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    Davenport seeks Trade

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    Paul Davenport, former Quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is seeking a trade or release after the organization refuses to acknowledge his hold-out.


    For each week that he is not traded or released the team's chemistry will reduce by 5%. Additionally the following players have shifted down in opinion and are upset with the organization for how players are treated. Fan support has been reduced 15%.


    QB Allan O'Hennesy 6-0 222 2 Syracuse [Hybrid] 76

    OG P.B. Holmes 6-4 293 2 Purdue [Run Blocking] 86

    DT Quentin Smith 6-8 294 7 Ohio State [1-Gap] 92

    OLB Bill Gehrke 5-11 241 5 USC [Coverage] 78

    SS Dane Wilson 6-1 178 6 LSU [Zone Coverage] 94

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    17 minutes ago, neovenator250 said:

    Only reasonable move for the Steelers here is to trade Holmes and Wilson to the Saints for a pittance.

    3 team trade 

    Steelers get: Vikings 2022 5th, Saints 2022 5th

    Vikings get: PB Holmes 

    Saints get: Wayne Wegert, Dane Wilson


    Who says no

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