[2015] Kah's Way Too Early Mock Draft #1

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1st Overall Pick - Dallas Cowboys

Brian Brown, QB, Boise State - Dallas has no QB and no real hope for this season. Brown's been a gunslinger in college and should perform in the pros.


2nd Overall Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers

Tyrone Jones, LB, LSU - Pittsburgh skimped on defense in the first draft and Tyrone Jones is probably one of the best players in football at this moment, hard to see him drop past 2nd or 3rd. The only reason he isn't being taken first is because of the large need of franchise QBs in the league currently.


3rd Overall Pick - Carolina Panthers

Justin Campbell, OT, Penn State - Carolina needs a lot and I'm not sure if they can fix their cap problem by next year. Look for them to possibly trade down. If they do not, they definitely need some core players so Justin Campbell makes sense. He's clearly one of the best offensive lineman coming out next year.


4th Overall Pick - Cleveland Browns

Joe Farmer, G, Virginia Tech - Similar to the Panthers, the Browns are not at a lack with their skill position players and are looking for backbone players ready to show up on Sundays. Joe Farmer is easily the number one guard in this class.


5th Overall Pick - Minnesota Vikings

Barron Anthony, DE, USC - The Vikings are the first of the teams that are harder to predict, this could be anything from TE to Secondary but I think they go Defensive End here to help out their blitzing scheme which appears very weak in 2013. Anthony is a Junior this year but seems a prime candidate to delcare, besides, ilive really likes taking USC players.


6th Overall Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Tripplett, WR, Ohio State - Jacksonville will need help at WR and Mike Tripplett has been a star since the games began.


7th Overall Pick - St. Louis Rams

Gene Miller, OT, Ohio State - Ohio State goes back to back here with another big OT talent. St. Louis built a great core in 2013 but the lack of outside protection cannot be good for Murphy's long term health.


8th Overall Pick - New England Patriots

Keyshawn Thompson, CB, Michigan State - Keyshawn will almost certainly declare and New England is one of the teams with the biggest needs in secondary. This seems like a great fit for Polar.


9th Overall Pick - Atlanta Falcons

Thomas Wheeler, QB, Florida State - This one is hard to judge as Atlanta already has quite a decent team in terms of balance. Reggie Watkins may not be the answer for the Falcons and Wheeler is the best available player here.


10th Overall Pick - Miami Dolphins

Rob LeCount, QB, Michigan - Soluna needs a QB and probably knows enough to take a risk on the injured Michigan QB. High risk, high reward?


11th Overall Pick - Oakland Raiders

Blake Shell, QB, Virginia Tech - Another team, another QB need! Blake Shell seems like a decent choice at the moment but this can very well change based on the outcome of the college football season.


12th Overall Pick - Green Bay Packers

O.J. Carano, RB, Minnesota - Arguably one of the best offensive players currently in CFBHC, OJ Carano would immediately boost the fortunes of the Pack and help them on their way to a shot at the Super Bowl in 2015.


13th Overall Pick - Cincinnati Bengals

John Jones, QB, Texas - Knowing this team this will probably get traded but a QB is the most likely pick here, especially after not drafting one last season. Jones is having a great season, we'll see if it continues.


14th Overall Pick - New Orleans Saints

John Smith, OT, Boston College - This team went all out on skill position players last year. I fully expect either offensive or defensive line here. BC has the best line in CFBHC and is sure to produce a first rounder.


15th Overall Pick - New York Jets

Ken Brown, WR, NC State - Hard to argue against WR for a team lacking any clear cut #1. The Jets will do well this year for sure, but how far can they go without any top skill receivers?


16th Overall Pick - Detroit Lions

Cleveland Merrill, LB, Ole Miss - Most people seem to be picking the Lions and I'm no exception. Linebackers will be high on their list of priority to help shore up that Super Bowl winning defense.

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I think the second RB probably only matters if the first one gets hurt


One of them will be at fullback. 


20 points worse than every other QB...he can still fumble


That's the only concern. If he doesn't fumble, he's doing his job.

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