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Trading East Coast for West Coast

Wide Receiver Greg Cobb has decided to take his services to Los Angeles after signing a 4 year, $59.75 deal with the Chargers.

Blowing into Town

The Windy City has gained a super star after former Cowboys running back Vaughan Abraham joins the Bears signing a 3 year, $42.5 million contract.

Shored Up

Bob Ballard, formerly of the Jets, will be improving the Texans defense after Houston wrangled him away from potential contracts with both the Jaguars and Giants.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2021] Franz's Facts: Week 8

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    Welcome to Franz's Facts!
    Your weekly home for tidbits, nuggets, statistical leaders, and the like




    Passing yards

    Thomas Wheeler, TEN - 406

    Aaron Shea, IND - 350

    Norris Brooksheer, CHI - 326


    Rushing yards

    Terrence Rodgers, KC - 150

    Keith Dunn, MIN - 135

    Troy White, PHI - 129


    Receiving yards

    Kevin Williams, TEN - 127

    Jacory Kessler, MIN - 125

    Ryan Mitchell, IND - 120



    Shane Easley, LAC - 8

    Larry Reeves, JAX - 8

    Cameron Jonah, DEN - 7

    Akeel Morris, CHI - 7

    Tyrone Jones, BAL - 7

    Darius Jones, ATL - 7

    Garrett Holliday, NO - 7

    Dillon Grant, HOU - 7

    Brandon Thomas, SF - 7



    Benjamin Blankenship, MIA - 2.5

    Ray McBride, CLE - 2.0

    Kenyatta Henderson, NYG - 2.0

    Rodney Galbreath, BUF - 2.0

    Steven Jordan, WAS - 2.0

    Alvis Brumm, NYJ - 1.5

    Bob Ballard, NYJ - 1.5

    Barron Anthony, GB - 1.5

    Kaulana Groth, GB - 1.5

    Curtis Lewis, NYG - 1.5

    Brian Glenn, SEA - 1.5

    Tyler Jones, TEN - 1.5

    Ryan Frey, PHI - 1.5

    Ulysses Smith, PHI - 1.5 



    Cameron Marshall, CLE - 2

    (many players tied with 1)


    Penalty yards

    :colts: 110

    :raiders: 109

    :texans: 104




    For the second-straight week, the high temperature was in south Florida

    Miami Gardens, FL - 85 F :sunny::raiders: vs. :dolphins:


    The lowest OL rating this week was 7.4



    For the third straight week, the Bengals had an OL rating in the bottom two



    Teams with a higher OL rating than their opponents were (only) 7-6 this week

    One tie**


    There were 16 "severe" injuries this week, the same as Week 7

    :raiders:John McKelvey, OT - Severe Biceps Pull

    :raiders: Alexander Baumgartner, OLB - Severe Shoulder Strain

    :dolphins:Marion Reeder, WR - Severe Concussion

    :broncos:Russell Benson-Gifford, OG - Severe Toe Dislocation

    :bears: Fred Huber, OT - Severe Foot Dislocation

    :packers:Mark Bassett, DT - Severe Achilles Rupture

    :ravens: Craig Foster, OT - Severe Back Hyper-Extension

    :chargers: Andrew Wright, FS - Severe ACL Rupture

    :falcons: Robert Lacy, OLB - Severe Groin Strain

    :rams: Frederick Chacon, RB - Severe Achilles Rupture

    :titans: Cap Christian, WR - Severe Achilles Bruise

    :texans: Frederick Fain, SS - Severe ACL Rupture

    :seahawks: Forest Williams, DT - Severe Hip Bruise

    :patriots: Carlos Perez, WR - Severe Biceps Pull

    :chiefs: Andrew Boyd, CB - Severe Shoulder Dislocation

    :eagles: Martin Whiting, OLB - Severe Achilles Rupture


    One team had multiple "severe" injuries



    Home teams were an impressive 10-4

    That's the second straight week with an improvement for home teams.


    Teams who threw for 300+ yards were 3-1

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