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6 5.0 Croots 4 Florida

In the first round of recruiting commitments, Florida jumps out to the #1 class in the nation, signing six 5.0 potential players.

King Solomon

TTU RB McLaughlin puts up 170 yards and 3 TD as his team knocks off #5 Oklahoma State 38-31.

NFLHC Games Can Tie?

Giants WR Tevin Lattimore, who put up 5 receptions for 99 yards in a TD in the 21-21 tie against the Falcons, reportedly did not know such a thing was possible.

Colts QB Shea-ves the Day

After the Jaguars' 4th quarter comeback on SNF, Aaron Shea put together a masterful final drive in OT to get the Colts the 44-41 win.
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    ACC News

    [2021] ACC Preseason Survey Results

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    ACC Preseason Survey and Analysis


    Greensboro, NC --

    The Coaches of the ACC programs took a preseason survey on their predictions for the 2021 CFBHC Season. Ten coaches submitted votes, and these are the results:


    Question: Who Will Finish First in the ACC Atlantic?

    Result: 6 of the coaches voted for Clemson to make it back to the ACC Championship game for the 3rd consecutive year, while 4 coaches believe that Boston College can make their 3rd ACC Championship.


    Question: Who Will Finish First in the ACC Coastal?

    Result: 7 of the respondents predicted that Duke would win the ACC Coastal this year for the first time, while 2 voters predicted Pittsburgh would make it for the third time, and that Miami would make it also for the third time.



    ACC teams will be fighting to win this trophy in the 2021 season


    Question: Who Will Win the ACC Championship Game?

    Result: 4 of the respondents voted for Duke to win the ACC Championship game for the first time. 3 other coaches believe that Clemson will win their second ACC Championship, while 2 believe that Pittsburgh will win the conference, and 1 believes that Boston College can raise the trophy for the second time.


    2015 Fall Camp. Photo by Adam Creech

    Desean Dockery looks to dominate the ACC for a second season.


    Question: Who Will Be the ACC Player of the Year?

    Result: In a clear result, the ACC Coaches overwhelmingly voted for RB Desean Dockery of Louisville to win the ACC Player of the Year. More than half of the coaches who participated in the survey voted for Dockery to win, and 2 others voted for Duke QB Bryce Thompson.



    Question: Who Will Be the ACC Coach of the Year?

    Result: The ACC Coach of the Year prediction produced results for 8 different ACC Coaches. Duke Head Coach Darman was the leading vote getter here for the award prediction.


    Which Team Will Have the Most All-ACC Players?

    Result: Clemson was overwhelmingly predicted to have the most All ACC players in the 2021 season. 7 coaches believed that they would have the most All ACC players, while 3 other teams received 1 vote.


    Which Team Will Have the Most NFL Draft Picks in the 2022 NFLHC Draft?

    Result: The two teams predicted to play in the ACC Championship game, Clemson and Duke, were predicted to have the most players picked in the 2022 NFLHC Draft. 4 coaches voted for Clemson to have the most players, while 3 players voted for Duke.



    This survey yielded some interesting results. Both Boston College and Clemson seem to be worthy foes for the ACC crown. Clemson’s offense could be challenged again this year, while Boston College has the potential for a very good offense in 2021. However, Clemson could have an extremely good defense if things fall into place for this team. Boston College has a really good offense this season if JUCO QB Miles Carmichael and first year starter Jorge Tovar can produce. This BC also has the potential for a good defense this season. It was surprising to me to see more votes for Clemson than BC, and that Boston College only received 1 vote to win the ACC Championship game. This is a seriously good ball club.

    Votes for Pittsburgh really surprised me for all of the question. Pittsburgh received 2 votes to win the ACC Coastal and to win the ACC Championship, but new Head Coach Liberator, received 0 votes in ACC Coach of the Year predictions. Pittsburgh lost a lot of talent last season, and their offense could find some struggles. However, if Pittsburgh does win the ACC Championship, it’s hard to imagine that Coach Liberator wouldn’t win the conference’s Coach of the Year.

    The ACC Player of the Year vote seemed predictable. The 3 players to receive votes were, 2020 ACC Offensive Player of the Year Desean Dockery, 2020 Defensive Player/Freshman of the Year Glenn Thorpe, and 2020 Offensive Freshman of the Year Bryce Thompson. These three seem like favorites to win the Player of the Year award in the ACC this year if they can continue last season’s success and build upon it in 2021.

    The votes for the ACC Coach of the Year award were chaotic. It seems that there were some homer votes, or people really believe in some coaches a lot. Like was said before, Coach Liberator received 0 votes, despite being predicted by 2 coaches to win the ACC. This just feels incorrect. Coaches of 3 teams who face long odds to even reach bowl eligibility received votes. Assuming these weren’t homer votes, maybe people think that these teams will outperform their expectations which will help their coaches receive votes. Even more ridiculous, was that of the 8 coaches, only 1 coach received multiple votes. Maybe the votes for those 3 teams skewed these results, as it seems strange that Coach Emperor and Coach Smokingcricket would only receive 1 vote for the prediction for ACC Coach of the Year.


    Good luck to all ACC teams in the 2021 season!


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    It does appear that Clemson/BC is the preseason pick to finish #1/#2 in the Atlantic like last year. We're also both totally opposite teams in terms of what we're good at. I'm actually a little surprised the Coastal race isn't a lot closer. GT and UNC aside, I think every other team has at least a puncher's chance to win the Division.


    POTY and COTY are interesting. I don't think either has to be the best player on the best team, or the coach that leads a team to a title. It seems like voters probably felt that way about both races, but voting for a COTY is harder just because of the talent in coaching around the league (even with defections).

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    Interesting results. I think I voted for Clemson, but was really split between them and BC (I personally weigh defense a bit heavier). Clemson has been a main stay atop the Atlantic table the past few years, so it would be exciting to see some new blood there. I think the Coastal is Duke's to lose with such a talented, balanced team.


    Regarding the COTY results, I think cricket's right about the depth of coaching in the conference. Personally my vote went to a coach who's team I don't think will necessarily be competitive for a conference title this year; but who's team success, I think, will exceed their talent on paper. Not that I think any (or many) coaches voted for themselves, but maybe that should be a rule in the future. Also, maybe instead of "choose one" style of voting, we could do a "rank your top 3."


    Looking forward to another great season in the ACC!

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