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Matt Jones and his #4 Purdue Boilermakers continue the chug along to a B1G West division championship and possibly more following their 38-21 win over Nebraska on the road.


Things continue to click in Miami and the Dolphins were able to remain undefeated Sunday Night with a 35-19 win over the New York Jets. The acquisition of rookie WR J.C. Weldon seems to be just what the doctor ordered.


#12 Arizona bounced back in a big way following their surprising loss to the Utah Utes last weekend. Smacking the Colorado Buffaloes 45-10 behind an offensive explosion from QB Sam Parish and his weapons


Misfortune strikes again in Minnesota as the Vikings get beat down 45-11 by the Baltimore Ravens in their own house. On top of that, their already injury plagued team picked up four more injuries. Was that headline a stretch? Why yes...yes it was.
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    [2021] NFLHC Key Injuries: Week 5

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    Welcome to the Week 5 edition of the NFLHC Injury Report! This week, nearly everything is severe, and the pipe is merciless, as we have 3 more season ending injuries to report. Please nerf pipe, for the love of all that is good in NFLHC.


    Sebastian Vaughn, SS, New York Jets:jets:, Severe Concussion

    This is the third player on the Jets that has suffered a concussion. This week the Jets stout secondary takes a blow as starting SS Sebastian Vaughn is out with a severe concussion. Vaughn will be out for at least three weeks, with a possible return in week nine. In his place, second-year Jesse Hutchins will start. Expect the Jets secondary to not miss a beat and continue to have a no-fly zone in spite of Vaughn not being on the field.


    Jason Osorio, OG, Houston Texans:texans:, Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff

    The Texans lose one of their top offensive lineman for at least nine weeks. Jason Osorio is out until week 15 with a moderate shoulder rotator cuff injury. Overall, Houston’s offensive line should be fine moving forward. However, it will be interesting to watch the interior. With Stan Flutie stepping up in Osorio’s place, will he be reliable or a liability when it comes to protecting Leshoure for a majority of the season?


    Jarius Shaw-Dodd, WR, San Francisco 49ers:49ers:, Severe Hamstring Rupture

    There is trouble in the Bay Area. the 49ers lose one of their top wideouts for the rest of the season. Jarius Shaw-Dodd ruptured his hamstring this past week. The WR position loses top talent, and Todd Lester loses a security blanket. Look for Todd Lester to keep feeding WR Kevin Branch and TE Ben Thomas. Outside of those two players, the 49ers have to hope that one of their depth players can step up in Shaw-Dodd’s place.


    Luke Cobb, WR, Minnesota Vikings:vikings:, Severe ACL Rupture

    A promising start to a career comes to a tragic end. Luke Cobb’s rookie season is done after he tore his ACL in week 5. Cobb had 18 catches for 296 yards and 2 touchdowns before his injury. Cobb’s injury is a huge hit to the Vikings offense. The duo to look out for now in Minnesota is Vardell-Charles. If that duo can’t get going, Minnesota’s offense will go nowhere. However, do look for TE Eugene Jackson to be a dark horse contributor.


    Justin Way, OT, Los Angeles Chargers:chargers:, Severe ACL Rupture

    Things aren’t so dreamy in Los Angeles. The Chargers are 0-4, and lose one of their top offensive tackles for the season. Way ruptured his ACL in week 5. An already weak offensive line is going to struggle even more, especially without any solid talent to fill in the interior line, as Robert Grant is expected to step up. What we can expect to see is Matty Swift lying on the grass more often.

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