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Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Tulsa Golden Hurricane huge upset SMU on the road. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Monday Night Meh-ricle

Chargers win an extremely mediocre 19-16 road upset of the Ravens in which neither offense could do really anything.

Movin' On Down

Kyle Jefferson's struggles have defending champs Purdue out to a 3-2 start after a loss to Nebraska.

New York's Bridge(s) Brings MoFo Down

Jets DE Jonathan Bridges sets a new NFLHC record by sacking Bears QB Mohammed Foster 5 times.

Week 8 Preview: Oklahoma State @ TCU

The Cowboys travel to Fort Worth to try to take down TCU and get a leg up in this year's Big 12 race.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2021] Franz's Facts: Week 6

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    Welcome to Franz's Facts!
    Your weekly home for tidbits, nuggets, statistical leaders, and the like




    Passing yards

    Brian Brown, MIA - 370

    Aaron Shea, IND - 358

    Christian Skaggs, CAR - 350

    Darrell Murphy, LAR - 350

    Matty Swift, LAC - 350


    Rushing yards

    Asante Sowell, JAX - 160

    Vaughn Abraham, DAL - 147

    Sean Bell, CLE - 120


    Receiving yards

    Allama Banta, LAR - 136

    Kevin Branch, SF - 136

    Scott Howard, LAC - 135



    Cameron Jonah, DEN - 9

    Marlin Eason, BAL - 8

    Shane Easley, LAC - 8

    Ahmed London, HOU - 8



    Preston Bryant, JAX - 3.0

    Rodney Galbreath, BUF - 2.5

    Early Davis, ATL - 2.0

    Shah Vereen, LAV - 2.0

    Doug Carolan, DET - 2.0

    Ray McBride, CLE - 2.0

    Darris Hayes, TB - 2.0

    Hudson Adam, IND - 2.0

    Ryan Fray, PHI - 2.0


    Penalty yards

    :rams: 102

    :patriots: 95

    :49ers: 92





    For the first time this season, we have a tie for hottest temperature.

    Miami Gardens, FL - 85 F :sunny: - :seahawks: at :dolphins: 

    Tampa, FL - 85 F :cloudy: - :colts: at :buccaneers:


    The lowest OL rating this week was 7.5




    There were only nine "severe" injuries this week.

    :dolphins: Caleb Sherwin, RB - Severe ACL Rupture

    :packers: David Hughes, OT - Severe ACL Rupture    

    :raiders: Jaylen Harris, CB - Severe Elbow Bruise

    :titans: Ian Braden, OG - Severe Quadriceps Pull

    :titans: Jeffrey Aranda, OLB - Severe Wrist Sprain

    :cardinals: Reggie Beasley, FS - Severe Achilles Rupture

    :buccaneers: Thomas Barry, OLB - Severe Back Disc Fracture

    :rams: August Gilliland, OT - Severe Hamstring Rupture

    :vikings: Brian Vardell, QB - Severe Shoulder Dislocation



    Only one team had multiple "severe" injuries



    Home teams were a disappointing 7-7 this week


    Four teams had multiple 100+ yard receivers

    :panthers: Curtis Henry (125), Monte Jackson (108)

    :jaguars: Raheem Robinson (135), Gary Faneca (101)

    :dolphins: D.J. Gibson (108), J.C. Weldon (101)

    :packers: Justin McCain (108), Dan Nomellini (101)


    Six teams scored more than 14 points in a single quarter

    :raiders: 21 (4th)

    :dolphins: 21 (1st)

    :fibur: 17 (1st)

    :patriots: 17 (1st)

    :bills: 17 (1st)

    :jaguars: 16 (2nd)


    The above six teams went 5-1

    Bills lost to the 49ers, 34-30


    The average score of the above six games was...


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