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    [2021] MAC Recruiting Battles: Post Week 7

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    Welcome All! I'm reviving this, albeit with a new conference. I found this to be an exciting way to watch recruiting unfold last season and I wanted to bring it back. We are on a break this weekend due to scheduling conflicts with Soluna, so we had some more time to process croots and I thought this was a good time to start this up. We are almost halfway through the recruiting season and things are flying by. We have 6 battles to look at.

    Note: A * indicates that team has a Red Box.


    Battles between MAC Schools and Out of Conference Opponents


    QB Gabe Baker 1/5 Pocket MI

    Teams in Play: :wmu:*, :michigan:*


    Why it's Important:


    Quarterback is undoubtedly the most important position on the team. A good Quarterback can carry a team unlike any other position. Both teams field older Quarterbacks and are looking for their next field general. Baker certainly looks like he can fill that role for either team.


    Who Will Win:


    :wmu:. Western Michigan has 42 points and Michigan has 41. Both have pipelined Michigan. The only chance Michigan has at winning Baker now is if he had selected QB as a Team Need and Western Michigan had not. Both teams should probably be going all out on Baker now as he's the biggest battle either team likely has now.


    WR Jacob Kellogg 1/4 Target AL

    Teams in Play: :kent:*, :troy:*


    Why it's Important:


    Both teams have a complete lack of talent, Kellogg would be a huge get for either team. He's a guy who can get open on 3rd Downs and keep the offense on the field, which is important for both teams as they both have poor defenses. Kellogg probably shouldn't play immediately, but he could if one of these teams absolutely needed him to.


    Who Will Win:


    :troy:. Yes, Kent State has 29 points versus Troy's 16. But I've noticed Kent State is in battles all over the place and with Troy Pipelining Alabama, that advantage may be enough to overcome that point differential.


    ILB Eric Tuiasosopo 1/4 Will CA

    Teams in Play: :kent:*, :illinois:*


    Why it's Important:


    See what I mean? Kent State has been aggressive this cycle and is all over the place trying to build their team. I fear they are stretching themselves too thin. Illinois has built it's team on defense and they now need to start replacing some of those guys and Tuiasosopo is the guy they want to do that with. Kent just needs talent.


    Who Will Win:


    :illinois:. Sorry @TazerMan, Illinois has 42 points and with your other battles, I think you'll this one too. Might need to prioritize one over the other.


    Battles Between MAC Schools


    RB Alvin Hines 1.5/4.0 Speed OH

    Teams in Play: :toledo:*, :ohio:


    Why it's Important:


    Both teams have ran offenses predicated on the Running Game, and both will need to replace their Running Back soon. Hines fit into both teams' schemes and could be a good replacement for their current stars.


    Who Will Win:


    :toledo:. It's hard to see Ohio make up the gap here, they trail by more than 5 and Toledo has 1 one more weekly point. Toledo is also pipelining Ohio while the Bobcats pipeline Michigan. Toledo has all the momentum here.


    OLB Paul Boykin 2/3.5 Blitz OH

    Teams in Play: :zips:*, :ohio:


    Why it's Important:


    A 2/3.5 player can be a stop gap starter or a four year starter for a team who needs it. Ohio maybe doesn't, but Akron certainly does. He probably fits more into a 3-4 scheme, which Akron does not run currently, but maybe they're considering changing soon.


    Who Will Win:


    :zips:. Sorry Ohio, you have more battles than Akron does, and this would be a very nice get for the Zips. Ohio does have 7 more weekly points, but at this point I expect Ohio to focus on their other battles and that will allow Akron to swoop him up.


    QB Austin Iverson 1/3.5 Pocket OH

    Teams in Play: :toledo:*, :bgsu:


    Why it's Important:


    With injuries coming back to CFBHC, depth is more important than ever. Iverson likely will never start for the Rockets out side of injury, but he could very well start for the Falcons. Toledo has already secured a commitment from QB Mario Pierre, so they're just looking to lock up a backup for him. Bowling Green is uncontested on two 1/3 QBs, but Iverson would be a much better get for them.


    Who Will Win:


    :toledo:. If the Rockets want Iverson, they'll get him. They have 10 more points and lead by more than 5 currently. Bowling Green probably isn't desperate enough for Iverson to go all out and force Toledo to really battle for him.


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