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    [2021] Notoriousbigej Leaving The New York Giants

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    New York, New York



    New York Giants Owner  Notoriousbigej Addresses the Media



    I know the commissioner has already made my intent to sell the team public, but I feel it is right to announce the sale myself and address a few things about the organization. First of all, I do not want the recent trade for Paul Davenport to be seen for why I am selling. While it is true I did not know that trade was happening, I was not angered by that. Instead I realized that I need to move on, that I don't have the same dedication to this team I used to and its not fair to anyone else. It's not fair to DeanDean that his owner didn't know a trade was happening because of his own negligence. It isn't fair to Believer that the team's poor on-field performance is being attributed to him, when lets be honest, my poor roster management left him very little to work with. I don't want people to think there are hard feelings between us, those guys did everything I could ask for and more. Those guys worked their asses off for me even I didn't always do the same for them, and I wish them nothing but success. I put in a recommendation that the team stay with one of them with the commissioner, but if that isn't possible I hope the new ownership gives these guys a fair chance because they honesty deserve it.


    With moving on from the NFL, and not having ties to a college program at the moment, I am unsure what the future holds for me. I'm gonna take some time to evaluate what's next, but I appreciate all the opportunities given to me here. 


    I will now address any questions.

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    10 minutes ago, Jumbo said:

    Do you have any intention of returning to college or the NFL?

    If the situation is right, definitely. I don't think I'm ready to take on a college program at the moment, and I don't think it would be fair to ask a pro organization to take me on yet either, but I'm sure I'll eventually return if given the opportunity to.

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