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    [2022] Mike Mayock's NFL Draft Positional Rankings - WR/TE

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    (I created a few little ranking compilers that have their own independent criteria in how they rank prospects based on hidden and available information. I'll turn some of them into these posted draft positional rankings. You may be able to figure out what they rate highly eventually but this might give you guys some more insight in the draft process. If everyone ranks someone low there may be issues that are hidden. If they all rank someone high he's likely good).


    Wide Receivers - Expected likelihood of early declarations: Low

    1. WR Tevin Lattimore 6-2 225 R Missouri [Target] 81
    2. WR Jarvis Ward 5-9 189 R Texas A&M [Speed] 82
    3. WR Morgan Patton 6-3 193 R Penn State [Target] 81
    4. WR Ja'Wuan Howard 6-2 186 R Georgia [Target] 80
    5. WR Mike Miller 6-4 209 R South Dakota State [Target] 80


    Tight Ends - Expected likelihood of early declarations: Medium

    1. TE Manny Ferguson 6-3 205 R Boston College [Receiving] 81
    2. TE Sebastian Babb 6-6 206 R Nebraska [Receiving] 80
    3. TE Jahmir Rolle 6-1 216 R Georgia Tech [Receiving] 80
    4. TE Brian Engle 6-3 201 R Colorado State [Receiving] 80
    5. TE Abdoulaye Boone 6-1 199 R Arkansas [Receiving] 78

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    not surprised at the WR rankings, but I think Ward vs Lattimore is going to be pretty subjective based on what you're looking to add to your WR group.  I could see a lot of people that want to add speed and big play ability ranking Ward ahead while some that want a big/consistent target putting Lattimore first.  

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    2 hours ago, acewulf said:

    Mike Mayock loves his small school guys.  First with Chacko being in the top 5 QBs and now Mike Miller being in the top 5 WRs


    Wonder how much more he knows that we don’t yet. Maybe their combines will point us in the right direction

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    This is a great new feature. If only Ward had another couple inches in height, he'd be a no-brainer. As it is, I think  Lattimore gets the nod. But I feel that none of them are truly as exciting as the Great WR Draft of 2021...

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