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Tulsa Golden Hurricane huge upset SMU on the road. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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Chargers win an extremely mediocre 19-16 road upset of the Ravens in which neither offense could do really anything.

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Kyle Jefferson's struggles have defending champs Purdue out to a 3-2 start after a loss to Nebraska.

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Jets DE Jonathan Bridges sets a new NFLHC record by sacking Bears QB Mohammed Foster 5 times.

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The Cowboys travel to Fort Worth to try to take down TCU and get a leg up in this year's Big 12 race.
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    [2021] NFLHC Key Injuries: Week 2

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    Welcome to another edition of the Key Injury Report! This week, we take a look at key injuries that will surely affect divisional and playoff races, especially in the NFC.


    Benjamin Robinson, OLB, Miami Dolphins:dolphins:, Severe ACL Rupture

    A stout Dolphins defense loses a key piece for the season. Miami’s best outside linebacker tore his ACL in their win over the Buffalo Bills. Expect the Miami linebacker unit to fill the role of Robinson by committee. The immediate benefactors from this injury are Brent Ouellette and Jack Durrence. However, do expect tight end match-ups to be a larger issue for the Dolphins, as that was usually Robinson’s assignment.


    Rob LeCount, QB, Detroit Lions:fibur:, Moderate Wrist Fracture

    Well, let’s eliminate the Detroit Lions from NFC North contention, and possibly the playoffs. With the loss of CB Keyshawn Thompson in week 1, who won’t return until week 8 with a moderate foot fracture, the Lions couldn’t afford to lose anyone else. Now Detroit’s biggest nightmare is realized, as they lose franchise QB Rob LeCount to a broken wrist, who’s return isn’t expected until week 12. The Lions are 0-2, and now have to look at the young, unproven, Elijah Moffett to lead the offense. When he stepped in versus Arizona, Moffett went 14/26 for 140 yards, throwing one touchdown and one interception. That stat line isn’t going to be inspiring for Lions fans, but it’s what they’re going have to deal with. They’re going to have to hope that Moffett can work some magic and set Detroit up to be at least in the playoff hunt when LeCount returns.


    Sonny Beckett, WR, Minnesota Vikings:vikings:, Severe ACL Rupture

    Minnesota loses one of their top wideouts for the season. However, the Vikings should be able to adapt around this loss. Quarterback Brian Vardell will still be able to throw to top draft pick Luke Cobb, and up-and-coming receiver Mohamed Charles. Expect more targets and catches for those two receivers. With the loss of Beckett, also look at the possibility of top tight end Eugene Jackson to become more of a household name.


    Derrick Schwartz, WR, Los Angeles Rams:rams:, Severe Quadriceps Tear

    A week after losing top tight end Jamal Hawkins, the Rams lose one of their top wide receivers in Derrick Schwartz. After looking to be a receiver who would receive more targets lost by Hawkins, that opportunity will have to wait until week 13 of the season. Darrell Murphy will still have top receivers Walt Peck and Allama Banta to throw to. However, the issue now is, if the opposing secondary clamps down on Peck and Banta, who else can Murphy look to?


    Oronde Jackson, FS, Los Angeles Rams:rams:, Severe Hamstring Rupture

    The Rams get a double whammy in this edition of the key injury report. Top free safety Oronde Jackson is out for the season, and that does not bode well for the Rams. Already thin at the safety position, the Rams have to look to Quinn Cooper to take Jackson’s place. Every other position in the secondary should be able to hold their own. However, the issue now is with such a huge talent difference between Jackson and Cooper, how bad will that difference be? By the looks of it, Cooper is going to struggle covering the deep ball, and struggle in assisting in cornerbacks in coverage.

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