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Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Tulsa Golden Hurricane huge upset SMU on the road. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Monday Night Meh-ricle

Chargers win an extremely mediocre 19-16 road upset of the Ravens in which neither offense could do really anything.

Movin' On Down

Kyle Jefferson's struggles have defending champs Purdue out to a 3-2 start after a loss to Nebraska.

New York's Bridge(s) Brings MoFo Down

Jets DE Jonathan Bridges sets a new NFLHC record by sacking Bears QB Mohammed Foster 5 times.

Week 8 Preview: Oklahoma State @ TCU

The Cowboys travel to Fort Worth to try to take down TCU and get a leg up in this year's Big 12 race.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2021] Franz's Facts: Preseason Week 4

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    Welcome to Preseason Week 4 of Franz's Facts:

    Your home for weekly tidbits, stat




    Passing yards

    Aaron Shea, IND - 488

    Joel King, CIN - 404

    Joaquin Younger, BUF - 350

    Yancey Musgrave, WAS - 350


    Passing touchdowns

    Aaron Shea, IND - 7

    Yancey Musgrave, WAS - 4

    Philip Rea, SEA - 4

    Joel King, CIN - 4


    Rushing yards

    Sean Egloff, PHI - 175

    Asante Sowell, JAX - 135

    Daniel Hutchins, NE - 131


    Receiving yards

    Ryan Mitchell, IND - 150

    Mosi Bartos, IND - 135

    Adrian Jankowski, CIN - 122



    Billy Westbrook, KC - 9

    Daniel Barnes, CIN - 8

    Jonathan Parker, DEN - 8



    Gabe Werner, BUF - 2.0

    Lawrence Marshall, PHI - 2.0

    Mike Taylor, GB - 2.0


    Penalty yards

    Carolina - 95

    San Francisco - 95

    Las Vegas - 75


    Punting average

    Las Vegas Raiders - 49.5

    Jacksonville Jaguars - 47.5

    New Orleans Saints - 46.5

    New York Giants - 46.5




    Only one game had a temperature of 90F or hotter

    Glendale, AZ - 95 F :sunny::patriots: vs. :cardinals:


    It only rained during one game

    Seattle, WA - 74 F :rainy::steelers: vs :seahawks: 


    Four quarterbacks threw for 175 yards or fewer

    Rory Weston :cardinals: 170

    Allan O'Hennesy :steelers: 170

    Greg Cunningham :broncos: 140

    Christian Barkley :jaguars: 107


    There was only one missed PAT this week

    Leonel Quezada :giants: 


    Ten teams scored in all four quarters

    They went a combined 9-1


    The only team to score in all four quarter and lose was...

    :titans: 28-27


    There were three season-ending injuries this week

    :dolphins: Dillon Scott, TE - Severe Achilles Tear

    :browns: Israel Greer, CB - Severe Achilles Tear
    :browns: Stephen Cannon, OLB - Severe ACL Tear


    Two teams had a sub-7.0 OL rating

    :dolphins: 6.7

    :jets: 6.7


    Four teams had multiple 100+ yard receivers

    :colts: Ryan Mitchell (150), Mosi Bartos (135), Rashad Simon (107)

    :bengals: Adrian Jankowski (122), Jamir Blackburn (108)

    :bills: Kevin Garvin (117), Drew Abbot (105)

    :texans: Hakeem Black (105), Arturo Beckham (101)


    Only one team had more than two players with tackles for loss

    :colts: Anthony Miller (2), Hudson Adam (2), Jonathan Goodwin (1), Kelly Mitchell (1)


    Three rushers with first names longer than their last had 100+ yards

    :fibur: Shawn Carr - 111

    :packers: Robert Hall - 108

    :falcons: Bradley Cooley- 108




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