookie CB Kevin McQueen has made some noise early in the preseason, recording an interception in both games so far. Have the Lions finally found Keyshawn Thompson a running mate?


NHLHC fans take to the stands during the NFLHC preseason to beg for an end on the NHLHC Lockout and a return to the ice.
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    2021 NFLHC Combine SPARQ Ratings

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    SPARQ Ratings is a test created by Nike that measures athleticism. Using the data from the 2021 NFLHC combine and these adjustments, I created an estimated SPARQ rating for the participants. I explain a little more in the thread I did for the 2019 combine here.


    FULL SPARQ RATINGS HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H3_XY9wS3HhZRdaewUwd3Eehrgp3A_2tUZIm_c8G6ps/edit?usp=sharing


    Top 5 SPARQ

    1. CB Devin Little: 135.7

    2. FS D'Qwell Moore: 133.4

    3. RB Marshawn Miller: 131.7

    4. CB Shane Brinkley: 131.5

    5. PR Glenn McCurdy: 129.7


    Average SPARQ is 106.


    I adjusted this rating by position to see who really stands out for their position. I made the average pos-adjusted SPARQ equal to 100.


    Top 5 Position-Adjusted SPARQ

    1. TE Emory Johnson: 121.4

    2. CB Devin Little: 118.2

    3. FS D'Qwell Moore: 115.6

    4. WR Luke Cobb: 114.5

    5. CB Shane Brinkley: 114.5


    I noticed that height and weight play a big factor in this. This last measure removes height/weight. This should be a measure of pure athleticism with no regard for height or weight.


    Top 5 Height/Weight-Removed SPARQ

    1. FS D'Qwell Moore: 131.4

    2. WR Luke Cobb: 131.1

    3. PR Glenn McCurdy: 128.9

    4. TE Noah Hills: 127.0

    5. CB Devin Little: 126.3


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