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Thursday Night Kickoff

Christian Skaggs and the Panthers travel to the desert to take on Nick Hall and the Raiders in the Season Opener.

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#1 Auburn cruises to a comfortable victory on the back of a powerhouse offense and a defense that left no room for TCU QB Felix Luck to breathe.
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    [2021] Week #8 Sunday Night Football Discussion

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    I want to try to have a weekly thread for the SNF NFLHC game so there's more hype around it and maybe more discussion. Real SNF games tend to have more hype around the players and pretty much everyone knows the game of the week. If you guys don't care for it that's fine, just wanted to give more involvement from people a shot, especially since there's more new users than we've had in like 2 years.


    Week #8 SNF: :jaguars: Jacksonville Jaguars (4-2) at Indianapolis Colts (2-5) :colts:


    :jaguars: Top Players: RB Asante Sowell, WR Raheem Robinson, TE Derek Harrison

    :colts: Top Players: QB Aaron Shea, WR Mosi Bartos, FS Sean Burton

    Top Storylines

    • Will Christian Barkley's QB play be enough?
    • Can the Colts get a running game going?

    Top Matchups

    • Asante Sowell vs Colts D-Line
    • Colts O-Line vs Jaguars D-Line



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    I think the question for the Colts always revolves around the running game.  If I remember correctly they traded for the Lions RB.  I honestly forget his name, I know he went to Kansas, and I'm on my phone so I don't feel like looking it up. 


    Either way - is he over the hill?  Will he give them enough to force teams off the pass?  Those are the questions that revolve around the Colts. 


    I really like the Barkley question for Jacksonville.  It feels like he needs to take a step for them to reach that "next" level.  He's very efficient, but what happens when they play great defenses? 


    Still annoyed I can't remember the RBs name, but I refuse to look it up at this point. 


    I'm taking Jacksonville in this game.   Their defense will do enough to get them out with a victory.  

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    So long as the Colts continue to have issues running the ball, they are going to struggle against the best teams in the league.  Jacksonville's D-Line is going to prove too much to handle for the Colts run blocking making Shea have to pass even more than they want to.  


    I have Jacksonville

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    The discussion concerning this game from my standpoint is that this feels like a must-win game for the Colts if they want to think about the playoffs this season.  Jacksonville has some breathing room, and should be there in January, but the Colts can I'll afford to add another division, and conference loss to their resume.


    The Colts don't need 125 yards rushing to win, but getting even half that can help make a difference for them.  Just enough to take some of the sting out of the Jags' pass rush.

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    I think JAX wins this one handly because their secondary is pretty solid and the Colts' run defense is atrocious (see last game).


    The game will come down to strength on weakness (JAX's run attack vs Colts' run defense) one way and Aaron Shea the other. Shea will drop bombs, but I think Sowell will just chew too much time off the clock. And let's not discount Barkley throwing to Raheem. Barkley doesn't put up gaudy stats, but boy is he safe with the ball. I don't know if the Colts can force enough possessions to win this.

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    40 minutes ago, pumph said:

    I love this, but does this mean that the Chargers/Giants game isn't getting flexed to Sunday night?


    Did I mess up? I saw JAX-IND as SNF on a discussion thread.

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