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Trading East Coast for West Coast

Wide Receiver Greg Cobb has decided to take his services to Los Angeles after signing a 4 year, $59.75 deal with the Chargers.

Blowing into Town

The Windy City has gained a super star after former Cowboys running back Vaughan Abraham joins the Bears signing a 3 year, $42.5 million contract.

Shored Up

Bob Ballard, formerly of the Jets, will be improving the Texans defense after Houston wrangled him away from potential contracts with both the Jaguars and Giants.
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    Franz Kafka

    [2021] Franz's Facts: Week 9

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    Welcome to Franz's Facts!
    Your weekly home for tidbits, nuggets, statistical leaders, and the like




    Passing yards

    Nick Hall, LV - 440

    Taylor Heiden, TB - 400

    Alex Leshoure, HOU - 321


    Rushing yards

    Akili Wallace, ATL, 142

    Vaughn Abraham, DAL - 119

    Major Morris, LV - 116


    Receiving yards

    Mike Tripplett, LV - 170

    Paul Howell, NYJ - 145

    Anthony McCardell, TB - 140



    Shane Easley, LAC - 9

    Cameron Jonah, DEN - 8

    Daniel Barnes, CIN - 8

    Asante Willis, ARI - 7

    Earl Jackson, DET - 7

    Kliff Papac, HOU - 7

    Rob Hamilton, KC - 7

    Kenji Sagatomo, SEA - 7

    Kevin Harris, CHI - 7



    Ron Rice, JAX - 2.0

    Omar McManus, ARI - 2.0

    Carlos Washington, PIT - 2.0

    Jonathan Bridges, NYJ - 1.5

    Trent Haynes, CAR - 1.5

    Kendrick Droughns, CAR - 1.5

    Kendall Hill, DAL - 1.5

    James Finney, MIN - 1.5

    Leigh Davey, LAR - 1.5

    Thomas Henry, LAR - 1.5

    Curtis Lewis, NYG - 1.5

    David Drake, PIT - 1.5



    No players had multiple INT this week.




    For the first time since week 6, we have a new high temperature city

    Jacksonville, FL - 80 F :sunny::jaguars: vs. :panthers:



    The lowest OL rating this week was 7.5



    For the fourth straight week, the Bengals had an OL rating in the bottom two



    Teams with a higher OL rating than their opponents were 10-1 this week

    Three ties***

    Last week, they were only 7-6.


    There were 13 "severe" injuries this week, the fewest since Week 6

    :bills: Patrick Chaney, CB - Severe ACL Rupture

    :jets: Marques Warner, CB - Severe Foot Dislocation

    :browns: C.J. Thomas, ILB - Severe Hamstring Rupture

    :buccaneers: Michael Hernandez, CB - Severe Elbow Fracture

    :buccaneers: Kevin Nguyen, SS  - Severe Concussion

    :texans: Dillon Grant, ILB - Severe Hamstring Rupture

    :chiefs: C.J. Hickman, TE - Severe ACL Rupture

    :falcons: LaMichael Harley, OG - Severe Thumb Bruise

    :jaguars: Rafael O'Donell, OT - Severe ACL Rupture

    :raiders: Malcolm Davis, WR - Severe Calf Tear

    :49ers: Mike Smith, ILB - Severe Shoulder Dislocation

    :broncos: Kerwin McGeoghan, OG - Severe Elbow Bruise

    :steelers: Ray Taylor, ILB - Severe Wrist Bruise


    Only one team had multiple severe injuries



    Home teams were a disappointing 7-7 this week


    Teams with more rushing yards than their opponent were only 8-6 this week


    Only one game featured both teams with 100+ yards in penalties

    :bills: vs. :cardinals: 


    When the final score did not have an odd/odd or even/even pairing, the even teams were only 2-5

    :broncos: 29 - 28 :giants: 

    :cowboys: 33 - 20 :saints:

    :raiders: 45 - 16 :chargers:

    :falcons: 35 - 10 :redskins:

    :buccaneers: 45 - 42 :texans:

    :browns:28 - 17 :fibur:

    :jets: 30 - 27 :patriots:

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