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Tennessee Tumbles in Tuscaloosa

The Vols nearly take down #1 Alabama, but the defense can't keep up for long enough as Abdoul Pearson rushes it in to clinch it 26-23 in 2OT.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe

The pipe stepped up this week, taking out Malcolm Davis, Norris Brooksheer, Kenji Sagatomo, and LaMichael Jones among others.

Rumblin' Raekwon

Northern Iowa RB Raekwon Thomas is looking to prove himself to NFLHC scouts, putting up 125 yards and 3 TD in a convincing win over Montana.

Fib Uring It Out

The Lions clinched at least a .500 record as they knocked off the Packers, 17-12, to jump to a surprising NFC North lead.

McLean on Me

Rice QB Eric McLean becomes the presumptive #1 QB prospect after receiving an 83 overall grade from scouts.
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    [2021] NFLHC Key Injuries: Week 1

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    The regular season is finally here! However, that doesn't mean we are free from Lord Pipe. Here is the key injury recap from week 1, and how it affects the teams in the long run.


    Adam Coles, WR, New York Jets:jets:, Severe Concussion

    This is a depressing story. This is the 2nd severe concussion for such a promising prospect for the Jets. He had a solid debut, with 3 catches for 43 yards before his concussion. He is out until week 7 at the earliest. The Jets will still have solid talent at the WR position in Howell and Ratterman. The concern is the wellbeing of Coles, physically and mentally. After suffering this concussion, There is thought that the rookie is already considering his future in the NFL.


    Nathan Wilson, RB, Cleveland Browns:browns:, Severe Meniscus Rupture

    The Browns took a huge blow to their running game with the loss of Wilson. Wilson was set to be Cleveland’s 3rd down back, and now he’s gone for the season. Though  Sean Bell provided the speed as the Browns leadback, Wilson provided the power when it came to short yardage situations on third down. Now look for Grady Mitchell to fill in that 3rd down role for Cleveland.


    Rashad Simon, WR, Indianapolis Colts:colts:, Severe Biceps Tear

    This is a blow to the Colts high powered offense. Shea loses his trusted #2 receiver, who’s going to be out until week 9 at the earliest. However, if there is one team that is able to adjust and adapt to the loss of Simon, it’s the Colts. Aaron Shea still has a multitude of weapons at the wide receiver position, and he should still be able to spread the ball out to each of his wide receivers. However, if there is a receiver who could benefit from the injury, it’s going to be top receiver Mosi Bartos, who could see an uptick in targets.


    Jamal Hawkins, TE, Los Angeles Rams:rams:, Severe ACL Rupture

    What a rough year for tight ends, as the league loses another to a season ending injury. This is major for the Rams as Hawkins is the best tight end on the team. Also, Quarterback Darrell Murphy loses a trusted target and security blanket. However, the Rams offense is more than equipped to handle his loss. Murphy will still have top receiver targets in Walt Peck, Derrick Schwartz, and Allama Banta.


    Brian Hernandez, OLB, Buffalo Bills:bills:, Moderate Biceps Tear

    The Bills defense took a hit in week 1. Hernandez, arguably their best outside linebacker, is out until week 5 with a moderate biceps tear. Hernandez has been a key contributer to the Bills pass rush, and losing him weakens the front seven immensely. Look to veteran Chester Williams and the unproven Jamir Sample to fill the hole left by the injury. However, don’t expect too much from them, but do expect the Buffalo run defense to suffer even more.

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